RINGER Redux: Where We Last Left Off and Wild Speculation About What’s Really Going On

When RINGER went on winter hiatus last November, we were already pretty confused about what was really going on; and the intervening two month break has not done much to illuminate the overall mystery since the show has been notoriously close-lipped about spoilers.  So here is what we have been able to piece together and what we hope to find out more about as the series picks up Tuesday night with Episode 11 of this increasingly murky, mystery story. [Read more…]


Most Welcome Return: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, whose writers not only continue to amaze us with their seemingly never-ending array of methods in which to extract blood from an ever-expanding cast of beautiful people, but surprise us with jaw-dropping twists following some surprisingly unexpected vampire-werewolf-hookup-hawtness.

Understatement Of The Week: Upon finding out in front of a studio audience that his former fiancé — whom he’d been hoping to win back — had gotten engaged to another man, BACHELOR PAD’s Michael uttered, “I’m sorry, that’s super awkward.” He then added, “Really? Here, though, is where everyone… they find out? Even like a letter would be great, or an E-mail prior!” 
Reason 5,432 We Are Jealous Of “Real” Entertainment Reporters: Oh, to be part of the annual tradition in which press corps members compete against one another on an actual SURVIVOR challenge.
Easiest Way To Spot A Financially-Troubled TV Personality: Tune in to any of the REAL HOUSEWIVES franchises, where Adrienne Maloof is the latest “star” reportedly having money problems. [Read more…]

From Harvard to Hollywood and Everywhere in Between: 10 Questions with RINGER Star Nestor Carbonell

Over the course of its six seasons on the air, much has been made about the magical properties surrounding the mysterious island that was central to LOST’s mythology. And while the ambiguous nature of the show’s finale may-or-may-not have provided the desired closure depending on your point of view, one thing we believe fans will be hard-pressed to argue with is that the island did posses one undeniable power: That of career-booster. Just ask Nestor Carbonell, the hard-working and talented actor who can currently be seen opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the hit CW show RINGER. We did, and here’s what he had to say about his time in Hawaii, his latest project that sees him portrayer Fugitive-style FBI agent Victor Machado on RINGER and the unique journey that took him from the hallowed halls of Harvard to Hollywood. [Read more…]

We Delve Into the Mysterious World of RINGER with Stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell, Kristoffer Polaha, Ioan Gruffudd & More!

When bad-twin Brigit takes on the identity of her good-twin Siobhan, she finds out that the phrase “out of the frying pan and into the fire” takes on a whole new meaning when it not only involves you, but a loved one as well.  She had no idea that her sister, Siobhan had so many secrets, nor that she also was looking for a way to escape her life.  But Siobhan’s escape plan is a lot more deadly than Brigit would have dreamed up.  Suddenly caught in a web of lies and world of deceit and treachery, Brigit has a lot to learn – fast! – about the twin she thought she knew.  It is a race against time, a race from the past and neither is waiting patiently on the sidelines.  Brigit’s life is on the line and she has literally no one to trust.  She only thought it was a good idea to slip into her sister’s “slippered” shoes.
While attending Comic-Con this summer, the stars and creators of RINGER shared with press what drew them to this complex story of two twins, both on the run from a dark past.  Sarah Michelle Gellar portrays both Brigit and Siobhan; Nestor Carbonell plays the FBI agent Victor Machado hot on her trail; and Kristoffer Polaha and Ioan Gruffudd play the many loves of Siobhan – one, Brigit’s lover and one, Brigit’s husband. Life is indeed a bit complicated for a girl just trying to find a safe place to hide. [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with RINGER Star Kristoffer Polaha

Good News:: After the unceremonious cancelation of the critically acclaimed gem that was LIFE UNEXPECTED, Kristoffer Polaha will be back in your living rooms starting tomorrow night at 9PM on the CW’s RINGER (Fridays at 10PM on GlobalTV in Canada). Bad News: Polaha’s latest character of Henry, one that the actor himself characterizes as a “cheating louse” couldn’t be more of a polar opposite from the loveable Nate “Baze” Bazile fans fell in love with on LUX. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what Polaha had to say about his exciting new role on RINGER after the jump. [Read more…]

10 Pressing Questions Prior to the Launch of the Fall 2011-12 TV Season

Can Sarah Michelle Gellar do for the CW what she did for the WB?
A long time ago in a television landscape not-so-far-away, the fate of the then fledgling WB network rested on the pint-sized shoulders of a plucky young vampire slayer named BUFFY. So it’s only fitting that as newly-appointed CW President Mark Pedowitz attempts to carve out an identity, not to mention an audience, for the perennial fifth place also-ran he has once again decided to look towards that very same blond beauty. Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress who inspired an entirely new breed of young female action heroines, is back. Of course, whether an audience that has been weaned on teenagers behaving badly (see: 90210, ONE TREE HILL, GOSSIP GIRL) have the inclination (or brain power) to follow RINGER’s dark, twisty and decidedly grown up plot is an entirely different story.

Did THE X FACTOR miss Its wIndow?
Despite announcing their intention to bring Simon Cowell’s magnum opus to America almost two years ago, a funny thing happened on the way to Fox finally raising the curtain on THE X FACTOR. That funny thing: THE VOICE. Did last season’s unexpected smash steal THE X FACTOR’s thunder? Does anyone care about Simon and Paula reuniting? Between AMERICAN IDOL, AMERICA’s GOT TALENT, THE VOICE and THE SING-OFF is there really room for yet another massively overhyped product-placement-filled music competition? Well, hold onto your hats folks, because we’re about to find out.

Can the Big 5 bring Friday back from the dead?
If you had told us three years ago that Fall of 2011 would feature some of the most original and addictive shows the small screen has to offer, odds are fairly certain that we would have responded with something along the lines of “Watchatalkingaboutwillis?” Yet here we are, on the eve of the start of the 2011-12 television season staring at a schedule in which a lack of timeslots and the proliferation of the PVR/DVR has resulted in a Friday night featuring the likes of high profile newcomers such as A GIFTED MAN and GRIMM joining fan favorites like FRINGE, SUPERNATURAL, NIKITA, and CHUCK. In other words, the Networks have done their part and built it, now all that’s left to see is whether or not audiences will audiences come. [Read more…]

Oprah! Chad Michael Murray! Simon Cowell! The TV Addict Week in Rewind

The “Yeah, That’ll Happen” Award Goes To… : Anyone who thinks THE EVENT will get a wrap-up movie. Come on. And while we’re at it, no, Virginia, there ain’t gonna be a VERONICA MARS movie.
Biggest Wuss: Jimmy Whittemore, the guy who trashed David Letterman’s theater, reportedly drank $119 worth of booze before going wilding. Which, in New York City? Amounts to, like, five drinks and a shot.
Best Quote From What Was Clearly Opposite Day: Kurt Loder, in talking about MTV’s 30th anniversary, said the network had “evolved.” He might wanna look up the meaning of the word.
Swing And A Miss: Lazy writers said that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be “reunited” with Justin Bruening on RINGER… despite the fact that the two former ALL MY CHILDREN stars didn’t even appear on the soap at the same time.
Strangest “Comeback”: Chad Michael Murray announced that he’s working on… a comic book. Okay, fine, a “graphic novel.” But he’s been working on it for eight years! That’s even longer than his ONE TREE HILL alter ego was in high school! [Read more…]

8 Reasons Why CW President Mark Pedowitz’s Job is Waaaaaay Cooler Than Yours!

Direct from last night’s Television Critics Association Press Tour party thrown by CBS/CW/Showtime comes 8 reasons why CW President Mark Pedowitz’s job (Pictured above with RINGER star Sarah Michelle Gellar) is — as the title of this post suggests — waaaaaaaay cooler than yours (and ours!). [Read more…]