CROSSBONES Scoop: Henry Hereford Talks Portraying Frederick Nightingale, a New World Inventor in a Time of Pirates


The hunt is on for an incalculable treasure. That is what pirates are best known for. Yet in the NBC drama CROSSBONES, treasure is not limited to gold, gems and jewels. The treasure sought is a chronometer — a device that gives pirates the ability to truly rule the seas. After all, a pirate is only as good as his maps are to guide him.

In an exclusive interview, Henry Hereford talked about who is Frederick Nightingale and why everyone wants the elusive chronometer that he has created. [Read more…]

THE NIGHT SHIFT Scoop: Brendan Fehr Talks Drew’s Dilemma and the Cool Cast Camaraderie


When the day shift ends, the night shift takes over and with that change, a whole new world is revealed as traumas and emergencies seem to take on a whole new level of oddity during the night shift. But no matter how strange, bizarre or even heart-wrenching, the remarkable doctors and nurses in the ER rise to the challenge and save lives every single day. In the new NBC drama series THE NIGHT SHIFT, the show introduces a dozen or so unique characters that pull back the veil on what is going on in their lives and how they manage to keep their sanity and souls intact while witnessing the atrocities of trauma that come through their doors.

In an exclusive interview, star Brendan Fehr talks about bringing his character Drew to life in the heightened setting of THE NIGHT SHIFT and the fun to be had while making this kind of fast-paced, life-and-death show. [Read more…]

Funny Business: Stars Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia, Ron Funches and Rick Glassman Talk Up Their New NBC Sitcom UNDATEABLE

undateable cast nbc
By: Sarah Stephens

NBC is rolling out new comedy with sitcome UNDATEABLE, Thursday May 29th. UNDATEABLE stars stand-up comedians Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia (WHITNEY), Ron Funches (CRASH & BERNSTEIN), Rick Glassman, David Flynn and Bianca Kajlich (RULES OF ENGAGEMENT). Hailing from showrunner Bill Lawrence (COUGAR TOWN, SCRUBS), UNDATEABLE explores the awkward territory of what makes someone thoroughly “undateable,” with hilarious results. Like the classic odd couple, Justin (Brent Morin), a sweet but dating clueless bar owner, suddenly moves in with slick man-boy Danny (Chris D’Elia.) Taking pity on Justin and his hapless group of friends, Danny decides to be their guide to unlocking the mysteries of women. sat down with the stars of UNDATEABLE to get the details on these loveable characters, how the show came together, what UNDATEABLE would be like as a musical and get some real life dating advice from the stars. Check out our interviews with stars Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia, Ron Fuches and Rick Glassman below! [Read more…]

Meet THE NIGHT SHIFT: J.R. Lemon Talks Portraying an E.R. Rock-Star and Prankster


Not quite able to quite contain his infectious glee, J.R. Lemon is clearly pleased with his role in the new NBC drama series THE NIGHT SHIFT. J.R. portrays Nurse Kenny at San Antonio Memorial Hospital and he is know as the bartender of the E.R. — not because he is serving drinks, but because he is the one everyone turns to with their problems. He is the keeper of secrets and the man who knows how to get things done.

Kenny is also a notorious prankster, which is just another layer of fun for J.R. Getting to combine all these qualities into one character is like a dream come true. He loves that he gets to bring the humor and keep things from getting to heavy and dark in a world where lives are on the line every hour, every day. [Read more…]

Meet THE NIGHT SHIFT: Jill Flint, Eoin Macken and J.R. Lemon Hilariously Preview Their New NBC Medical Series


In the new NBC drama series THE NIGHT SHIFT, extraordinary measures are taken to save lives. But even when it is to save a life, someone has to be accountable for the cost to do it. So there is an inherent tension in running an E.R. where doctors will do anything to help their patients, but some have to think about the red-tape and financial burden that it carries. It’s a tough-love relationship that must be enforced or hospitals would be forced to close their doors.

At San Antonio Memorial Hospital, that pivotal role is offered to Dr. Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint). Unfortunately, that role also comes with a more personal conflict, her ex-boyfriend T.C. Callahan (Eoin Macken) will be working directly under her. But as Jordan and T.C. discover, love never quite dies, it just gets buried for awhile. Yet those reawakened feelings are tested as Jordan knows that no matter how much she admires T.C., she is terrified by his approach to saving lives as he does not think twice about the cost to do it.

THE NIGHT SHIFT is also not just a medical drama confined to the hospital. It stretches and encompasses a world where trauma demands they go into the field, which means rushing to plane crashes, helicopter accidents, auto accidents, dealing with tornadoes, hunting accidents and the wilds of Texas where boar roam freely. THE NIGHT SHIFT explores what it takes to be a trauma surgeon in and out of the hospital and the unique trials and challenges that presents.

In a fun joint interview co-stars Jill, Eoin and J.R. hilariously talked about about the craziness of working together on THE NIGHT SHIFT: [Read more…]

Meet THE NIGHT SHIFT: Ken Leung Talks The Power of A Combat-Tested Friendship


Some friendships stand the test of time, and some have been literally tested by fire. In the case of T.C. (Eoin Macken) and Topher (Ken Leung), their friendship has been combat-tested, as they served as military trauma surgeons together in Afghanistan and that strong bond carries through to this day as they work side by side at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Having seen every manner of medical atrocity in the field and unable to quiet the ghosts that still haunt them, they seek solace in the night shift and in doing everything they can to save lives — no matter what it takes. [Read more…]

CRISIS Preview: Dermot Mulroney Talks Playing the Villainous Mastermind Behind a Terrifying Kidnapping

dermot mulroney crisis

For those who saw the premiere episode of the new NBC drama CRISIS, the big twist was the reveal of the criminal mastermind behind the kidnapping was none other than the one father accompanying the kids that day. Francis Gibson is an ex-CIA analyst and to repay the government that betrayed him, he has planned out the ultimate revenge – he kidnapped the U.S. government’s top officials’ children; and one by one he will the children and their desperate parents to accomplish his diabolical goals. Horribly, one of the kidnapped kids is Gibson’s own daughter, Beth Ann (Stevie Lynn Jones), who is unaware that her father is the traitor behind the entire scheme that has put her and her friends in dire jeopardy.

In a recent press conference call, star Dermot Mulroney talked about his multi-layered character and the fun of playing the villain in this political thriller. [Read more…]

ABOUT A BOY Scoop: EP Jason Katims, David Walton and Minnie Driver Talk About Bringing Their Heart-Warming Comedy to Life

about a boy nbc

At a recent press interview, executive producer Jason Katims and stars David Walton and Minnie Driver talked about what drew them to this particular comedy and characters, as well as what they especially love about the show. As became quickly evident during the interview, this is a passion project for all of them. They are not only betting it succeeds, but that viewers and fans will fall in love with it just as much as they have. (Based on previewing a few upcoming episodes, there is a lot to fall in love with!) [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on GROWING UP FISHER Star Ava Deluca-Verley

ava deluca-verleyBy: Victoria Nelli

Ava Deluca- Verley stars on the NBC breakout hit GROWING UP FISHER. She plays Katie Fisher, the sarcastic yet caring oldest daughter of the Fisher family. I spoke with Ava about her audition process for the role of Katie, her training at Carnegie Mellon, and what we can expect to see on tonight’s episode. [Read more…]

REVOLUTION: Elizabeth Mitchell and Mat Vairo Reflect on Tonight’s Electric Episode and Preview What’s Ahead!

revolution season 2 cast

Last week’s episode of REVOLUTION ended with a whopper reveal, Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) awoke to find himself in a world where power and electricity still exist. He awoke March 5th in 2014. It was as if the blackout and the subsequent 15 years of darkness had never occurred. So what exactly has happened? Was the blackout all a dream, or has Aaron found himself in a dream-world run by the nanites? And if so, how does he escape from it?

In a fun-filled, mind-bending episode REVOLUTION looks at the lives of who are heroes would be if the the blackout had not occurred. It is an interesting look at who everyone could be in a world where electricity still existed and those intervening 15 years of hell-on-Earth had never happened.

The following is an interview with co-star Mat Vairo and a clip from the press interview with Elizabeth Mitchell as they talk about the after-effects from last week’s episode of REVOLUTION: [Read more…]