How to Get Away with Improving HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER


**Just so many spoilers ahead**

The HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER finale aired a few weeks ago and it was pretty darn good. There have been many articles about that fact as well as many about where the show is going with the cliffhanger it left us with. Fortunately for you, TVAddicts, I will not be writing such a piece. Instead I’m going to write about what HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER can do to fix itself in order to be as good as everyone says it is. [Read more…]

Scoop: Karla Souza Previews Tonight’s Thrilling Installment of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

Karla Souza how to get away with murder

It’s always the quiet ones! In the Pilot of ABC’s most riveting new drama HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER we met Laurel Castillo, played fabulously by the astonishingly talented Karla Souza. Castillo is extremely timid but proves her knowledge in the standout scene where Professor Keating (Viola Davis) is interrogating new (and terrified) student Wes. (Alfred Enoch)

Things are starting to take off now that Annalise has seen what’s on Lila’s (Megan West) phone, especially since she is now representing Rebecca. (Katie Findlay) We’ve gotten to see some of Connor’s (Jack Falahee) backsotry last week and a look into what kind of person he really is. A couple weeks earlier we saw into Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) life as well, tonight it’s Laurel’s turn.

The withdrawn character has slowly become the law student to beat and has earned the respect of Annalise. Week after week we’ve seen her measure up to the challenge and prove her worth to the team. The wide-eyed law student plays a huge role in tonight’s episode! I caught up with the MURDER actress about her character, the scene she’s most excited for the fans to see, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s episode. [Read more…]