WonderCon 2014: Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader Talk ONCE UPON A TIME Season 3

By Sarah Stephens

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, executive producers for ONCE UPON A TIME, kept teasing us about this past Sunday’s BIG episode and now we know why. With huge reveals about Cora and Snow’s family connection plus Zelena’s end game, what else could possibly be in store for Storybrooke? At Wondercon over the weekend, the stars promised much more! Check out our interview with stars Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena). [Read more…]

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Rebecca Mader Dishes on Playing the Wonderfully Wicked Witch Zelena on ONCE UPON A TIME

Zelena once upon a time rebecca mader

Of all the villains that ONCE UPON A TIME has presented, ranging from the Evil Queen to Rumplestiltskin to Peter Pan, perhaps none have been as curiously portrayed as the Wicked Witch, Zelena. It is the brilliant green hue that seems to hover about her and it reminds us of the magic of Oz.

ONCE UPON A TIME may cross between Fairytale Land and Storybrooke, but the allure of the golden brick road, those magical ruby slippers and the omnipresent Oz seems to hover around the Wicked Witch. We wonder at her life before she encountered our heroes and stole their castle in Fairytale Land — and just why she brought them all back (minds erased) to Storybrooke. Just what is this magnificent woman’s story and what is she up to?

All this and more teases are brains and we are just itching to know the answers. In an exclusive interview, newcomer Rebecca Mader teased a bit about the Wicked Witch’s backstory and just how she may be the victim in this tale. Could it be that Zelena was not always so wicked, nor green? [Read more…]

No Ordinary Guest Star! Rebecca Mader Reflects on Her Incredible Journey Thus Far

What’s luck got to do with it? When it comes to the trajectory of Rebecca Mader’s career — who will follow up succumbing to the most notable nosebleed in the history of the television with a three episode guest stint on NO ORDINARY FAMILY starting night — very little. Or at least that’s what we took away following a fantastically candid conversation with the actress who touched upon everything from what brought her to America, her mysterious new role on NO ORDINARY FAMILY, and of course, what it’s like to be associated with the remarkable legacy that is LOST.

Despite the fact we promised ourselves we wouldn’t start off this interview with a LOST-related question, something recently happened that we simply must get your reaction to: The LOST lottery numbers…
Rebecca Mader: Were they all the exact same numbers?

They were two off!
I’m so pissed off I didn’t play those numbers! It did cross my mind and then I was in such a rush because I was on the set of NO ORDINARY FAMILY on Tuesday and we were all like, “Come on, we have to wrap and go get lottery tickets.” So me and Michael Chiklis were plowing through the scene, I ran to 7-11 and I didn’t have time. I thought about the LOST numbers that morning but I didn’t have time so I said, “Sod it,” and did a 20 dollar quick pick, which of course didn’t have anything that was remotely close to what the numbers were, and then I saw it on twitter the next day and was like, “$#*! that crossed my mind!” Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make my own millions!

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