THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Scoop: EP Phil Klemmer Dishes On How Much Trouble Leven Rambin’s Character Stirs Up, Whether There’s Hope for a John/Astrid Romance, and the Return of the Diabolic Julian


All hell is about to break loose on THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. Not only is Julian (James McKay) back, he’s working with Ultra and they are going to breach the lair — and there will be no where to hide. Worse yet, there’s a new wild-child on the horizon ready to wreak havoc in their world with what remains. And just what is Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) really up to? Will there be a face-off between Jedikiah and the Founder? And best of all, is there time for romance and will John (Luke Mitchell) and Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) figure out there’s something between them before it’s too late?

In an exclusive press call, executive producer Phil Klemmer talked about all these things and more as THE TOMORROW PEOPLE races towards its Season 1 finale. [Read more…]

Snap Judgments: ABC Announces their Summer Slate

gregory smith copper
Photo Courtesy of @gregorythesmith

Now this my friends is what we call change TV Addicts can really believe in!

Fed up with continuing to cede valuable primetime real estate, not to mention record ratings and profits to their cable brethren, ABC announced today this summer, much like FOX (see: THE GOOD GUYS) they plan to program… wait for it… scripted dramas audiences might actually want to watch!

Thus, joining the usual collection of cheap exciting reality alternative filler programming which includes THE BACHELORETTE (Returning Monday May 24 at 9PM), TRUE BEAUTY (Premiering Monday May 31 at 10PM), DOWNFALL (Premiering JUNE 29 at 9PM), WIPEOUT (Returning June 1 at 8PM), BOSTON MED (Premiering Thursday June 24 at 10PM), DATING IN THE DARK (Returning Monday August 9 at 10PM) and BACHELOR PAD (Premiering Monday August 9 at 8PM) will be new dramas THE GATES, SCOUNDRELS and the highly-anticipated (by us!) Gregory Smith, Missy Peregrym drama ROOKIE BLUE (Formerly COPPER). Snap judgments for which can be found after the jump.

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Attention Mark and Lexie Fans: Meet “The Obstacle”


What may lack for in the scoop department, we try our best to make up for with actual photographic evidence. For instance, remember earlier in the day when super-scooper Michael Ausiello broke the news that upcoming GREY’S ANATOMY guest star Leven Rambin (TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) represents what showrunner Shonda Rhimes calls a “new obstacle” for Mark and Lexie. Well, we just so happen to have obtained the next best thing to, you know… actual pertinent information: A first look photo of a smokin’ Leven Rambin — and as an added bonus after the jump — one very dour looking Mark Sloane from the upcoming November 17th episode entitled “Holidaze.”

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