REVOLUTION: Elizabeth Mitchell and Mat Vairo Reflect on Tonight’s Electric Episode and Preview What’s Ahead!

revolution season 2 cast

Last week’s episode of REVOLUTION ended with a whopper reveal, Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) awoke to find himself in a world where power and electricity still exist. He awoke March 5th in 2014. It was as if the blackout and the subsequent 15 years of darkness had never occurred. So what exactly has happened? Was the blackout all a dream, or has Aaron found himself in a dream-world run by the nanites? And if so, how does he escape from it?

In a fun-filled, mind-bending episode REVOLUTION looks at the lives of who are heroes would be if the the blackout had not occurred. It is an interesting look at who everyone could be in a world where electricity still existed and those intervening 15 years of hell-on-Earth had never happened.

The following is an interview with co-star Mat Vairo and a clip from the press interview with Elizabeth Mitchell as they talk about the after-effects from last week’s episode of REVOLUTION: [Read more…]

GRIMM: David Giuntoli Previews the GRIMM Season 3 Winter Finale

With half the third season already done, GRIMM is taking a short winter break before turning with even more exciting tales of Wesen and Grimm adventures. But before it leaves on winter hiatus, GRIMM shall take a stab at turning Christmas on its head with another gruesome tale.

In a recent press interview, star David Giuntoli talked about what are the challenges and perks of being in their third season, what this Christmas special holds in store, and when the Season 3 villain shall finally make his presence known.

What can you tell us about GRIMM’s take on Christmas?
DAVID: Just guess. Whatever you think is what it is, we just ruin it. We just ruin Christmas for everybody. So I mean there’s an actual legend of Krampus out there, and we’ve had German people asking us to do Krampus over and over again, and we finally tipped our hat to the fine people of Bavaria and we’re bringing this legend to life. So we ruin Christmas for everybody and it’s gory and it’s wonderful. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on REVOLUTION Star David Lyons

david lyons sebastian monroe
What would any great drama be without a great villain to give our heroes someone to fight against?  In REVOLUTION, Col. Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) holds the dubious distinction of being the big bad villain.  He not only abducts children, but who will ruthlessly kill anyone who gets in his way from absolute power – both literally and figuratively.  Yet behind the mask of this villain is the heart of a charming young actor, David Lyons, who at the WB Mondo International Press Tour, provided his insight into the tricky relationship between his character Monroe and Miles Matheson (Billy Burke). [Read more…]