Scoop: Reggie Lee Previews Tonight’s Fourth Season Premiere of GRIMM


NBC’s thrilling fantasy drama GRIMM returns tonight and we pick up right where we left off last season. We will see what happens when Nick loses his grimm powers and what will happen at the not so joyous wedding. I caught up with GRIMM’s Sgt. Wu, Reggie Lee to talk about what he’s excited for the fans to see this season, the most surprising storyline, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s premiere. [Read more…]

GRIMM Scoop: Reggie Lee Talks Sergeant Wu’s Big Case and If It Opens His Eyes To The Wesen World

reggie lee grimm

In the new episode “Mommy Dearest,” the entire world of Sergeant Wu has a bit of cataclysmic shift when he comes face to face with a creature from his own nightmares. It remains to be seen if that completely opens Wu’s eyes to the entirety of the Wesen world and if he becomes entrenched even further with GRIMM’s resident “Scooby Gang.”

So in a recent press conference call, co-star Reggie Lee talked about how this encounter may change Wu’s perspective on the supernatural side of life. [Read more…]

GRIMM: David Giuntoli Previews the GRIMM Season 3 Winter Finale

With half the third season already done, GRIMM is taking a short winter break before turning with even more exciting tales of Wesen and Grimm adventures. But before it leaves on winter hiatus, GRIMM shall take a stab at turning Christmas on its head with another gruesome tale.

In a recent press interview, star David Giuntoli talked about what are the challenges and perks of being in their third season, what this Christmas special holds in store, and when the Season 3 villain shall finally make his presence known.

What can you tell us about GRIMM’s take on Christmas?
DAVID: Just guess. Whatever you think is what it is, we just ruin it. We just ruin Christmas for everybody. So I mean there’s an actual legend of Krampus out there, and we’ve had German people asking us to do Krampus over and over again, and we finally tipped our hat to the fine people of Bavaria and we’re bringing this legend to life. So we ruin Christmas for everybody and it’s gory and it’s wonderful. [Read more…]

GRIMM Preview: Star David Giuntoli and EP’s David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf Tease Season 3

By Sarah Stephens

NBC’s fairy-tale homicide cop drama GRIMM comes back on Friday, Oct 25th at 9pm for the third season. The crew at NBC threw a little Halloween bash to preview a new episode of season three and got to attend. Sitting down with the number one Grimm David Giuntoli and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, we got a little taste of what to expect in season three. They teased on some fun new Wesen and what changes we’ll see from Nick, Monroe, Juliette this year, not to mention the Royals. We don’t want to get too spoiler-y, so let’s just dive into the highlights. In fact, if you don’t want to be spoiled for season 3, best stop here. [Read more…]

GRIMM Preview: Star Bitsie Tulloch Gives the Inside Scoop on Season 3 and Previews Her Film “Parkland”

In the NBC dark fairytale series GRIMM, there are creatures which seemed to have stepped right out of one of your nightmares. But not all creatures are to be feared. Known as wesen, some are good and some are evil, just like their human counterparts. Having just found out about the wesen world, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) also found out that he is a descendent of a special lineage known as Grimms. In the first couple of seasons of GRIMM, Nick’s fiancé Juliette was living blissfully unaware of the wesen world and the particular new duties of her fiancé outside of his detective work. But finally as the end of Season 2, Nick revealed his secret life and this other supernatural world to Juliette. Unfortunately, just as Juliette was beginning to take it all in stride and get used to the idea of living with wesen all around, up came a zombie apocalypse.

The Season 2 finale left our hero Nick entrapped and exposed to the zombie venom, with Juliette and their friends Monroe and Rosalee left to fend for themselves against the encroaching zombie mob. In an exclusive interview, co-star Bitsie Tulloch talked about what obstacles our heroes face in Season 3 and where the Nick/Juliette romance is headed in the midst of all these huge revelations. Bitsie also talked briefly about her new film “Parkland” which debuts in theaters on Friday, October 4th. [Read more…]

GRIMM Gossip: Sasha Roiz Talks Season 3

If the popularity of Tuesday’s post featuring GRIMM’s David Giuntoli is any indication, fans of the Friday frightfest can’t get enough of their favorite NBC series. And since we here at aren’t ones to shy away from a trend that attracts copious amounts of eyeballs to our site, we’re thrilled to give our fellow TV Addicts what they want. Namely, this recently shot video from San Diego Comic Con featuring Giuntoli’s co-star Sasha Roiz. For Roiz, who plays Captain Sean Renard, was only too happy to tease what’s in store for both his character and fans come season three. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

GRIMM Gossip: David Giuntoli Talks Season 3

Grimm News: One of the few reasons to stay in on a Friday night doesn’t return for its much-anticipated third season until October 25th. Slightly less than Grimm News: was afforded a few minutes with series star, the delightful David Giuntoli himself, at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con. See what he had to say for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

GRIMM Scoop: David Giuntoli Previews What’s Next Big Wrinkle in the Nick/Juliette Romance and the 2nd Season Finale


As if having your fiancé fall under a sleeping spell and then awaken in love with someone else was not enough of a challenge in the Nick and Juliette romance, the latest temptation will be in the form of a Wesen muse who tries to enslave Nick.  The path to true love is never easy, but it is always worth it.  Let’s just hope that the writers of GRIMM do not tread any heavier on our already taxed romantic hearts.  In a recent press conference call, star David Giuntoli provided some candid thoughts about what is upcoming for Nick and Juliette as well as a few more fun teasers about what is upcoming in the second season finale. [Read more…]

GRIMM Gossip: Star Reggie Lee Previews What’s In Store for Fans of the Hit Friday Night Frightfest!

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In a series where things that go bump-in-the-night are truly terrifying, GRIMM showcases what life would be like if supernatural beings lived amongst us on only the special few could see them.  Yet not all of them are big, bad scary creatures.  In an exclusive interview, co-star Reggie Lee talked about whether or not his character Sergeant Wu is part of that supernatural club, who he is rooting for in the love triangle between Nick (David Giuntoli), Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz), and what kinds of excitement the remainder of Season 2 promises for viewers. [Read more…]

Winter TCA 2013 Wrap-Up: Renewals, Revelations and Surprise Kisses!

Now that the Winter 2013 Television Critic’s Association Press Tour is finally over, it seemed like a good time to recall some of the choice moments over the 14-day star-studded event.  Since it would be nearly impossible to recount all the stand-out moments and all the cool shows upcoming this year, we have selected only a few to showcase.
The Kiss 
Nothing was more buzzed about than the unexpected kiss between stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy at the Fox panel for THE FOLLOWING.  It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but truly you had to have been there for the impact of that memorable moment to be felt.  The ease with Kevin Back just casually leaned over and planted a kiss on his co-star was a testament to the strong bond between them.  Viewers may be buzzing about the underlying sexual energy between their characters on screen in THE FOLLOWING, but that kiss was a pure delight for those who got to see it in person. So does anyone remember that THE FOLLOWING is a show about serial killers at this point?  (THE FOLLOWING makes its debut on Monday, January 21st at 9PM on Fox.) [Read more…]