REIGN “Consummation” Preview: Will the Queen Choose Her Heart or Her Duty?

reign consummation

In the upcoming REIGN episode “The Consummation,” the biggest decision of Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) life is before her: will she marry Bash (Torrance Coombs) in anticipation of him being legitimized as the next heir of France, or will she follow her heart and marry Francis (Toby Regbo)? Yet therein lies the crux of the problem: Mary has realized that her heart now belongs to two men — as she loves both Francis and Bash.

But a queen’s heart means nothing. Her duty is to her country and ensuring French protection of her people to stave off the advances of the English and to lay claim to the English throne, if she can. [Read more…]

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Scoop: EP Phil Klemmer Dishes On How Much Trouble Leven Rambin’s Character Stirs Up, Whether There’s Hope for a John/Astrid Romance, and the Return of the Diabolic Julian


All hell is about to break loose on THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. Not only is Julian (James McKay) back, he’s working with Ultra and they are going to breach the lair — and there will be no where to hide. Worse yet, there’s a new wild-child on the horizon ready to wreak havoc in their world with what remains. And just what is Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) really up to? Will there be a face-off between Jedikiah and the Founder? And best of all, is there time for romance and will John (Luke Mitchell) and Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) figure out there’s something between them before it’s too late?

In an exclusive press call, executive producer Phil Klemmer talked about all these things and more as THE TOMORROW PEOPLE races towards its Season 1 finale. [Read more…]

ARROW Preview: Slade’s Trap Is Sprung and Oliver Queen’s Family Must Pay The Ultimate Price

arrow stephen amell the promise

On the heels of last week’s shocking surprise, where Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) found Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) standing in the Queen Mansion living room, this week’s episode “The Promise” reawakens Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) memories of that fateful day after which nothing was ever the same again — the day that Slade found out about Oliver’s choice to save Sara (Caity Lotz) over Shado (Celina Jade) on the island.

So what exactly happened on Ivo’s boat? Did Oliver and Sara rescue the other prisoners? Was the mirraku serum all destroyed? How did Slade find out the truth about Shado’s death? And did they all make it off that boat? That tale is finally told and it does not go exactly as planned, as heroes and villains take on different roles when faced with greater fears and greater motivation. There is also an unexpected visit from a familiar friend that also does not go as expected.

Back at the Queen Mansion, with Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) and possibly Thea’s (Willa Holland) lives on the line, Oliver must find a way to save them before Slade’s angry wrath is unleashed upon them all. But who can stop Slade whose mind has been warped and festering in a mirraku-infested haze for 5 years? Alone and unable to leave for one second with Slade in the house, Oliver must stand his ground to protect his family — weaponless and without the protection of his anonymous hood. It is a rare day that Oliver finds himself so defenseless and utterly naked before such a threat. Can Slade be reasoned with? Will anything less than total annihilation of the Queens satisfy his blood-lust?

Who amongst Oliver’s team will be the first to realize the danger that Oliver is trapped in? Will it be Diggle, Roy, Sarah or Felicity to the rescue, or will they be oblivious of the threat ’til the dire end? [Read more…]

STAR-CROSSED Post-Mortem: EPs Meredith Averill and Adele Lim Talk What’s Next for Roman and Julia (feat. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Photos!)

star-crossed matt lanter aimee teegarden

Last night was the premiere of the CW alien drama series STAR-CROSSED and it set up some wonderful storylines as the humans and Atrians began to take tentative steps towards integration and getting to know their fellow planet-mates. The sweeping romance of Roman (Matt Lanter) and Emery (Aimee Teegarden) is but one of the storylines being explored. Another storyline to be explored is now that Roman has healed Julia (Malese Jow), how will that effect them?

So if you watched the premiere of STAR-CROSSED, then these are likely to be a few of the burning questions on your mind that I got to pose to executive producers Meredith Averill and Adele Lim: [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons to Take A Peek at the CW’s Alien Drama Series STAR-CROSSED

star-crossed, Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden

There is much to appreciate in the new CW drama STAR-CROSSED. First, it has aliens. Second, they have very attractive aliens. Third, it has a lovely dash of romance running through the story. Fourth, it is not just a romance, there is a huge storyline involving rebels on both the human and alien sides who stir up quite a bit of trouble. And fifth, the show remembers to have fun.

STAR-CROSSED features a lively cast of young adults that embody the very essence of the characters created for them. They instinctively know that there is a time to laugh, to cry and to remember that there life-and-death stakes involved for these characters.

When the Atrians first crash on Earth, they were not warmly welcomed. Instead, they were hunted down like invaders and tossed into an internment camp known as the Sector. Only after 10 years of forced-incarceration do humans take the tentative steps to trying to integrate the Atrians into human society. It is done with marked reluctance on both sides as each is fearful of the other. The lack of understanding between the two species demands a level of compassion that few humans or Atrians seem to possess.

At this Winter’s Television Critic Association Press Tour, the producers and few of the stars of STAR-CROSSED provided some answers to what their show is about.

As introduced by Paul Hewitt, the CW’s head of publicity, STAR-CROSSED is described as an “intergalactic love story, where a boy meets girl after boy’s spaceship crashes on the planet’s surface and their budding relationship is tested amid the rising tensions between the human race and the alien species.”

Here are five reasons you should consider checking out STAR-CROSSED: [Read more…]

STAR-CROSSED Scoop: Greg Finley Talks Playing an Alien With A Secret

Greg Finley star-crossed

It seems like each character on the new CW series STAR-CROSSED has a secret. In the case of Drake (Greg Finley), he finds himself having to hide a blossoming love affair. Maybe love is just contagious across the universe, but the Atrians are certainly not immune to it. After 10 years living amongst the humans has taught the Atrians one distinct lesson: humans are not all that much more different than them. In fact, outside of all those tattoos, humans and Atrians look a lot a like. It is any wonder then that Cupid’s arrow may strike both equally?

Drake may not have thought he could ever fall in love with a human, but to his great surprise, he does. Knowing full well that his fellow Atrians are not going to welcome a cross-species romance, Drake hides his love as a great secret. But what is a boy to do when the girl he loves may reciprocate those forbidden feelings?

In an exclusive interview from the set, star Greg Finley teased a bit about Drake’s epic love, Drake’s rocky past with the Trags, and how Drake may just be the Mercutio in this “Romeo and Juliet” tale: [Read more…]

STAR-CROSSED Scoop: Natalie Hall Talks Playing the Queen Bee of Marshall High

Natalie Hall star-crossed

It is nice to be queen. In the new CW series STAR-CROSSED, Natalie Hall portrays the social queen of Marshall High. Her character Taylor is the one everyone looks to for the social cues and she can literally make or break any social circle. But in a nice twist, this queen-bee is deep down a very nice girl. There will be no mean-girl tactics on her watch; well, unless they are rightfully deserved. Taylor is not only the social leader of the school, she is the fashion trend-setter too. Confident in her style, her social prowess and her power to keep things running smoothly under her watch, Taylor is a force of nature.

So when the government mandates that seven Atrian teens are going to be attending Marshall High as a trial integration program, Taylor wants to be the first to welcome them. But what Taylor never anticipates is that one of the aliens is going to catch her eye. Love truly does blossom in the most unexpected of places. If anyone had told Taylor that her destined true love would be found amongst the stars, she would have been the first to scoff at the idea. That is until the day she found it does.

In an exclusive interview from the set, star Natalie Hall talks about Taylor’s uncanny knack at being drawn to bad boys, the joy of working with her co-star Greg Finley and how Taylor embraces the political challenges that have come to Marshall High: [Read more…]

ARROW Scoop: Katrina Law, Plus EPs Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg Talk Nyssa al Ghul and What’s Next on ARROW

Katrina Law, Nyssa al Ghul
By: Sarah Stephens

ARROW is cracking up open the DC universe and last night’s episode was just the beginning! Fanboys and girls have been clamoring for some League of Assassins action since ARROW came back for its sophomore season. In “Heir to the Demon,” ARROW fans got their first introduction to Nyssa al Ghul, daughter of the legendary Ra’s al Ghul, and let’s just say she’s nothing short of ass-kicking fantastic. And while we won’t see the man himself for some time (if ever,) his daughter did not disappoint. Her appearance in Starling City brought a few surprises along the way, including her intimate romantic relationship with Sara Lance, aka Black Canary.

That wasn’t the only surprise revealed last night. Sara’s back for in Starling City for good, thanks to Nyssa’s mercy to release her from the League of Assassins. Not to mention, Oliver is now in on Moira’s secret about Thea’s birth father after Felicity filled him in. Felicity even had a few unexpected reveals about her own story last night. Our head is spinning just trying to keep track.

To help us out, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg gave us the scoop on what to expect from this next chapter of ARROW. We even got to chat with actress Katrina Law (Nyssa al Ghul) spoke about what it’s like to be playing the second-in-command of the League of Assassins. [Read more…]

STAR-CROSSED Scoop: Executive Producers Adele Lim and Meredith Averill Talk Bringing A Mysterious Alien Culture To Earth

star-crossed, Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden

The new CW series STAR-CROSSED introduces a world where aliens have crashed on Earth and been living amongst us for 10 years, though isolated in captivity. With a new government proposal to try to integrate the alien children into a local school system, a young teen girl and boy are reunited and a beautiful love story unfolds. But if only it were only a story of a star-crossed romance; instead STAR-CROSSED features a rich array of characters fleshing out the world of the Atrians and the humans as they try to live together amidst rising tensions of extremists unwilling to trust, understand and integrate the two cultures.

In a press interview, co-creators and executive producers Adele Lim and Meredith Averill previewed what issues the show shall explore and delve into as their teen drama plays out against a backdrop of alien-human rising tensions. [Read more…]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Opinion: Vincent Keller, I Don’t Even Recognize You!

jay ryan beauty and the beast

After pondering about a recent inquiry about how I was enjoying this season of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, it brought me to one startling realization: the hero I have loved seems to have disappeared. Season 1 introduce us to the isolated, lonely Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a man in hiding for 10 years with his best friend searching for a cure to the heinous government experimentation subjected to him during his military tenure.

Throughout Season 1, it was a joy to see Vincent shedding some of his fear and loneliness as he made tentative steps to reclaim his life with the aid of Detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk). By the end of the first season, he was a strong, admirable man willing to risk anything and everything to protect not only Cat and his best friend J.T. (Austin Basis), but anyone else he deemed under his protection. Vincent had shed that cloak of self-protection invisibility and self-determined isolation in favor of embracing those he cared about and welcoming them fully into his life. [Read more…]