NIKITA Preview: Wanted Dead or Alive and With a Few Doppelgangers Running Amuck!

For its final season, the CW series NIKITA is racing no holds barred to its epic series finale.  The series returned last week with the episode “Wanted,” as Nikita (Maggie Q) tried to return and clear her name by enlisting the aid of a sympathetic news reporter Dale Gordon (Todd Grinnell).  But that did not go as planned at all – at least not for Nikita.  It went exactly as planned for Amanda (Melinda Clarke).  Nikita was implicated in yet another high profile and public death as a massive explosion went off claiming the life of the Gordon and all the evidence Nikita had given him.  The culprit aiding Amanda in this nefarious execution turned out to be none other than FBI Director Matthew Graham (Alex Carter).  That’s right, another double had been revealed.  [Read more…]

NIKITA Preview: The Hunt for the Most Wanted Woman in the World Begins Tonight!

For its fourth and final season, the CW spy drama NIKITA returns with six final episodes. The third season finale cliffhanger left Nikita (Maggie Q) as literally the most wanted woman in the world after she was framed for assassinating the U.S. President in the White House. But, as fans recall, while Nikita may have brought the gun into the Oval Office, she did not actually pull the trigger – the President shockingly did that herself, or rather a woman who looked like the President. We later saw that Amanda had the President carefully locked up, far away at the time a doppelganger shot herself trying to make it appear as if the President was actually dead. [Read more…]

NIKITA Scoop: Aaron Stanford and Lyndie Greenwood Tease Birkhoff and Sonya’s Big Sendoff

In the spy drama NIKITA, there is never any shortage of danger. So it is imperative that someone always has your back, both in the field and from the safety of a computer desk to guide our heroes through the labyrinths and minefields they encounter. In the NIKITA world, two of those key agents are Seymour Birkoff (Aaron Stanford) and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood). Without their lightning fast keystrokes to save the day, Nikita, Michael, Alex and Owen/Sam would have been stuck many, many times in the field. So every good field agent needs a backup behind the keyboard as well.

In press interviews from the set of NIKITA, co-stars Aaron Stanford and Lyndie Greenwood tried to carefully tease what the future holds for their characters, Birkhoff and Sonya, as the final season races towards its explosive and deadly finale. [Read more…]

NIKITA Scoop: Star Devon Sawa Teases Sam’s Seduction Plan for Alex

Ever since Nikita (Maggie Q) was framed for the murder of the U.S. President in the Season 3 finale, everyone has been working hard to locate the most wanted woman in the world. Everyone but Sam, that is. For Sam (formerly the beloved Owen), he is only looking out for his own best interests these days. But when a money debt arises that he cannot get himself out of, Sam remembers he knows the richest woman in the world: Alexandra Udinov (Lyndsy Fonseca). With his interest suddenly aligned, Sam reintegrates with the Dream Team to help locate Nikita and clear her name.

In a press interview from the set, star Devon Sawa talked about what Sam’s grand plan is and where Alex fits into it. [Read more…]

NIKITA Scoop: Star Maggie Q Dishes On Being the Most Wanted Woman in The World!

Season 3’s cliffhanger ending was a bit terrifying as Nikita was implicated in the assassination of the President – a plot that could have only been cooked up by the nefarious Amanda (Melinda Clarke) – making Nikita enemy number one, and the most wanted woman in the world.
So  Season 4 opens with Nikita on the run, fighting for her life and fighting to clear her name – not to mention the names of those she cares about.  In attempt to cut ties and keep Michael and everyone at Division in the clear, Nikita also left behind her engagement ring as a definitive sign that she was on her own.  It was a bitter moment both for her and for Michael when he found it.  This means emotions will be riding high on a personal note for both as the show returns.
In a press interview from the set, star Maggie Q teased a bit about what Nikita is thinking and what this final season of NIKITA has in store for the solitary spy. [Read more…]

NIKITA Scoop: Star Shane West Dishes on the Action-Packed Final Season

When we last saw her in the Season 3 finale of NIKITA, Nikita had been coerced by Amanda into assassinating the President – or the woman who the entire world thinks is the President anyway — and with Michael’s life on the line, Nikita did not hesitate. So with a word to no one, Nikita executed her heinous mission and became the most wanted woman in the world – although she did not actually pull the trigger, as the woman posing as the President only too happily pulled the trigger right in front of Nikita, thereby implicating her in the assassination.

With the bulls-eye squarely planted on her, Season 4 returns at a high octane pace and, unbeknownst to Nikita, her Division friends did not believe for one second that she is guilty of the crime she is accused, and if so, then she had a damn good reason. So Michael and the rest of Nikita’s Dream Team are out there rooting for her and trying to help her from afar in anyway they can.

In a press interview from the set, star Shane West previewed where this final season of NIKITA takes our heroes and the obstacles they must overcome. [Read more…]

Breaking News: Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull Cast in Syfy’s 12 MONKEYS Pilot

Press Release: Syfy’s pilot 12 Monkeys has cast Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull in the project’s two lead roles. Also joining in key positions behind the camera are Natalie Chaidez (In Plain Sight, V, Heroes) as Executive Producer/Showrunner and Jeffrey Reiner (Helix, Friday Night Lights, Caprica) who will direct the pilot and also serve as Executive Producer. [Read more…]

NIKITA Redux: Burning Down the House and Taking a Beloved Hero With It

Last week’s episode of NIKITA was shocking on multiple levels. First, it dared to kill off a fan-favorite character. Second, it dared to burn down its own house.  NIKITA has always been a trigger-happy show and has dared to kill off high profile characters before (R.I.P. Percy), but killing one of its white-knight heroes was earth-shattering.  In addition, we all knew the days of Division being able to operate as a clandestine force for good would be short-lived with all those allegedly reformed agents chaffing under the imposed-constraints.  We just did not suspect that it would be this short.  Division literally imploded once the recruits figured out that their own government was coming to exterminated each and everyone of them, effectively reneging on the deal to give each a pardon in exchange for their service in tracking down the rogue Division agents. [Read more…]