REIGN Scoop: EP’s Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling Dish on the Family Drama, Political Intrigue, and Romantic Entanglements That Lie Ahead

By: Sarah Stephens

All hail, REIGN! CW’s decadent quasi-historical drama is all kinds of yum. Let me count the ways we love it- the sweeping locations, the gorgeous medieval wear, multiple love triangles, the courtly parties, the intrigue of the betrayals and betrothals. Let’s start with last week’s searing kiss between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Prince Francis, heir to France’s throne. (FINALLY, right?) REIGN is heating up. And while their interpretation of the real history of Mary, Queen of Scots, is about as loose as Lady Kenna’s corset strings, the show is almost too fun to really care. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Jenessa Grant Talks Playing a Queen’s Confidante and Struggle for Her Own Identity

Being the keeper of a queen’s secrets is a precarious position.  It demands a selflessness that most ladies-in-waiting are not accustomed. But for Aylee (Jenessa Grant), being the queen’s confidante is a privilege and gives her life purpose beyond waiting to be married off as a political pawn. In a press interview from the set, star Jenessa Grant talked about the challenges of such a prestigious position and how Aylee struggles to have an identity of her own beyond her royal duties. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Anna Popplewell Previews the Struggle Between Heart and Loyalty for Mary’s Ladies-In-Waiting

In the world of the French court during a time of delicate political alliance between France and Scotland, the act of a single person could topple a kingdom.  To aid Mary, the Queen of Scots in her transition into the French court and help watch her back are her four ladies-in-waiting.  But can one truly set aside their own loves and desires in service of one’s queen?  In press interview from the set, star Anna Popplewell candidly talked about the conflicts of head and heart for her character Lola. [Read more…]

It’s REIGN-ing Men! Alan Van Sprang Dishes on the Fringe Benefits that Come with Playing the King of France

Kings can command the attention and adoration of many women, and REIGN’s King Henry (Alan VanSprang) is no exception.  Well-known as a king who ruled with his beautiful mistress and his powerful wife by his side, King Henry still has time for the occasional dalliance.  REIGN offers both a look at the intertwined love lives of King Henry and his two sons, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) and Sebastian (Torrance Coombs) and how the arrival of Mary (Adalaide Kane), Queen of Scots  brings a bit more of heart-ache and political intrigue into all their lives.  In a press interview from the set, star Alan VanSprang talked about the many ladies of King Henry and the complications Mary brings to the French Court. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Celina Sinden on Precarious Position of a Lady of Money But No Title in the French Court

When living in the time of corsets, long skirts and forbidden romance, a young lady had limited options for venturing out of her social circle destined by birth. Fortunately for some, money could still buy their way in with the titled and elite. In a press interview from the set, star Celina Sinden talked about her character Greer’s ironclad plan to marry for title in a time when titles were scare and difficult to procure. Fortunately for a very determined young woman with vast amounts of money at her disposal, rising above a defect of untitled birth is but a small thing to overcome. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Megan Follows Teases What Evil Mischief Her French Queen Is Up To

Behind every great man is a great woman and it is no less the case in this tale of French kings and queens.  In the new CW series REIGN, Megan Follows (ANNE OF THE GREEN GABLES) portrays the stately and powerful Queen Catherine de’ Medici, a woman who knows how to rule in the shadows and from the throne.  In a press interview from the set, star Megan Follows talked about how fun it is to portray such a deliciously ruthless queen in REIGN. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Caitlin Stasey Dishes on the Court’s Rebellious Lady-In-Waiting

The last thing the classic lady-in-waiting should be able to do is pursue a life of wanton self-indulgence, yet for Lady Kenna (Caitlin Stasey), one of Mary (Adelaide Kane), Queen of Scot’s ladies-in-waiting, there is just too many temptations to resist. Kenna realizes that life is short and it will only feel shorter once she is tied down by an arranged political marriage. So she will embrace every opportunity to taste of life before that fateful day arrives. In a press interview from the set, star Caitlin Stasey took a few minutes to laughingly reflect on Kenna’s life choices and what kinds of trouble that rebellious streak may lead to for her. [Read more…]

It’s REIGN-ing Men! Toby Regbo Explains The Tough Decision Facing the Young French Prince

Carrying the weight of an entire kingdom on his shoulders, the young French Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) fears that his long betrothal to Mary (Adelaide Kane), Queen of Scots may not be the best alliance he can make for France.  Worried that marrying her could cost his future kingdom, Francis is torn between his heart and what he knows to be best for his country.  In a press interview from the set, star Toby Regbo talked about the young prince’s dilemma of head and heart. [Read more…]

It’s REIGN-ing Men! Torrance Coombs Previews Playing the Dark Prince Who Falls For a Queen

In the lavish CW drama series REIGN, two brothers vie for the heart of a queen: one is the prince destined king of France, the other is the bastard son of a king with no hope of ever winning the heart of the woman he loves. Raised together and loved by their father the king, both Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) and his illegitimate brother Sebastian aka Bash (Torrance Coombs) are unusually fond of each other as brothers. But that will soon change with the arrival of Francis’ betrothed, Mary (Adelaide Kane), the Queen of Scots. Simultaneously catching Bash’s eye and heart, Mary may ultimately be the undoing of the strong bonds of brotherly love. In a recent press interview from the set, star Torrance Coombs talked about the unrequited love of Bash for Mary and whether there will be any hope in the race for her heart. [Read more…]

REIGN Preview: Adelaide Kane Dishes On A Queen’s Heart Torn Between Two Brothers

The new CW series REIGN dabbles in historical fantasy, trying to reimagine the era when Mary (Adalaide Kane), Queen of Scots travels to France to reunite with her betrothed and destined love, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo), heir to the French throne.  But Mary’s romantic illusions have not fully prepared her for the reality of political alliances that can be tossed away in favor of a strong and more strategic alliance to protect a kingdom, nor that the fickle feelings of one’s heart can be swayed by a twist of fate.  In a press interview from the set, star Adelaide Kane gave the inside scoop on where Mary’s head and heart lie and whether there may be hope for the dark price Sebastian (Torrance Coombs). [Read more…]