Funny Business: Cheryl Hines Talks SUBURGATORY and Reflects on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM

cheryl  hines suburgatoryBy: Victoria Nelli

Cheryl Hines stars on the ABC fan favorite SUBURGATORY. Hines plays Dallas Royce, the superficial, big-hearted, drama queen of Chatswin. I spoke with Hines about her work on CURB YOU ENTHUSIASM, her characters romance with George (Jeremy Sisto) and what we can expect to see tonight on SUBURGATORY. [Read more…]

Mid-Season TV Preview: A Closer Look at SUBURGATORY’s Adoption Shocker

For Ryan Shay (Parker Young), life will never be the same as he knew it.  Before the holiday break, Ryan found out that his parents Sheila (Ana Gasteyer) and Fred (Chris Parnell) had adopted him and Ryan’s reaction was understandably strong.  In fact, he had a major freak-out attack, which led him to test what was real around him by kicking various street posts, finally forcing him to as if he were running from a truth he could not bear.  Ryan’s life will never be the same.  He had been living comfortably content as a Shay, knowing who his parents were and that he was related to his sister Lisa (Allie Grant).  But once one finds out that the family they thought was theirs is actually not, reality seems to shift.  Ryan began to doubt his own reality and realness.  It made perfect sense.  But life should not make you doubt your on existence and the relationships to those closest to you.  In true SUBURGATORY fashion, Ryan’s reaction was both hilarious and heart-breaking.  We ached for the golden boy whose world had been shattered by the mere word “adoption.” [Read more…]


It’s been a while since you’ve answered any CASTLE related questions. Care to rectify this little oversight? — Alec
The TV Addict: Ask and ye shall receive. Specifically, scoop on an upcoming episode that has CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe cleverly jumping on the fairytale bandwagon. Hilariously titled, “Once Upon a Crime,” the February 27th episode will see Castle and Beckett on a “grimm” (See what we did there?) hunt to catch a fairytale killer when women dressed as Red Riding Hood and Snow White are discovered dead.

Your recent interview with star Jeremy Sisto got me wondering about the identity of George’s wife and Tessa’s mother. Do you think we’ll meet her by the end of SUBURGATORY’s first season? — Lisa
The TV Addict: No! That said, we do have it on very good authority that you will meet the next best thing to Tessa’s absentee mother during the SUBURGATORY season finale appropriately titled “The Motherload.” That being… her absentee Grandmother!

There have been some seriously spoilerrific HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER photos floating around the interwebs teasing an upcoming episode that hints at a reconciliation between Robin and Ted. Care to shed some light on the subject? — Steph
The TV Addict: While we don’t pretend to really know whether or not Robin and Ted are going to give “coupledom” another go, we promise you that fans are not going to want to miss the February 20th episode that will see Ted rock Robin with a personal declaration as to how he feels about her. Read into that what you will. [Read more…]

From ENTOURAGE to SUBURGATORY, We Shine the Spotlight on Star Rex Lee

After eight seasons of Hollywood Hijinx, this Sunday September 11th marks the end of the road for ENTOURAGE. Luckily for actor Rex Lee — who credits the hit HBO series with “changing my life and my world” — there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

For cushioning the blow that is the series finale of the show that put him on the map is a supporting role in ABC’s much-buzzed-about single-camera comedy SUBURGATORY. A role that will see the actor segueing from put-upon assistant turned agent to put-upon guidance counsellor for new student and series star Tessa (Played to pitch-perfect perfection by Jane Levy). [Read more…]