REIGN Post-Mortem: Showrunner Laurie McCarthy and Megan Follows Reflect on the Risky Season 1 Finale and Preview What’s Next in Season 2


Hot on the heels of its successful first season, REIGN went out in jaw-dropping style last week when it killed off the King of France (Alan Van Sprang). It also dared to lock the next king right out of the castle gates due to the looming threat of plague spreading through the local villages. So Season 2 of REIGN is going to be a tricky road as Mary (Adalaide Kane), Queen of Scots and now Queen of France may have to rule in her husband’s absence and keep her mother-in-law, Catherine de Medici (Megan Follows) at bay and also making a play for the throne.

As this week’s CBS Summer Soiree event, showrunner and executive producer Laurie McCarthy and star Megan Follows talked exclusively about the killer Season 1 finale and where the show may be heading in its upcoming second season. [Read more…]

REIGN Scoop: EP’s Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling Dish on the Family Drama, Political Intrigue, and Romantic Entanglements That Lie Ahead

By: Sarah Stephens

All hail, REIGN! CW’s decadent quasi-historical drama is all kinds of yum. Let me count the ways we love it- the sweeping locations, the gorgeous medieval wear, multiple love triangles, the courtly parties, the intrigue of the betrayals and betrothals. Let’s start with last week’s searing kiss between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Prince Francis, heir to France’s throne. (FINALLY, right?) REIGN is heating up. And while their interpretation of the real history of Mary, Queen of Scots, is about as loose as Lady Kenna’s corset strings, the show is almost too fun to really care. [Read more…]