CONTINUUM Preview: Season 3 Offers Time-Jumps, Time-Loops and Time-Travel

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For a show premised on the idea that in the year 2077, a terrorist group known as Liber8 traveled back in time 65 years to 2012 in order to prevent big corporations from rising up and controlling government and the entire world, CONTINUUM’s third season really throws a wrinkle into the rules of time-travel.

When we last saw our heroes and villains in the Season 2 finale, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) had just watched his girlfriend Emily aka Maya (Magda Apanowicz) be killed. Faced with the choice of allowing Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) to return to her time in 2077 or taking the risk of creating a time-loop, Alec barely hesitated. He may trust and feel loyalty to Kiera, but his love for Emily was not going to be constrained by the laws of time and physics – if Alec could save Emily, he was going to. So Alec stole Kiera’s last chance at getting back to her time and jumped back in time to a point where he would be able to save Emily’s life.

Season 3 of CONTINUUM returns with Kiera seemingly stuck without a way to get to Alec and fix the damage he has done, nor can she return home to her time where her son awaits her. [Read more…]

CONTINUUM Scoop: Victor Webster Talks Season 3 and Infinite Timelines

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The Canadian sci-fi drama CONTINUUM pulls no punches when it comes to playing around with time-travel, time-loops, and the paradox of the space-time continuum. It began its series traveling 65 years in the past, putting its hero Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) smack in the middle of present day as she desperately sought to track down the Liber8 terrorists before they could damage everyone’s future.

Yet the Season 2 finale threw a wrench into the storyline when Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) stole Kiera’s chance at getting back to her time in an effort to go back to rescue his girlfriend who had just been killed.

So Season 3 of CONTINUUM returns with a vengeance as Alec and Kiera race to find a way to save their futures and not damage the present or future timelines in the process.

In a recent exclusive interview, star Victor Webster shared his insight as to what Season 3 holds in store for his character, Carlos Fonnegra, and the tug-of-war over the future between Kiera and Alec. [Read more…]

Year in Review: Shows That Didn’t Quite Crack Our Top TV Shows of 2013

Prior to tomorrow’s posting of’s annual Top 10 TV Shows of the year, we wanted to share a handful of more shows that were thisclose to making the cut! See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

CONTINUUM: A Powerful Second Season Concludes Its Eventful Journey

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Falling in love with TV shows is a wonderful feeling.  There’s the rush of tingling excitement over each new episode.  Earlier this year, Syfy debuted the first season of the Canadian sci-fi series CONTINUUM and I fell head over heels.  I loved the idea of a time-traveling series with the heroine stuck in our present day trying to get back to her future and having to keep her identity a secret.  There was a sense that everything could be snatched away from her for a second time as she struggled to maintain some kind of life as a police officer and making tentative friends and allies.  So as we followed Detective Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), we grew more immersed in her intriguing world straddling the police department dilemmas with her partner Det. Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and her attempts to find a way home with the aid of a young teen super-genius, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen). [Read more…]

CONTINUUM Chatter: Stars Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster and EP Simon Barry Talk The Challenges of Season 2

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Taking a successful sci-fi series from its first season to its second is not easy and yet the Syfy series CONTINUUM managed the transition seamlessly. The series explores the modern day challenges of suddenly having travelers from our future thrust into our midst with opposing agendas: one wants to change the future and the other wants to maintain the status quo to ensure that she has a future to return to one day.  But in the world on CONTINUUM there are layers upon layers of mystery as to who is really controlling the fate of the future and what their true motives are.  At the end of the first season, it was revealed that Kiera Cameron’s (Rachel Nichols) mentor Alex Sadler (Erik Knudsen) had purposely sent her back in time and yet we are still unclear if he wants the future preserved as badly as Kiera does. In a press conference call, stars Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster and executive producer Simon Barry gave some insight into the conflicting motivations and how it effects the relationships of the characters this season. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on CONTINUUM Star Victor Webster


The secrets we keep mold us into ways we never imagine.  As much as the sci-fi series CONTINUUM is about time-travel and time-loops, it is also a series about secrets and trust.  Unaware that his partner has been sent back in time to apprehend a ruthless bunch of activists known as Liber8, Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) is never exactly sure why he trusts Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) so completely.  He knows with every fiber of his being that she is lying to him and keeps secrets from him, and he would not be a cop without such finely-tuned instincts.  Portraying the conflicted Carlos is Victor Webster.  In an exclusive interview, Victor candidly talked about the trust issues between Carlos and Kiera and how that has ripple-effects throughout the upcoming second season of CONTINUUM. [Read more…]

Television Nirvana: 5 of Television’s Hottest New Shows

Each year there are just a handful of television shows that take us by complete surprise and knock our socks off; yet because they are not usually launched on big network, it is nearly impossible to see them coming.  It then becomes a heady feeling of “love at first sight” – all the more treasured because we were not simply seduced by glamorous posters or sizzling preview trailers.  Instead, these are shows that were intriguing on concept and deemed worthy of a peek; and once seen, we know that we had fallen head-over-heels in love
Each Fall, avid TV viewers anxiously await the debut of the traditional Fall season of television shows that launch and find places on our viewing lists.  But with the ever-expanding market of cable and off-cable networks launching television shows all year round and offering some of the best shows on television, it has become intriguing to see what new crop of shows will slip under the radar and capture our hearts.
While 2013 is by no means anywhere near close to being over, so far there have been five new break-out series that deserve mention and honors for being such “fall in love” shows: ORPHAN BLACK (BBC America), BANSHEE (Cinemax), THE AMERICANS (FX), CONTINUUM (Syfy), and ROGUE (DirecTV).
I can just hear you scratching your head right now as you wonder where on earth I came up with these shows.  Most are shows you will not have heard of, and if you have heard of them, it was perhaps just in passing.  These are not shows that the average viewer even knows exist.  But they should.
These are the shows that will make you glad you are a TV addict; for trust me, if you are reading this article, you are an “addict” and television viewers who read about TV shows do not take their obsession lightly.
So what makes these particular five shows so spectacular, let me count the ways: [Read more…]