HAVEN Star Emily Rose Dishes on the Many Men of Audrey Parker

As fans of the Syfy series HAVEN already know, the key question to be answered this season is not who is Audrey Parker, but which of the many men in her life will she end up with.  After last week’s surprising reveal in which Audrey and Chris Brody (Jason Priestly) took their blossoming relationship to the next level, this week’s upcoming episode entitled “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” gives Audrey a chance to look at how much her competing love interests mean to her.  Given the chance (or perhaps curse) to relive the same day over and over again, Audrey assesses her relationships with Nathan, Duke and Chris.  Talking time out of her busy schedule to chat with press, Emily Rose candidly shared her perspective on the show and many loves of Audrey Parker. [Read more…]

Review: THE GOOD WIFE Season 2

Bless THE GOOD WIFE. Last season’s most pleasant surprise returns to put more cerebral goodness into a powerful courtroom drama. In a fall season as tepid as this (it’s sad when MY GENERATION, mediocre by all standards, is the most ambitious of the new fall series), I welcome WIFE’s finely-calibrated approach to the procedural and serial: Poppable as any CBS drama, it rewards returning viewers with a rich, sexy narrative that’s part-thriller, part-soap opera. In the struggle to attract viewers weary of complicated season-long story lines (ahem, Lost), it’s the program of choice: keep up with the story or not, it’s compelling either way.

None of this would be possible without the perfectly-controlled and commanding Julianna Marguiles, who plays the forever-conflicted Alicia Florrick, spouse of a scandalized public figure (in the vein of Eliot Spitzer and Mark Sanford) who returns to work as a lawyer. She arguably has less dialogue than some of the supporting characters — she doesn’t need it, she conveys Alicia’s constantly turning mind with just a peer of her eyes. Her husband Peter (Chris Noth) is fresh out of jail and back on the campaign circuit for district attorney, reopening and creating wounds of their already rocky marriage. 

Work is getting trickier too: The firm where Alicia works has just merged with another from D.C., and the motives of her new boss (played by SLEEPER CELL’s Michael Ealy) already smell fishy. Her other boss, Will (Josh Charles), whom Alicia began to rekindle an old college lust with during her husband’s time away, ended last season with a pleading phone conversation as Alicia is being called to the podium to stand next to her husband. She’s always so torn: which man to choose, how to explain their family’s public upheaval to her kids, the best way to proceed in a precarious case, whether to screw over a colleague to get ahead — there’s a grace to all of it, never inciting our impatience. 

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Want to Miss the Second Season Premiere of LIFE UNEXPECTED

life unexpected cast

In a letter accompanying the DVD screener of LIFE UNEXPECTED’s second season premiere, executive producer and creator Liz Tigelaar had this to say with regards to the new season.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue telling the stories of these characters and this unlikely family and have worked hard to broaden out and expand the scope of the show, giving our familiar characters new conflicts challenges and victories. Hopefully you’ll like what what you see.”

Suffice to say, we didn’t just like what we sawy… we love it! Which is we’re dedicating Today’s TV Addict Top 5 to the reasons why you’re not going to want to miss the second season premiere of LIFE UNEXPECTED.

Unexpected surprises!
Move over Shonda Rhimes, there’s a far more unexpected turn of events in store for fans of LIFE UNEXPECTED when the show returns for its much-anticipated second season on September 14th. What’s more, said surprise will happen just prior to those now familiar guitar strings being plucked by theme songstress Rain Perry. And, we should mention, totally worth tuning in for.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Showrunner Jason Katims Previews PARENTHOOD Season 2

parenthood cast

For the producers, going into this season, you have such a large cast. What are the bigger struggles dealing with all of them?
Jason Katims: Well, we’re planning on killing them off one episode at a time. [Laughs] I wanted to start with the very first episode, but  Angela Bromstad [NBC Primetime President] wisely encouraged me to wait until sweeps episodes. [Laughs] No, it’s a really good question because writing for the show is an embarrassment of riches, and you could see it right here in front of you. It’s the most incredible cast, and every single person in this cast is a wonderful actor. Many of them could be in a show that is their own show and several of them have, so it’s a big challenge in writing the show. But it’s also, I think, what makes the show so wonderful. And one of the things I really love coming from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is that sort of the big ensemble show with a lot of balls in the air and a lot of stories going on. I think that it sort of gives us an opportunity to, as much as possible, challenge ourselves as writers to write toward everyone.

Last year you got this very ambitious show up and running, but it wasn’t really a hit. It didn’t really break through. When you’re approaching a second season, is there any pressure from the network to change the writing or change the concept or design of the show to broaden the appeal?
I think the first season of any show is discovering what the show is and finding the voice of the show, and I think there’s always a certain amount of time that it takes until you sort of figure that out. I think if you look at the episodes from as far as the way I see it, there’s a certain point around the middle of the season last year where I felt everybody, everything just like kicked into another gear. I felt like all the actors were really comfortable in their own skin and knew the voices of their characters. The writers were figuring out better how to write it, and I think we just found a really nice ?? a nice tone. And so, to me, it’s not about changing anything. It’s about hopefully continuing to allow these characters to evolve, putting the ball in the hands of these amazing actors, giving them meaty stuff to play together and letting them run with it.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons We’re Excited For FRINGE’s Second Season Premiere (and why you should be too!)


Love is in the air
After a long day of saving the world from paranormal phenomena and mutated serial killers that may-or-may-not-be from ‘the other side (dimension?),’ it should probably come as no surprise that two of your favorite series regulars succumb to temptation on Thursday’s second season premiere. But what might come as a surprise is which member (or members) of Fringe division lock lips! Needless to say, like most everything on the series, we guarantee you will not see it coming.

The truth is out there
Which is our way of saying that X-FILES fans in particular should pay extra close attention to Thursday’s episode that have writers J.J. Abrams and Akiva Goldsman unexpectedly tipping their hat to the paranormal FOX series that started it all.

Agent Charlie Francis
Even though actor Kirk Acevedo did announce via facebook that he was fired, don’t believe everything you read. Or rather, do believe it. Kinda. It will make Thursday’s episode that much more surprising.

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Joss Whedon Previews DOLLHOUSE Season 2

whedon entertainment weekly tv addictIf the TV Addict Ran Entertainment Weekly

“We just wanted something extraordinary.” 

Those are the words creator Joss Whedon used to sum up what the DOLLHOUSE team set out to do in the season’s thirteenth episode “Epitaph One which was just recently released exclusively on DVD and on iTunes.

Now comes the tricky part: What exactly does one do for an encore after the series virtually everyone had written off gets a renewal so unexpected that Whedon called it “the biggest surprise of my career”… and you’ve already revealed how it’s all going to end. 

“Had I known episode thirteen wouldn’t be our last, would I have done something different?” he pondered during our recent chat with him. “Maybe. Because we really did tease out a lot. But I didn’t think we were necessarily done, I just thought the best thing we could do is just take a baseball bat, swing as hard as we can and leave nothing to for the ride back, because who knows?”

That said, Wheton assures us that, “What happens next is really exciting.” 

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: FRINGE Season Two Spoilers


1. While the first episode of FOX’s FRINGE opened with a plane-related incident involving a group of dead strangers, the second season begins with an automobile crash which while smaller in scope is larger in impact, especially where one of your favorite agents is concerned!

2. Fans will be relieved to discover that Olivia does, in fact, return from the alternate universe in which she last was seen. But of course, there’s a catch or two. For one thing, she returns with key pieces of her memory regarding the events that transpired there compromised. Worse, she’s not the only one to come through that mysterious doorway.

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Review: DAMAGES Season 2

damages season 2 patty hewes
By: Aleks Chan

DAMAGES, FX’s performance showcase in the gloss of a legal thriller, opens season 2 on a very similar note: Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), the camera tight in her face, mutters interrogative nothings at an off-screen hostage. She says something to the effect of: “I just want the truth,” or rather something similar to that. I was distracted by the gun she brandishes from beneath the screen – jarred by the “Look! I have a gun!” face Byrne makes.

But that’s what DAMAGES is: one giant farce, contingent on us buying that the halls of Hewes and Associates (where Ellen works for the eponymous Patty Hewes, played with icy fierceness by Glenn Close) and the streets of New York City are simply dripping with tension so that we won’t notice how silly it all is. It’s complicated and twisty simply for the sake of it, ultimately empty in it’s strides.

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