BONES Previewpalooza: “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank” Sneak Peek! (feat. Your first Look at the Jeffersonian’s Newest Squintern)


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Monday March 17th episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, “Cam (Tamara Taylor, L) introduces Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) to new Jeffersonian intern, Rodolfo Fuentes (guest star Ignacio Serricchio), while the Jeffersonian team has their hands full with a possible murder suspect after remains are found in a septic tank.” [Read more…]

BONES Previewpalooza: “The Source in the Sludge” Sneak Peek! (feat. the Returh of Guest Star Freddie Prinze Jr.)


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Monday March 10th episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, ” Booth (David Boreanaz, L) and Danny Beck (guest star Freddie Prinze, Jr., R) search for a terrorist in conjunction with their latest murder case, while Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) and Booth (David Boreanaz, L) come to an understanding about their work and personal relationship.” [Read more…]

BONES Previewpalooza: “ The Heiress in the Hill” Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Friday January 31st episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, “The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Lauren Frank, a kidnap victim whose remains were found buried at a park. But when they discover the unhappy relationship that Lauren had with her stepmother, the team starts to think the killer was someone closer to the girl than expected. Meanwhile, Hodgins uncovers a shocking secret about his family and Brennan and Booth face a common couples’ dilemma – whether to co-mingle their funds.” [Read more…]

This Just In: BONES Renewed for a 10th Season, Moves to Mondays Beginning March 10th


Press Release: FOX has picked up a 10th season of BONES, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. In addition, after airing a new installment this Friday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), BONES will return to Mondays, with all-new cases, beginning March 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). [Read more…]

BONES Previewpalooza: “The Master in the Slop” Sneak Peek!

bones booth brennan

This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Friday January 24th episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, “When the Jeffersonian team discovers the body of a renowned but disliked chess master amidst pig slop, Sweets surprises the team with his chess skills and goes undercover in the world of professional chess to find the killer. Cam is being recognized in the “Outstanding Woman of Science” issue of a noted science publication but is hesitant to participate since she does not want to offend Brennan who knows she should be the one to be honored. Meanwhile, much to Brennan’s annoyance, Dr. Douglas Filmore (guest star Scott Lowell), the always sunny Canadian forensic podiatrist fills in as a lab intern in the all-new “The Master in the Slop” episode of BONES.” [Read more…]

BONES First Look: Honeymoon in Buenos Aires!

Wondering how married life is treating Booth and Brennan following their recent October 21st nuptials? We thought you might be, which is precisely why is thrilled to share a first look at the happy couple’s honeymoon. A honeymoon that in typical BONES fashion sees what should be the most romantic week of their life interrupted by a bit of murder and mayhem. First look photos from the episode, ominously titled, “The Nazi on the Honeymoon,” can be found after the jump. [Read more…]

Fall TV Preview: Stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Tease BONES Season 9

Dying to get the scoop on Season 9 of BONES? We here at sure as heck are! Which is why we thought now might be as good a time as any to share this San Diego Comic Con shot video with actors Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Comic Con Quickie: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Dish on the Hardships ahead for Booth and Brennan During BONES Season 9

Couldn’t make it to sunny San Diego for the annual pop culture confab that is Comic Con? Never fear… is here. Here that is with some fantastic video interviews courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt, Jennifer Schadel, Genevieve Collins, and Sarah Stephens. All of whom risked life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite [or soon-to-be favorite] television talent. Case in point, this just shot interview with the stars of BONES. Namely, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, who dish on the hardships ahead for Booth and Brennan during BONES season 9. [Read more…]

Two Squints and a Baby: Michaela Conlin Reveals What it’s Like to Have a Baby on BONES

Are you a life-long BONES addict that still has yet to wipe that smile off your face following the outcome of May’s jaw-dropper of a season finale that saw Booth and Brennan finally go where fans have waited six seasons for them to go? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Just ask BONES co-star Michaela Conlin.

“We’ve [Angela and Brennan] had a few pretty great scenes so far just talking about hormones and baby like things and I’m really glad that they sort of have that to talk about this season. It’s a nice change,” admitted Michaela Conlin in a one-on-one with the TV Addict during Fox’s recent Television Critics Association Party in Los Angeles. “It’s nice to talk about something else other than is she [Brennan] going to get together with Booth. Okay, they are together, now let’s talk about this child they’re going to have to raise!” [Read more…]