HEMLOCK GROVE Scoop: Landon Liboiron Talks The Season 2 Conflict Between Peter and Roman


It was always too good to be true. Can a werewolf and a vampire ever really be friends? Yet HEMLOCK GROVE had the audacity to propose that they could. Season 1 introduced Peter Romancek (Landon Liboiron), a gypsy werewolf, who had just moved to the seemingly sleepy town of Hemlock Grove where the Godfrey family control the town through their obscene wealth and their desire to keep a distance from the townsfolk. But the Godfrey’s had many secrets to conceal, only one of which was that its matriarch Olivia Godfrey (Famke Janssen) was an upir. Her son Roman (Bill Skarsgard) had not yet transformed and was unaware of his bloody ancestry, but was inexplicably drawn to Peter. Roman perhaps sensed, as Peter sensed about Roman, that there was an otherworld quality to Peter.

So Season 1 was a dance of mutual interest and aligned interests as Peter and Roman struck up a friendship and set out to track down a beast attacking the residents of Hemlock Grove. But Season 1 ended in a bloody and deadly finale as the beast was killed and Roman’s cousin, Letha (Penelope Mitchell) died as well. Both Peter and Roman were tormented by the secrets uncovered and the deaths that surrounded them. It pushed Peter to leave town and Roman to finally confront his mother about their darkest nature.

In a press interview from the set, star Landon Liboiron talked about why Peter returns to Hemlock Grove and whether or not there is hope that Peter and Roman could ever be friends again. [Read more…]

Inside HEMLOCK GROVE: Scoop from stars Landon Liboiron, Freya Tingley, Bill Skarsgard and Penelope Mitchell

Creating a horror television show is a tricky feat. It requires balancing the right amount of shock-and-gore along with compelling characters to keep fans clamoring for more – and Netflix’s HEMLOCK GROVE delivers on both.  Helmed by horror master Eli Roth and based on the terrifying world created in Brian McGreevly’s book, HEMLOCK GROVE weaves together characters that raise the hair on the back of your neck yet draw you in deeper and deeper into a supernatural mystery story.
When a young teenage girl is found mauled to death, fear and suspicions abound as a gypsy boy (Landon Liboiron) is rumored to be a werewolf.  Peter and his mother (Lili Taylor) had recently moved to Hemlock Grove in hopes of settling there after his uncle’s death; but their heritage makes them unwelcome in a community that seeks to keep its deep, dark secrets buried.  Reigning over the town is the ultra rich Godfrey family, who prey on the unsuspecting populace.  Everyone feels a slight unease with the Godfrey family, who despite their glamor remain aloof; not to mention they own a medical facility that is thought to house untold scientific experiments.
Just who or what is stalking their youth, and how do the Godfreys and the gypsies figure into the lurking sense of unnaturalness surrounding them, those are the mysteries that slowly unfold throughout the 13-episode horror series. 
During press interviews at WonderCon in Anaheim, stars Landon Liboiron, Freya Tingley, Bill Skarsgard, and Penelope Mitchell provided some insight into murder, mystery and intrigue that layer HEMLOCK GROVE. [Read more…]