Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part I)

Worst Name For A Great New Character: Lumen Pierce? Seriously, DEXTER?
Standout Episode Of A Show Having A Mediocre Season: THE OFFICE’s outing titled “Andy’s Play” showed the series at it’s very best, which is something we haven’t seen much of this year.
Most Genre-Defying Sitcom: Zombies? Paintball apocalypse? Heartfelt emotions? One never knows what one will get when tuning into COMMUNITY… and that’s a good thing.
Guilty Pleasure We’re Not Feeling So Guilty About: Last year, GOSSIP GIRL wasn’t giving anyone much reason to talk about it. But this year — thanks to Chuck and Blair’s relationship and the addition of Katie Cassidy’s Juliet — we’re back to agreeing when Kristen Bell’s voice urges us to admit, “You know you love me!” 

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First Look: Confessions Of A DEXTERous Mind!

Curious as to how Dexter Morgan will deal with the shocking aftermath of Rita’s brutal death at the hands of the Trinity Killer in the upcoming fifth season of DEXTER? Well, if this shocking (and, we should mention very bloody) first look at the September 26th premiere is any indication, not well!

The fifth season of DEXTER premieres Sunday September 26th at 9PM on Showtime (10PM on TMN in Canada

Advertising Anarchy: Move over Dexter Mogan, there’s a New Killer on Showtime’s Sked!

shane botwin alexander gould

Inspired by last night’s viewing of the upcoming (and we should mention, highly entertaining) August 16th sixth season premiere of WEEDS, this TV Addict has decided to dedicate our latest instalment of Advertising Anarchy (Also known as our take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows) to the show’s unsung hero: 15-year-old Shane Botwin. Who, thanks to his somewhat unorthodox use of a croquet mallet at the end of last season, now finds himself along with his family, on the run from Esteban and the Mexican mafia!

Your First Look at DEXTER Season 5 (AKA: What happens following last season’s shocking season ender that, yes, we’re still reeling from!)

Perfectly timed to coincide with today’s DEXTER panel at Comic Con that offered up a bevy of cool info, including when the show picks up (immediately following the death of you know who) and when the show returns (September 6th) is a whole slew of surprisingly revealing photos just released by Showtime. Needless to say, spoilerphobes, you’ve been warned. Particularly about the last few photos after the jump!

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We Tip Our Hat to DEXTER Star Lauren Vélez

There are two type of actors in this world. The kind of actor who leaves the fans responsible for her twenty million dollar per movie paycheque high and dry to shoot movies focus on their family. And Lauren Vélez. An actress who spent the better part of her DEXTER hiatus playing a love interest for Ignacio Suarez on UGLY BETTY and was cool enough to drop by Wednesday’s penultimate episode for what in essence amounted to little more than a cameo appearance. Albeit a very important one that not only added to Hilda’s beautiful wedding, but left fans with the distinct impression that Ignacio — who odds are isn’t going to get much of send-off in what will surely be a jam-packed BETTY finale next week — will get his happily every after after-all. Our hat goes off to you Lauren Vélez. Rest of Hollywood, take note.

First Look: Julie Benz Gets DESPERATE!

She’s Alive! On January 31st, actress Julie Benz follows up her untimely DEXTER demise with the first of what Michael Ausiello calls a handful of episodes on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES when Susan befriends a stripper (played by Julie Benz) and takes her under her wing. More first look photos of which — including what we can only hope is Susan’s first life lesson: stay away from bathtubs — can be seen after the jump.

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Our Top 10 TV Shows of 2009


Once thought of as “that show about the guy who has sex with three women”, BIG LOVE has moved so beyond its initial constraints as to feel like a completely different series. Despite it’s odd (and, to some, off-putting) pacing, the tale of the Henrickson family has become as complex as the religion at its center, thanks in large part to the unforgettable performance of Chloe Sevigny as Nicki, the immature second wife who is torn between her fundamentalist Mormon values and her childish impulses.  

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Proof That TV Has Rotted Our Brains!


Since it appears that we are the only TV/DEXTER Addict who didn’t realize that Arthur Mitchell’s daughter Rebecca is played by Vanessa Marano, the very-same actress who first burst onto the scene so unexpectedly as Luke’s daughter, April, on GILMORE GIRLS. It naturally got us thinking…

Would not a small town such as Stars Hollow be the perfect cover for our favorite (Spoiler Alert!) newly widowed anti-hero? Just imagine, Dexter Morgan: Diner owner by day, serial killer by night. It’s the perfect cover! Not to mention, if Taylor Dosey steps out of line even a teensy little a bit….

The DEXTER Season Finale: Awesome or Asinine?


Warning: Huge Spoilers Ahead. For the love of God… stop reading NOW if you have yet to watch DEXTER’s season finale

Every movie or TV show has one. That one guy who walks out of the theater at the end of The Usual Suspects proudly proclaiming that he totally knew from the get-go that Kevin Spacey was you-know-who. Truth be told, this TV Addict has never been that guy. 

Which is probably why we’re still reeling from last night’s DEXTER season finale. Trinity exacting revenge on Dexter by killing Rita in a blood-soaked bathtub as baby Harrison was left crying in a pool of blood. Now that my friends is how to end a season…. or is it? (Cue ominous music… da, da…duh!)

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