THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Scoop: EP Phil Klemmer Dishes On How Much Trouble Leven Rambin’s Character Stirs Up, Whether There’s Hope for a John/Astrid Romance, and the Return of the Diabolic Julian


All hell is about to break loose on THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. Not only is Julian (James McKay) back, he’s working with Ultra and they are going to breach the lair — and there will be no where to hide. Worse yet, there’s a new wild-child on the horizon ready to wreak havoc in their world with what remains. And just what is Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) really up to? Will there be a face-off between Jedikiah and the Founder? And best of all, is there time for romance and will John (Luke Mitchell) and Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) figure out there’s something between them before it’s too late?

In an exclusive press call, executive producer Phil Klemmer talked about all these things and more as THE TOMORROW PEOPLE races towards its Season 1 finale. [Read more…]

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Scoop: Peyton List Talks The Fun of Being the Boss In Charge

peyton list the tomorrow people

Now that Cara (Peyton List) has been voted the boss in charge for the Tomorrow People, things have been a bit more tense and tricky for her. No longer able to coast on her anger and frustration, Cara must be a leader and put everyone else’s needs above her own. This newfound position has been both a blessing and curse for her, but Cara has stepped up and been surprisingly successful in it.

In an exclusive interview, star Peyton List talked about the awakening of Cara as the leader of the Tomorrow People and how that has pushed her to reevaluate all the men in her life. [Read more…]