PaleyFest 2014 Reveals Talent for 31st Annual Star-Studded Event


Press Release: The Paley Center for Media today announced the full lineup of special guest panelists scheduled to appear for the 31st annual ultimate TV fan festival, PALEYFEST: The William S. Paley Television Festival, which will take place March 13-28, 2014 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland (Click here for tickets). The annual two week event will host more than 200 of the hottest stars and creative talents in media and will feature two reunion events: a 10th anniversary Lost reunion on March 16 and a Veronica Mars series reunion (the day prior to the March 14 nationwide release of the series-inspired movie), as well as honor standout series including Orange Is the New Black, How I Met Your Mother Farewell, Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation, Sleepy Hollow, Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries &The Originals, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Masters of Sex, The Mindy Project, Community, Veep, and American Horror Story: Coven. [Read more…]

INTELLIGENCE Preview: Introducing CBS’s Sizzling New Spy Series


Josh Holloway absolutely shines and steals the show in CBS’s new drama series INTELLIGENCE. Some shows just fit some actors like a well-fitted glove and this is one of them. CBS new series smartly plays to the strengths of an actor who exudes natural charisma and charm, and it makes for a fine and addictive new series. Adding to the fantastic cast are co-stars Marg Helgenberger, Meghan Ory, and Michael Rady, each bringing their own strengths and enthusiasm to the show. [Read more…]

Lessons from LOST: Why TV Show Finales Matter

[Editor’s Note: Due to the controversial nature of the following, the TV Addict (Daniel Malen) would like to clarify that the opinion expressed in the post below are solely that of West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt (@tvwatchtower)! #TeamLindelof]

The Following post contains spoilers pertaining to the end of BREAKING BAD so if you haven’t watched Sunday’s spectacular series finale, stop reading in 3… 2… 1… This has been a momentous week in television as the AMC series BREAKING BAD ended its five-season run with a record 10.3 million viewers watching live. It was illegally downloaded another 500,000 times and who knows how high the ratings will rise once the DVR numbers are factored in. It was not only the number of viewers that was impressive, but the critical acclaim that accompanied it as fans and critics seemed aligned in heaving a collective sigh of relief that the show ended well. Everyone had been holding their breath, worried that the show would flop in its finale; that it would try to top itself and reveal that the entire five seasons had been Walt having a bad dream during a cancer-fueled fugue. Instead the show honored its anti-hero and gave him a good death — one that he rightly deserved. [Read more…]

Comic Con Quickie: Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory and Marg Helgenberger Tease INTELLIGENCE

cbs intelligence

Couldn’t make it to sunny San Diego for the annual pop culture confab that is Comic Con? Never fear… is here. Here that is with some fantastic video interviews courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt, Jennifer Schadel, Genevieve Collins, and Sarah Stephens. All of whom risked life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite [or soon-to-be favorite] television talent. Case in point, this just shot interview with the stars of CBS’ spy-tastic new action adventure INTELLIGENCE, starring a few easy-on-the-eyes faces that fellow TV Addicts may be familiar with. Namely, LOST’s Josh Holloway, ONCE UPON A TIME’s Meghan Ory and CSI’s Marg Helgenberger! Each of whom do their best sales pitch on why you should tune in come February 24th, 2014. [Read more…]

Video: HAWAII FIVE-0 Star Daniel Dae Kim Says Aloha to Canada

Before actor Daniel Dae Kim took to the stage to dish on HAWAII FIVE-0 — one of Global TV’s most popular imports — he took to the Shaw media press room to face the nation (of TV Critics) to dish on his affinity for Hawaii, what fans can expect from season season four and what differentiates HAWAII FIVE-0 from the rest of CBS’ primetime lineup. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

From Harvard to Hollywood and Everywhere in Between: 10 Questions with RINGER Star Nestor Carbonell

Over the course of its six seasons on the air, much has been made about the magical properties surrounding the mysterious island that was central to LOST’s mythology. And while the ambiguous nature of the show’s finale may-or-may-not have provided the desired closure depending on your point of view, one thing we believe fans will be hard-pressed to argue with is that the island did posses one undeniable power: That of career-booster. Just ask Nestor Carbonell, the hard-working and talented actor who can currently be seen opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the hit CW show RINGER. We did, and here’s what he had to say about his time in Hawaii, his latest project that sees him portrayer Fugitive-style FBI agent Victor Machado on RINGER and the unique journey that took him from the hallowed halls of Harvard to Hollywood. [Read more…]

Found: A First Look at LOST Star Michael Emerson’s PARENTHOOD Guest Spot

Just when you thought LOST’s Michael Emerson was done with creeping audiences out, along comes “Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs!” Literally. Guest starring on Tuesday’s episode of PARENTHOOD as a smart albeit socially awkward man living with Asperger’s syndrome, Emerson plays Andy (of Amazing Andy’s Wonderful World of Bugs!), the entertainer hired for Max’s birthday party. More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

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Our 2010 TV Year in Review (Part I)

Worst Name For A Great New Character: Lumen Pierce? Seriously, DEXTER?
Standout Episode Of A Show Having A Mediocre Season: THE OFFICE’s outing titled “Andy’s Play” showed the series at it’s very best, which is something we haven’t seen much of this year.
Most Genre-Defying Sitcom: Zombies? Paintball apocalypse? Heartfelt emotions? One never knows what one will get when tuning into COMMUNITY… and that’s a good thing.
Guilty Pleasure We’re Not Feeling So Guilty About: Last year, GOSSIP GIRL wasn’t giving anyone much reason to talk about it. But this year — thanks to Chuck and Blair’s relationship and the addition of Katie Cassidy’s Juliet — we’re back to agreeing when Kristen Bell’s voice urges us to admit, “You know you love me!” 

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First Look: Jorge Garcia Visits HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER


Have you been jonsin’ for a LOST fix since the epic ABC series signed off in May? Desperate for another hit of Jorge Garcia? In serious need of a new serialized mythology that prides itself on driving fans batty with a total lack of answers? If so, you’re not going to wanna miss the Monday November 22nd episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! Entitled “Blitzgiving,” the Thanksgiving-themed instalment not only serves up flashbacks featuring LOST alum Jorge Garcia, but an equally maddeningly mother mythology thanks to special guest star Jennifer Morrison. More first look photos of which, can be found after the jump.

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LOST Series Finale: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: What started with an eye opening pilot (in every sense of the word) ended with an eye closing — and our favorite story-telling device “the bookend” — as Jack died a heroic death, successfully defeating Ol’Smokey, single-handidly saving humanity from an uncorked island of evil, and in doing so, allowing for Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard and Frank to escape in one piece. Add to that a fitting end (or beginning if you will) for Hurley (aka. the “New Jacob”) who was left as the island’s protector (with a redemptive Ben Linus as his number two), a much-anticipated homage to The Lion King confrontation between Jack and Locke who finally took the gloves off in a fight to the death on the edge of a cliff (Cue Hans Zimmer score in 3… 2… 1…), a stop-over with a happy Rose, Bernard and Vincent doing their best impersonation of The Swiss Family Robinson, and a flurry of flashbacks/character reunions (Sawyer and Juliet FTW!) that highlighted some of the show’s most memorable moments, and fans were left with a super-sized love letter to those of us who had invested six years of our life into this unforgettable odyssey.

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