Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with Vik Sahay Who Reveals The ‘Killer’ Way He’d Like to see CHUCK End!

Attention CHUCK fans, this is it. After four seasons of fiercely fighting to keep your show on the air, tonight marks the beginning of the end. Yet rather than wallow in sadness for what could have been, we here at wanted to celebrate what was. Which is precisely why, on the eve of this evening’s fifth and final season premiere, your very own TV Addict had the pleasure of catching up with Vik Sahay, who was only too happy to reflect on his time playing Lester, how much he’ll miss the character, and the surprising way in which he’d like to see the series say goodbye. [Read more…]

CHUCK Star Reveals His Favorite Guest Star

Even with phenomenal guest starring turns by the likes of John Larroquette, Dominic Monaghan and upcoming appearances by Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase, it probably should come as no surprise to Nerd Herd fanatics that Vik Sahay’s (Lester) biggest thrill thus far working on CHUCK has been the opportunity meet Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker.

What might come as a surprise, is his reason why.

Turns out that Sahay is a huge tennis fan, and not just as we initially suspected of the Wii variety. “The key for me was that she’s Andy Roddick’s fiance,” revealed Sahay to the TV Addict at the recent Gemini Awards. ” “Everyone on set was like, ‘She’s so beautiful,’ while I’m standing their thinking ‘Oh My God, she’s with Andy Roddick!'”

Fans can expect Decker to pop by the Buy More on March 2 when Lester alongside his partner in crime Jeff weasel their way onto the Buy More hiring committee with the hopes of hiring a supermodel booth babe.