THE MENTALIST Recap: “Blue Bird”


We begin with Jane and Cho driving up to what I’m assuming is a crime scene, since there’s the telltale yellow tape. They’re at Student Housing, University of South Central, Texas. Jane is whistling, but his overconfidence that Lisbon is all-talk regarding her move to D.C., is about to be shattered. Cho assures him it’s a done deal. Paperwork went through and everything. As he’s telling this to Jane, we can see the color drain from his face. He’s not whistling any more. By the time Cho gets to how she’s leaving next Friday, Jane looks like he’s going to be sick.

A Captain Mueller greets Cho and Jane, who’s still reeling over the news, and walks them into the house. Out in the backyard is an unfortunate gentleman in a small inflatable pool with what looks like a sword firmly entrenched in his back. Mueller identifies him as Tyler Van Camp, a sophomore. Back-up squad linebacker. Jane, his head totally in the game, says to Cho, “You sure about Lisbon? He wants to know if Cho heard it from her or other people. Mueller looks a bit confused. Cho tells Jane he heard it from “other people,” namely, Abbott. As far as Jane is concerned, it’s all just gossip, then, and he won’t believe it until he hears it from Lisbon. Mueller tries to get them back to poor, stabbed Tyler. Jane says they’re on it and asks to see the housemates… [Read more…]

HELIX Season Finale Preview: Can A Virus Creating Immortals Be Stopped?

helix cast

When HELIX first premiered it was easy to assume that the virus that had infected the Vectors was something destructive and must be cured. But as the series went on, viewers learned how the virus was carefully manufactured to create a crisis specific enough to lure Julia Walker (Kyra ZaorskY) along with the CDC team helmed by Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) to the remote Artic Bio Labs – all because the virus needed to be tested and Julia, as the biological child of Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada), was selected to be the perfect test candidate.

So infecting Alan’s brother Peter (Neil Napier), one of the Artic Bio Labs researchers, was all just part of a master plan to help an already immortal group of people (known simply as “The 500”) find a way to infect the entire planet and weed out the undesirables; thereby expanding their race of immortals who would be the only remaining survivors.

Sounds a bit convoluted, but that is essentially how HELIX played out. It was not an uncontained virus run amuck, but rather a strategic plan to lure the necessary people to one location under the perfect testing conditions. [Read more…]

THE CARRIE DIARIES Season Finale Previewpalooza: “Run To You” Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Friday January 31st episode of THE CARRIE DIARIES. Direct from The CW, “A BUMP IN THE ROAD — Things grow increasingly tense between Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and Tom (Matt Letscher). When Larissa (Freema Agyeman) drops an unexpected bomb on Carrie, Sebastian (Austin Butler) decides he, too, needs to come clean about something. Maggie (Katie Findlay) turns to Walt (Brendan Dooling) when she thinks Pete (guest star Claybourne Elder) is cheating on her, but gets the surprise of her life. Mouse (Ellen Wong) and West (guest star RJ Brown) find themselves in a sticky situation. Elsewhere, Samantha considers leaving the city, and Larissa’s wedding to Harlan (guest star Scott Cohen) is out of this world. Stefania Owen, Brendan Dooling, and Chloe Bridges also star. Andrew McCarthy directed the episode written by Amy B. Harris.” [Read more…]

SLEEPY HOLLOW Previewpalooza: “The Indispensable Man” and “Bad Blood” Season Finale Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the January 20th two-part season finale of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Direct from FOX, “Ichabod and Abbie discover a dark secret buried within the pages of George Washington’s Bible and unearth the shocking true nature of the founding father’s death. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving makes a near-impossible decision for the sake of his beloved family that drastically changes his future. Then, the battle between good and evil comes to an explosive head. Sacrifices must be made, worlds collide, loyalties are tested and the town of SLEEPY HOLLOW will never be the same in the all-new special two-hour “The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood” Season Finale episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Monday, Jan. 20 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX..” [Read more…]

PaleyFest Fall: Michael C. Hall, Desmond Harrington and James Remar Reflect on DEXTER’s Remarkable Eight Season Run

With only two more episodes left as DEXTER wraps its 8-season run, cast and fans are trying to find ways to say goodbye.  At a recent event hosted by the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, one last chance was provided to celebrate the remarkable show that endeared a serial killer to millions of fans with “Dexter: The Final Farewell.”  Everyone is hoping that there will be a way for Dexter to find a “happily ever ending,” but it seems incongruous that a killer would have a chance a long, healthy life after tempting fate one too many times.

Taking a minute to offer their reflective thoughts on the remarkable series, a few of the cast took the time to share their thoughts on DEXTER, the legacy of the show and their favorite villains: [Read more…]

LOST Series Finale: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: What started with an eye opening pilot (in every sense of the word) ended with an eye closing — and our favorite story-telling device “the bookend” — as Jack died a heroic death, successfully defeating Ol’Smokey, single-handidly saving humanity from an uncorked island of evil, and in doing so, allowing for Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard and Frank to escape in one piece. Add to that a fitting end (or beginning if you will) for Hurley (aka. the “New Jacob”) who was left as the island’s protector (with a redemptive Ben Linus as his number two), a much-anticipated homage to The Lion King confrontation between Jack and Locke who finally took the gloves off in a fight to the death on the edge of a cliff (Cue Hans Zimmer score in 3… 2… 1…), a stop-over with a happy Rose, Bernard and Vincent doing their best impersonation of The Swiss Family Robinson, and a flurry of flashbacks/character reunions (Sawyer and Juliet FTW!) that highlighted some of the show’s most memorable moments, and fans were left with a super-sized love letter to those of us who had invested six years of our life into this unforgettable odyssey.

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Your May TV 2010 Season Finale Calendar: Print and Download it Here!

While we’re not about to spoil which lucky couple is walking down the aisle on the season finale of BONES, how Jack Bauer will run out the clock, or who is scheduled to die on the season finale of PRIVATE PRACTICE FRINGE, we will spoil one very important thing: When you can watch it all happen thanks to our downloadable and printable May 2010 calendar! Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

The DEXTER Season Finale: Awesome or Asinine?


Warning: Huge Spoilers Ahead. For the love of God… stop reading NOW if you have yet to watch DEXTER’s season finale

Every movie or TV show has one. That one guy who walks out of the theater at the end of The Usual Suspects proudly proclaiming that he totally knew from the get-go that Kevin Spacey was you-know-who. Truth be told, this TV Addict has never been that guy. 

Which is probably why we’re still reeling from last night’s DEXTER season finale. Trinity exacting revenge on Dexter by killing Rita in a blood-soaked bathtub as baby Harrison was left crying in a pool of blood. Now that my friends is how to end a season…. or is it? (Cue ominous music… da, da…duh!)

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Kate Flannery Previews Tonight’s 100th Episode of THE OFFICE


In case you didn’t get the Dunder Mifflin embossed letterhead, today marks a very special day in Dunder Mifflin history. In addition to tonight being the season finale of THE OFFICE, the show reaches an increasingly rare television milestone: That of 100 episodes. And in honor of such an occasion, thought who better to preview tonight’s very-special Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic than Kate Flannery (Meredith); The actress who was so unsure about the show’s future during its tenuous first season and a half, that she actually held onto her waitressing job while shooting the series!

I believe congratulations are in order for your 100th episode.
Kate Flannery: Thank you so much. We had such a great time shooting the 100th episode it was a blast. Crazy and so surreal. But in a great way.

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Our Take on the LOST Season Finale: Oh No They Didn’t!


In their final LOST podcast of the season, LOSTermind Carlton Cuse had this to say when asked by fellow executive producer Damon Lindelof to predict what the fan’s reaction might be to last night’s season finale:

“I feel that people are going to like it because there is some good mythological advancement in it. But I think there is also going to be a fair share of annoyance that they’re going to have to wait eight months to find out what happens after the finale. It has a very sort of season one feel to me. Like when we blew open the hatch and people were like, “You’re kidding me, that’s where you’re leaving us?”

Or as this TV Addict unapologetically screamed at his television the moment the credits started rolling, “A fade to white… REALLY!?” I mean Lindelof and Cuse realize that people do not actually posses the ability to casually skip through time, right? Because eight, or to be more accurate eight and a half months is one helluva wait to find out what happens next.

But wait we shall.

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