Morning Static: DEXTER, SyFy, HOUSE & More!

• Spoiler Alert! Executive Producer Clyde Phillips talks about last night’s DEXTER finale.
• Syfy expands it’s universe, renews SGU and SANCTUARY for second and third seasons respectively.
• Jennifer Morrison finds a new house, signing on to the upcoming Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker.
• Awards done right, why the Emmys could learn a thing (or ten) from the American Film Institute.

We’ve Got Your Sneak Peek of DEXTER’s Shocking Season Finale

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How do you know when a network such as Showtime hasn’t simply fallen victim to hyperbole when they bill Sunday’s DEXTER season finale as “One of the most thrilling endings. Ever.” May we present Exhibit “A,” also known as these just-obtained video teasers that feature Deb finally beginning to connect the dots, Arthur Mitchell confronting Dexter, and a family reunion that has us moments away from picking up the phone just to tell our Dad how much we love him. Seriously, now just imagine what Showtime’s holding back

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We’ve Got Your Sneak Peek at DEXTER’s Killer Penultimate Episode

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If you’ve been watching DEXTER’s suspense-filled fourth season, odds are fairly good that you don’t actually need a reason to get excited for this Sunday’s penultimate episode. That said, a little tease never hurst, which is we’re thrilled to present this brief glimpse into some of the neuroses that will be plaguing one Dexter Morgan come Sunday.


dexter video game iphoneCombining two of our favorite addictions, has begun periodically turning off the TV in order to review TV-related iPhone Apps.

After months of hype following Marc Ecko’s Comic Con announcement to a roomful of eager fanboys (and girls), DEXTER: THE VIDEO GAME has finally arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unfortunately, much like his ubiquitous clothing line, the game itself is all style and very little substance.

What Works: DEXTER: THE VIDEO GAME is visually stunning (ranking right up there with the best looking games in the App Store), fantastic sounding (courtesy of a soundtrack ripped directly from the Showtime series), and affordably priced at $3.99 (also known as far less than our daily Starbucks addiction). Regrettably, the positives end there.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Tantalizing TV Teases

1. The fourth season of DEXTER is gonna be killer… particularly for one unlucky actor (or actress) in the opening credits.

2. Thursday’s season premiere of that other Shonda Rhimes medical drama opens with a not-so private funeral.

3. Get ready to Dial M… for Mode, when a loved one of a Mode employee finds themselves under investigation for murder.

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We Profile DEXTER’s Newest Serial Killer: John Lithgow

john lithgow season 4 dexter trinity killer

Dexter Morgan isn’t just America’s favorite serial killer, he is America’s most proficient one.

Which probably explains why, when DEXTER returns tonight for the start of its highly anticipated fourth season (9PM on Showtime, 10PM on TMN in Canada), so too will an entirely new nemesis. (RIP: The Ice Truck Killer, Miguel Prado)

Meet Arthur Mitchell, or as the press has already dubbed him: the Trinity Killer.

And just who did executive producers Clyde Phillips and Sara Colleton lure to play said killer? None-other than two-time 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN Emmy-winner John Lithgow.

No really.

“People have almost forgotten Raising Cain, Cliffhanger, Ricochet, those types of films were my stock and trade for a while.” joked the actor at the recent DEXTER panel at San Diego Comic Con. “I loved the character of Dick Solomon and am proud of 3rd ROCK but it’s nice to be back.”

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First Look Photos: DEXTER Season 4

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

When America’s favorite serial killer returns this September 27, Dexter Morgan will have quite the juggling act on his hands. Will he be able to find the time for his extra curricular activities between diaper duty and playing house? Is this the year Deb finally connects the dots? And just how killer a role will John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer play? Not surprisingly, nobody’s talking. “I’m the only one on set who knows what’s going to happen in the next 12 episodes and it’s a fantastic feeling,” teased Lithgow at the recent San Diego Comic Convention. “I could actually speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode. It’s quite thrilling. My character has fantastic surprises. I act in order to surprise people and boy will I.” But until then, these first look photos of the new season will have to do.

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First Look: Daddy Dexter


Dexter Morgan family man? That’s the big challenge facing America’s favorite serial killer as he attempts to balance the pressures of fatherhood with his extra curricular activities when the series returns this September. “It’s tough, there’s lot of sleep deprivation,” revealed actor Michael C. Hall in a recent interview at Comic Con. “I think the idea was one thing, but the reality, being a suburban family man, maintaining an allegiance to his dark passenger proves to be pretty daunting and at times overwhelming.”

Comic Con Recap: DEXTER

>Photo Credit: E! Online

Roll Call: In attendance were Michael C Hall (Dexter), Julie Benz (Rita), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), John Lithgow (Who joins the cast this season as the Trinity Killer and oddly enough got the panel’s largest cheer) alongside Executive Producers Tony Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg (Who also has the dubious distinction of scripting the Twilight movies)

It’s a Boy!: According to proud papa Michael C. Hall himself, “the baby [named Harrison in honor of Papa Harry] has yet to exhibit any signs of having a ‘Dark Passenger’ of his very own, but the possibility is always there.” Adds Benz, “I hope my genes take over.”

Get Ready to Rumble: Those anticipating a showdown between John Litghow’s Trinity killer and Michael C. Hall’s Dexter shouldn’t hold their breath. At least according to Lithgow, who didn’t exactly have an answer when asked what it’s like to work with such a talented cast since five episodes in, he has yet to do so! Teased Lithgow, “I spend a lot of the first five episodes lurking and stalking!”

Killer Laughs: If given the choice, Lithgow’s first victim would be his famous TV alter ego, 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN’s High Commander Dick Solomon. “I loved the character and am proud of 3rd ROCK but it’s nice to be back. People have almost forgotten Raising Cain, Cliffhanger, Ricochet. Those types of films were my stock and trade for a while.”

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In our continued two-pronged effort to (a) provide you with genuine entertainment amidst a summer television landscape that considers I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE quality television and (b) save you money in these troubling economic times comes yet another fantastic giveaway from

DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is now available on Blu-ray and if you’d like to experience the fantastic sophomore season that has Dexter Morgan doing his best to juggle the mysterious and alluring Lila alongside his increasingly complicated relationship with Rita all the while attempting to stay one step ahead of Special Agent Frank Lundy’s search for the “Bay Harbor Butcher” — all you have to do is post away in the comments below with your best guess as to which character is going to be next to find themselves on the wrong end of Dexter’s special brand of justice when the hit Showtime series returns this fall.

One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on June 10, so be sure to enter using a valid email address. Not a winner? DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is now available on Amazon for only $38.99.