TV Today: Why We Love Anti-Heroes

If you are a TV aficionado, then you have probably been hearing the term “anti-hero” a lot in the past decade.  In fact, Showtime has made a fortune off of its “anti-hero” platform showcasing its series DEXTER, WEEDS, HOMELAND, NURSE JACKIE, CALIFORNICATION, as well as its upcoming new series RAY DONOVAN.  These are perfect examples of shows that feature the joys and triumphs of “anti-heroes.”
But recently the “anti-hero” craze seems to have reached such a saturation point that no one can exactly define what an “anti-hero” is and how it differs from just being a villain or a hero.  [Read more…]


Apparently, the entertainment world didn’t have the good manners to put breaking news on hold while the TV Addict was ‘busy’ hangin’ with the cast of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. NBC blinked, Fox News was accused of treason, a game show scandal was exposed and a HEROES star either let slip a major spoiler… or proved himself a tad unfamiliar with the industry in which he labors. Enter CouchTater to take a quick look at what’s been going on, shall we?

Now that NBC’s decided to admit that the whole Jay-five-nights-a-week thing was a God awful idea, we have to take the other major networks to task for not making a serious attempt at grabbing the 10 p.m. timeslot when they had the chance. Sure, in polite society you’re not supposed to kick someone when they’re down, but we’re talking about the cutthroat world of television here. Shame on ABC for letting losers like THE FORGOTTEN and 20/20 linger in the spot (not to mention endless reruns) when they could have made a bold move, complete with ad campaign, to make 10 p.m. their version of Must-See TV. Ah, as always, if only we ruled the airwaves…

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Morning Static: TRUE BLOOD, THREE RIVERS & The Scariest Sentence You’ll Read All Day!

• Free of Prison [Break], Marshall Allman joins TRUE BLOOD.
• Mohinder moves on, Sendhil Ramamurthy joins NBC’s REX.
• Alex O’Oh! CBS yanks the O’Loughlin starrer THREE RIVERS.
• FOX flips out, for fast food comedy series BOB’S BURGERS.
• The following sentence has disaster written all over it: Nicole Richie has signed a deal to headline a new ABC scripted comedy from the executive producer of ACCORDING TO JIM.


Call us crazy, but last night’s two-hour season premiere of HOUSE that had the good doctor (not to mention us viewers) stuck in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital for what felt like an eternity alongside some very talented guest stars (including Franka Potente, Andre Braugher and Broadway’s Lin-Manuel Miranda) was an epic fail. Okay sure, Laurie now has the pre-requisite ‘Very Special Episode’ for next year’s Emmy reel already in the can. And yes, the show, which does tend to become somewhat repetitious did switch things up from the standard mystery illness of the week. But for our money, last night is not how you start off a season. Personal character journeys that leave supporting favorites such as Cuddy, Chase and Cameron in the wings should be reserved for mid-season or at the very least, sweeps episodes. Not a season opener where viewers have waited very patiently all summer long for the return of their favorite differential diagnosticians.

While Robert Knepper’s ‘King of the Carnival’ certainly piqued our interest, and Claire giving it the ol’ college try had us intrigued, Hiro and Ando’s ‘Dial a Hero’ had us dialing another channel… RIP HEROES.

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Good News, Bad News: HEROES, SKINS & Ryan Jenkins

Good News: GLEE star Jayma Mays has found a project to keep herself occupied during GLEE’s hiatus. Bad News: That project, reprising the role of Charlie, Hiro’s ill-fated love interest on the sinking ship we like to call HEROES. [EW]

Good News: We’re getting more SKINS! Bad News: Thanks to MTV who is developing what we can only imagine will be a watered down Americanized version of the hit British teen series. [ZonTV]

Good News: The headline grabbing story of Ryan Jenkins — the reality TV contestant who was found dead, hanging from a belt in his hotel room after fleeing to Canada upon being accused of murdering his swimsuit supermodel ex-wife Jasmine Fiore — is finally over. Bad News: For Nancy Grace and the rest of her Cable News cohorts. [Vancouver Sun]

Bryan Fuller Exits HEROES [Again!], We Read Between the Lines

bryan fuller_statement

With today’s big news revolving around PUSHING DAISIES mastermind Bryan Fuller departing from his role as creative consultant (or as we like to call him, saviour) of HEROES so that he may focus his energy on developing new shows for NBC Universal, thought it might be fun to read between the lines of the statement Fuller sent to Ain’t It Cool News earlier in the day.

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Why Does Nobody Ever Really Die on HEROES? Discuss:


As it turns out, Bryan Fuller’s assessment that last night’s season finale of HEROES was “the best finale the show has ever had,” lived up to the hype. Too bad as season finales go, HEREOS doesn’t have much of a track record to live up to.

Sure, as promised by Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), a hero who had been with the show from day one die did in fact die. The only problem being, nobody on HEROES really ever stays dead. Leaving this TV Addict to wonder just how long it will take for Matt Parkman’s mojo to wear off, forcing The Company to resurrect the original Sylar (with the help of the spare shapeshifter that HRG already alluded to down in Building 26) in an effort to bring down Nathan Petrelli. Who it seems is already letting his inner-Sylar get the better of him.

Our guess, November sweeps! What’s yours?

Milo Ventimiglia, Cristine Rose and Jack Coleman Offer Up 3 Reasons Why Fans Should Give HEROES a Second (or Fourth) Chance


Look we get it. HEROES has become the television equivalent of that really bad relationship. The one where you’re constantly giving a second, third or heck, even fourth chance to that special someone in the hopes of re-capturing the magic of those unforgettable first few months.

Which is why this TV Addict has enlisted a few genuine ‘heroes’ to lend a hand with tonight’s big decision. Do you give what executive producer Bryan Fuller promises will be “the best finale the show has ever had” one last chance? We are, and here’s why.

Not only did the allusive Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli) offer up three tantalizing word (“Time will tell!”) when we asked her to tease tonight’s finale at last weekend’s HEROES FOR AUTISM event. She confirmed an actual heroes death, promising that, “one of the main characters that’s been with us from the very beginning is really dead and nobody believes that but it’s absolutely true.”

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Ask the Addict: HEROES, GREEK, 90210 & GLEE Spoilers


Hey TV Addict, LOVED your reports from Paley Festival 2009, but why no love for BIG LOVE or FRINGE? — ThePaleyAddict
The TV Addict: Simple answer: Because spending a week in Los Angeles costs BIG bucks! And between my car rental, hotel, and borderline unhealthy Pinkberry obsession, this TV Addict could only afford to live out his TV adventure for eight days. That said, aside from Paley, I was lucky enough to drop by the sets of GLEE, GREEK in addition to spending time with a few of your favorite HEROES, so stay tuned for some great interviews next week. And, on a somewhat related note, if you’re reading this and just so happen to work for a major media outlet that includes any of the following letters “E,” “W,” “T,” “V,” “Z,” “A,” “P,” “T,” “W,” “O,” “P,” “E!” and are looking for an affordable, talented and really good looking west correspond, you know my digits.

I absolutely loved this week’s Evan/Cappie scenes on GREEK. Any word on whether we’ll be seeing more of my favorite Frat Bros. together this season? — RebeccaRocks
The TV Addict: Most definitely, because as it turns out, you’re not the only one who loves the Evan/Cappie dynamic. “I want Cappie and Evan back together,” explained GREEK showrunner Sean Smith on my recent one-on-one while visiting the set of GREEK. “So it was kind of nice to find the opportunity through a secret so…” And sadly, I’ve already shared too much. But rest assured, the Cappie/Evan bromance frienaissance is making a comeback in a major way. Stay tuned…

Any truth to the rumor that THE SIMPSONS are doing a 90210 parody in an upcoming episode. — DohnutFan
The TV Addict: Don’t let the May 3rd episode title of “Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’Oh” fool you. It’s not so much a 90210 parody, as a HANNAH MONTANA one; When Lisa tried to impress her new Waverly Hills classmates by telling them she knows pop star Alaska Nebraska (pictured above and voiced by special guest star Ellen Page)

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