REVOLUTION Preview: “$#!& Happens” in the Aftermath of [Spoiler Alert’s] Death!

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In a year of fake-out deaths: first Aaron (Zak Orth), then Monroe (David Lyons), it is hard to still believe that our heroes can actually die on REVOLUTION. But evidenced by the deaths of Ben (Tim Guinee), Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips), Danny (Graham Rogers), and Nora (Daniella Alonso) in the first season, people do die.

So in “Austin City Limits,” when Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) was forced to kill Jason (JD Pardo), we felt like our heart had been ripped out. Jason was one of the heroes. He was supposed to be untouchable. He had survived and overcome so much that it seemed doubly cruel that it was his turn to be sacrificed.

Last season may have been about dismantling Monroe’s Republic and turning the power back on; but this season has been all about the Patriots and their devastating plans to conquer the entire country. Their plans have been in place for nearly two decades. The Patriots have been plotting, scheming and strategizing ever since the day the power went out. Getting the power back on (albeit briefly) was just a means to an end for them. They needed the resources to devastate Monroe’s army and anyone else’s that stood in their way in one swoop. Then they sent in their brain-washed soldiers to clean up the remaining areas of resistance.

After seeing how effectively their brain-washing technique worked on Jason and the other cadets, it is terrifying to imagine how many more of such mindless soldiers are out there under the Patriots control and ready to do their bidding. They are the sleeper agents from hell; virtually unstoppable because you cannot see them coming. [Read more…]

REVOLUTION: Elizabeth Mitchell and Mat Vairo Reflect on Tonight’s Electric Episode and Preview What’s Ahead!

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Last week’s episode of REVOLUTION ended with a whopper reveal, Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) awoke to find himself in a world where power and electricity still exist. He awoke March 5th in 2014. It was as if the blackout and the subsequent 15 years of darkness had never occurred. So what exactly has happened? Was the blackout all a dream, or has Aaron found himself in a dream-world run by the nanites? And if so, how does he escape from it?

In a fun-filled, mind-bending episode REVOLUTION looks at the lives of who are heroes would be if the the blackout had not occurred. It is an interesting look at who everyone could be in a world where electricity still existed and those intervening 15 years of hell-on-Earth had never happened.

The following is an interview with co-star Mat Vairo and a clip from the press interview with Elizabeth Mitchell as they talk about the after-effects from last week’s episode of REVOLUTION: [Read more…]

REVOLUTION Scoop: Bringing the Sci-Fi Back Into The Apocalyptic AfterMath (feat. video interviews with David Lyons, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, JD Pardo, Tracy Spiridakos)


When NBC’s REVOLUTION first debuted, it was premised on the idea of turning the power back on. It had been 15 years since the power went out one day without explanation; and by the end of Season 1, they did turn the power back on — just long enough for the world to try to destroy itself and launched every nuclear weapon at its disposal. Unfortunately, turning the power back on was not the wisest thing to have done when nearly two decades of warmongering and warlord tyranny had become the norm. With the push of a button, Randall Flynn (Colm Feore) nearly annihilated the entire East Coast of the United States. So Season 2 of REVOLUTION took us back to the dark ages, or the norm in the world they had grown used to living in without power and electricity. Everything looked bleak since now they had vast geographical areas obliterated by nuclear bombs and an even larger number of their dwindling population eradicated in seconds. [Read more…]

On the Scene: Talkin ‘Bout a REVOLUTION

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In anticipation of REVOLUTION’s February 26th return to NBC, is spending the day on the set. But before we can spill all the secret and scoop we gleaned from stars Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lyons, JD Pardo and Mat Vairo, we thought you might enjoy some cute candids. Enjoy. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on REVOLUTION Star David Lyons

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What would any great drama be without a great villain to give our heroes someone to fight against?  In REVOLUTION, Col. Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) holds the dubious distinction of being the big bad villain.  He not only abducts children, but who will ruthlessly kill anyone who gets in his way from absolute power – both literally and figuratively.  Yet behind the mask of this villain is the heart of a charming young actor, David Lyons, who at the WB Mondo International Press Tour, provided his insight into the tricky relationship between his character Monroe and Miles Matheson (Billy Burke). [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on REVOLUTION Star Giancarlo Esposito

As REVOLUTION rides towards what we suspect will be a thrilling first season finale on June 3rd, thought now might be as good a time as any to shine the spotlight on some of the stars that make this hit NBC show must see TV. Stars like the riveting Giancarlo Esposito, who at a recent WB event, revealed how he see his character Tom Neville, the challenges of playing a character so seemingly gentle on the surface, and why he almost turned down a career-making role on BREAKING BAD. [Read more…]

WonderCon 2013: Tracy Spiridakos Talks REVOLUTION

Missed out on the awesomeness that was attending WonderCon 2013? Never fear, is here. Or to be more accurate, our Senior West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt was there to get as up close and personal as some of your favorite stars’ publicists would allow! Case in point, a revealing REVOLUTION video featuring actor Tracy Spiridakos, who dishes on what life will be like for Charlie following brother Danny’s death. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

WonderCon 2013: Elizabeth Mitchell Previews Her Character’s Rocky Road Ahead on REVOLUTION

Missed out on the awesomeness that was attending WonderCon 2013? Never fear, is here. Or to be more accurate, our Senior West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt was there to get as up close and personal as some of your favorite stars’ publicists would allow! Case in point, a revealing REVOLUTION video featuring actress Elizabeth Mitchell, who dishes on how her character Rachel Matheson will deal with the shocking events of last week’s mid-season premiere, Ms. Matheson’s romantic prospects, not to mention her relationship with daughter Charlie. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

REVOLUTION Returns… And We’ve Got the Shocking Scoop from EP Eric Kripke and Star Elizabeth Mitchell!

The new apocalyptic series REVOLUTION is premised on the idea of how humanity survives in a world without electricity. Yet the teaser REVOLUTION has dangled since the beginning is that the power is not entirely gone and there are those who have the ability to turn it back on.  One such person is Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell).  Just what has Charlie and Danny’s absentee mother been up to in the intervening 10 years since they last saw her is an even bigger mystery.  But as Rachel demonstrated quite capably in the mid-season finale, with the right device she cannot only turn the power back on, she can amplify it.  But that’s the bad news, for she promptly handed it over to Colonel Monroe (David Lyons), who immediately used it reactivate his military weaponry to use on our heroes as they ran to escape his growth wrath.   In a recent press conference call, star Elizabeth Mitchell and executive producer Eric Kripke shared what thorny situation lie ahead for Rachel, her children, their uncle Miles (Billy Burke) and everyone else who has the misfortune to land in Monroe’s crosshairs. [Read more…]