Who is Bob Benson? James Wolk Addresses the Mystery surrounding his MAD MEN Character!

Before actor James Wolk took to the stage to introduce THE CRAZY ONES to Canada — his latest project that sees him play opposite Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a new CBS comedy coming to CityTV this Fall — he took to the Rogers media press room to face the nation (of TV Critics). And while most of the reporters in attendance focused on what it was like working opposite the human-laugh-machine that is Robin Williams, your very own TV Addict had a far more pressing question. Namely, just what is the craziest theory he’s heard surrounding his mysterious MAD MEN character Bob Benson. See what Wolk had to say for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Emmy Predictions 2011: Outstanding Drama Series

In anticipation of the upcoming 63rd Annual EMMY Awards (Airing Sunday September 18th at 8PM on FOX, CTV in Canada) theTVaddict.com is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to once again present our GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS 2011*


MAD MEN: The Sun Won’t Come Out Tomorrowland

mad men

Good News: MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner is a genius. Bad News: Make that, an evil one. At least that’s the distinct impression we were left with following last night’s phenomenal fourth season finale as we wondered if it was possible that the Don Draper we’ve come to know and sometimes love appreciate over the course of four seasons had been replaced by a FRINGE style alternate from the other side. But before we get into that, let’s start off with the positive shall we.

Full disclosure: There were times when we weren’t exactly mad about MAD MEN. While we’re the first to admit that the show has always been top notch when it comes to telling stories, delving into character and create an accurate portrayal of one of the most fascinating time periods in American history, it didn’t always do so in the most engaging of manners. Episodes would go by where very little happened, which more often than not resulted in the show taking up valuable space on our DVR until we found the time to catch up. This season, all of that changed.

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The Top 10 TV Shows of 2009 (A Second Opinion)

By: Aleks Chan

At this point, I’ve given up on Joss Whedon ever getting free reign over his creative works. Yes, lead Eliza Dushku is the show’s weakest link (she has very limited range), but, ah, what a fantastically flawed work of art. DOLLHOUSE may not always work, but when it does, its pure Whedon: deep down, there’s a beautifully complex and dark story of identity.  

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Morning Static: SPARTACUS, Alyssa Milano, MAD MEN & More!

Are you entertained! Starz has confidence that you will be, picking up SPARTACUS for a second season a month before the first season even premieres.
• MAD about the holidays? Merry Christmas from Sterling Cooper
• Who’s the Guidette? Alyssa Milano goes JERSEY SHORE!
• From extra to host, Reason #1 why we can’t wait for the Golden Globes.
• You’re a mean one, Mr. [Tony] Cowell, who promises that his famous brother Simon will leave AMERICAN IDOL at the end of 2010 to concentrate on bringing the American version of THE X FACTOR to the U.S. in 2011.

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things That Make Us Go “Hmmmm…”

January Jones Hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE
January Jones stepping into 30 Rock’s hallowed Studio 8H to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend is all well and good. But the thing that makes us go “Hmmmm,” well, aside from the fact that we have a feeling at around 11:35PM google will find itself inundated with the question “Who is January Jones?” — is the timing of Jones’ hosting gig. After-all, nothing says lets hype Sunday’s phenomenal MAD MEN season finale like hosting SNL… the following Saturday. Oops.

90210’s Shenae Grimes
What started out as an interesting way to handle a poorly conceived character that never really connected with viewers continues to get well less so, after yet another week went by with Shenae Grimes’ Annie Wilson on the outside looking in. Seriously, we can’t recall the last time (if ever) a character that started out the series front-and-center was pushed so far back into the periphery. Hey 90210 EP Rebecca Rand Kirshner, care to explain?

The handling of Barney and Robin
After a season of build-up, anticipation and hype, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s  Barney and Robin are officially (spoiler alert!) no more. And while disappointment may not be exactly how we’d characterize the relationship that we believe is at least partially to blame for HIMYM’s somewhat less than stellar start to the season, we can’t help but be somewhat surprised that the same writers who gave us the genius that is the ‘slap bet,’ ‘Robin Sparkles,’ and one of the cleverest sitcom hooks in recent memory (See: The mystery surrounding the titular mother) handled the pairing up of ‘Robney’ so poorly.

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Morning Static: David Boreanaz, Lena Headey, Jon Gosselin & More!

Welcome to our morning round-up of big/interesting TV news that you may have missed over the past 24 hours because unlike us, there’s a fairly good chance that have a life outside of the small screen.

Good News: On Monday, David Boreanaz and wife Jaime Bergman welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. Bad News: Named Bardot, which probably won’t serve her well in the school yard. Better News: Until of course the kids realize, “Wait your dad is David Boreanaz!” [People]

Let history show that on Saturday August 29th at 8:45PM Twitter officially became uncool. Thanks @jongosselin1.

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Morning Static: MAD MEN, SMALLVILLE, 24 & More!

Welcome to our new morning round-up of big/interesting TV news that you may have missed over the past 24 hours because unlike us, there’s a fairly good chance that have a life outside of the small screen.

2.8 million Americans reinforce the fact they’re indeed smarter than a fifth grader by tuning into MAD MEN’s record breaking third season premiere. [EW]

After umpteen seasons on 7th HEAVEN, David Gallagher is finally being let out of Hollywood purgatory, signing on (alongside WAREHOUSE 13’s Allison Scagliotti) to SMALLVILLE as the Wonder Twins. [io9]

Melissa Joan Hart and Debi Mazar’s career trajectories officially hit rock bottom with yesterday’s announcement that they’ll be just a few of the D-Listers to go DANCING WITH THE STARS. [TV.com]

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Question of the Day: MAD MEN Edition


At the risk of coming across as either (a) stupid, or worse (b) really sexist, this TV Addict simply has to ask: On last night’s season premiere of MAD MEN, am I correct in assuming that Joan is either (a) pregnant, or (b) using food as an emotional crutch in the aftermath of the rape that occurred in last season’s shocking season finale? (And just because I know you’re wondering: No this post wasn’t completely an excuse for this TV Addict to have far too much fun designing ‘fat’ Joan at madmenyourself.com, rather that was simply an added bonus!)