Breaking News: Syfy Doubles Up on Fan-Favorite Series HAVEN Ordering 26 New Episodes


Press Release: Syfy has greenlit 26 new episodes of its hit series HAVEN, which posted growth in both Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 last year. The first 13 episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere this fall with the remaining 13 episodes scheduled to air in 2015. [Read more…]

HAVEN: A Truly Terrifying Trouble Terrorizes One of Our Heroes

Season 4 of Syfy’s drama series HAVEN has brought all kinds of surprises: multiple Troubles, morphing Troubles, and one devious newcomer known as William (Colin Ferguson).  We all thought we knew the rules of Troubles. But we were wrong.  Just as soon as William popped through the portal door, he was stirring up all kinds of trouble and giving people new Troubles – ones that neither they, nor their ancestors had before.  William proved time and time again that he could create a new Trouble and infect anyone he wanted.  He also showed that he could also change a person’s Trouble, causing it to manifest at an earlier age or have a wider range than before.  William is literally a Trouble-maker.  Then we found out that he is but one-half of a Trouble-making pair:  Audrey (Emily Rose) is his split-apart – meaning anything that happens to William, happens to her, which was shockingly proven when Nathan (Lucas Bryant) shot William and Audrey developed a gunshot wound too.  This has made it exceedingly difficult to get rid of him.  Our HAVEN heroes cannot simply kill him, as much as they desperately want to.

That leaves them in a huge conundrum:  how to solve a problem like William?  Worse yet, the longer he’s around, the more he seems to bring out the worse in Audrey.  He’s not just a thorn in her side, he’s actually bringing to the surface memories of her former existence – the original Audrey, the one who may or may not have relished cursing the residents of Haven with the Troubles, one-by-one over a century ago. [Read more…]

HAVEN: Who Is the Real Audrey Parker?

Try as I might, one nagging feeling has been tickling my brain all season: this is not the Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) that we know and love.  At first, she did not even try to be.  She was Lexie Dewitt (Emily Rose).  Then after Jennifer (Emma Lahana) opened the portal door back to Haven, Maine, Lexie reverted back to Audrey.   Her personality in the barn as Lexie was stripped away and revealed the person that she wanted to be:  Audrey. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson Dish on the Lexie/William Relationship

emily rose haven

Season 4 of HAVEN has fractured the world we know it as our beloved hero Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is living her life as Lexie Dewitt, completely unaware of her prior lives as Audrey, Lucy and Sarah.  Perhaps just in the nick of time, a mysterious newcomer William (Colin Ferguson) finds Lexie and tries to tell her about her other identities and life in Haven.  But just what is the relationship between William and Lexie or her former self, that is a huge mystery.  In a recent press conference call, star Emily Rose and guest-star Colin Ferguson shed some light on who Lexie and William are and what their future looks like. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Meet Kyle Mitchell, the Sinister Man of HAVEN Season 4

Briefly introduced in last week’s premiere episode, viewers got their first glimpse of “Sinister Man” portrayed by newcomer Kyle Mitchell. Sinister Man along with his partner Heavy (Robert Maillet) have a vital role to play in Season 4 of HAVEN. They are not your average thugs of the week, so it was a privilege to talk with Kyle about his new role to try to get a few clues about what Sinister Man is up to. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Eric Balfour Teases How the Duke/Nathan/Audrey Relationships Change in Season 4

Comic Con Quickie: Eric Balfour and EP Sam Ernst Tease HAVEN Season 4

After that infamous barn disappearing trick at the end of Season 3, we all suspected that there would be some big changes ahead in Season 4 of HAVEN.  After last week’s premiere episode, we have now see a glimpse of some of those changes.  Audrey is now Lexie (Emily Rose) and does not remember her former life as Audrey — nor the two men that she grew to love and they loved her in return.  In addition, Duke (Eric Balfour) found himself stepping out of the barn as it disintegrated around him and time had passed significant for everyone while he thought it was but mere moments.  Six months had gone by in the blink of an eye.  As Duke struggled to catch up on all that had passed and changed in his absence, we saw many of our heroes reunited again — but with Audrey/Lexie still missing.

In a recent press conference call, star Eric Balfour gallantly shared a few clues about what lies ahead in Season 4 for the complicated relationships between Audrey, Duke and Nathan (Lucas Bryant). [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: A Quick Tease from Writer Shernold Edwards About Audrey/Duke Relationship in HAVEN

For Audrey/Duke fans, one of the standout episodes of Season 3 was “Magic Hour, part 1” written by Shernold Edwards (Pictured above, left). Daring to take the characters to the brink of a romantic liaison while on a road trip, Shernold made sure that the sparks flew and shipper hearts were aflutter at the possibilities.  While the show ultimately stepped back from that romantic moment, fans were never quite certain of the door to the Audrey/Duke romance had been closed forever. 

In this brief video interview, Shernold talks about the Audrey/Duke relationship and whether all hope is lost: [Read more…]

HAVEN Preview: Season 4 Brings More “Troubles,” Turbulence and Terror

Based on the Stephen King novella “The Colorado Kid,” HAVEN is a series exploring the darker side of a small town infested with supernatural problems.  Past seasons have introduced average everyday people with very unique abilities — for many these abilities are more trouble than a blessing.  Thus, they are known as “troubled.”  Every 27 years or so, the “troubles” seem to return to plague Haven and all within its borders.  Not everyone is cursed, but all who reside there have felt the presence of the “troubles” and everyone looks forward to the day when they disappear again.  As was revealed in Season 3, Audrey Parker is the key to getting rid of the “troubles” and giving the afflicted relief — it’s Audrey’s capacity to love that provides a protective loving blanket over Haven for a time, until she must return to recharge on the love she finds there. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Eric Balfour Teases Season 4 and the Search for Duke on HAVEN

The journey of Duke Crocker has not been an easy one.  He went from being a carefree, happy-go-lucky smuggler to being one of the most cursed men in all of HAVEN. Not exactly plagued by one of HAVEN’s notorious “troubles,” Duke found out that his family’s legacy is that he can kill someone to save their family line from their “troubles.”  Yet the thought of killing a person to save their family from a dreaded “trouble” is still not the kind of legacy Duke ever imagined.  He would have preferred a treasure chest or even a cache of weaponry.  But instead, he has this unique ability that turned him into the one thing he never wanted: a killer.  Even to save lives and guarantee a better life for those left behind, Duke has found himself thrust amongst HAVEN’s “troubles” in a way he never imagined or wanted.  It makes him both a unique ally and a foe.  It is all a matter of which path he chooses. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Richard Donat and John Dunsworth Teasingly Talk Season 4 of HAVEN

One thing is for certain, when you talk with Richard Donat and John Dunsworth, you never know who you are going to be talking with. As long-accomplished actors, both can seamlessly switch in and out of character, and it makes for a hilarious interview. (If you watch the video interview below, you will see exactly what I mean!) One of the funny responses was to the question about whether we will be seeing Dave and Vince Teague interact with HAVEN’s new characters Jennifer (Emma Lahana) and Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo) and John was quick to quip, “No hanging out with Crockers!” While they do not want anything to do with the nefarious side of Duke Crocker’s (Eric Balfour) family and their dark legacy, Richard and John were happy to drop clues about Jennifer’s curious role and how Episode 410 will introduce a big surprise. They also shared that Dwight’s (Adam Copeland) plans disrupt a few of the Teagues’ plans, and that unsurprisingly the brothers may be on opposite sides yet again this season. One of the strengths and curiosities to the Teague brothers is how their many, many secrets have tied them together while they still work from different sides of the HAVEN-world. [Read more…]