DOWNTON ABBEY Preview: Season 4 Offers Suitors, Shocks, and New-Found Ambition

With many U.S. fans are still recouping from the Season 3 tragedies – the deaths of Matthew (Dan Stevens) and Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) — viewers may not be quite ready to embrace what Season 4 has in store.

Six months has passed since Matthew’s untimely demise and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is still in mourning. In fact, the entire Grantham household seems to be walking on egg-shells to not disturb Mary’s grief-stricken life. But grieving can only go on for so long and even sympathetic Tom (Allen Leech) knows that Mary needs a distraction. Fortunately, there is a nanny issue to address, tenant properties that need inspecting, and a massive estate to manage, all which may or may not be under Mary’s prevue as Matthew’s widow. Unfortunately, shaking Mary out of her stupor will be quite the task. But let’s not forget that Mary is now a very eligible widow – and many suitors will be circling around from a safe distance. [Read more…]

We Preview DOWNTON ABBEY’s Tumultuous Season Three

downton abbey season 3
In the genteel world of DOWNTON ABBEY, calamity strikes swiftly bringing uncertainty to the lives of the Granthams, the Crawleys and their devoted staff.  Having survived the loss of the estate’s heir in the sinking of the Titanic in the first season, followed by the upheaval in their lives due to World War I in the second season, the third season brings about a different kind of challenges to the great house and its stately occupants: a financial scandal rocks the house of Grantham and threatens to impoverish them all forcing them to abandon the only home they have ever known. So just as Mary Grantham (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew Crowley (Dan Stevens) are about to finally wed, this latest wrinkle in their path to marital bliss may prevent their blessed union. [Read more…]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2012

Top 10 lists are tricky things.  It can be absurdly hard to narrow down anything to a select group of ten.  It’s like being asked to choose your favorite child and you just want to wail, “But I love all of them!”   This is particularly true in television.  Each year I commit to nearly 100 television shows that air throughout the twelve-month period.  Thus, to pare down to the few that were truly outstanding, it can be exceptionally difficult.   But there are always a deserving few who manage to do the impossible:  sustaining a high caliber of performance and be equally captivating entertainment.  As a caveat, there will always be better shows, but sometimes those shows just didn’t manage to be as consistently entertaining. Addictiveness plays a large part of what makes television shows successful.  It is a quality that is rare and elusive and can be dependent upon the personal tastes of the viewer.   However, when you simply cannot wait to see what comes next, then you know there is something special about that show.
Accordingly, these were the Top 10 TV Shows that I found myself counting down the minutes and hours of each week anxiously awaiting the next episode: [Read more…]