Today’s TV Addict Top 5: THE MIDDLE Star Charlie McDermott Previews Axl’s College Years

With much of ABC’s publicity prowess dedicated to the unstoppable Emmy juggernaut that is MODERN FAMILY’s return tonight, we here at wanted to give a little love to the undisputed little-sitcom-that-could! Namely, THE MIDDLE, which kicks off what promises to be a fantastic fifth season tonight (8PM on ABC) with just a smidgen less fanfare. What’s more, in keeping with the “fresh start” theme this fall, we recently had the pleasure of chatting one-on-one with Axl Heck. Also known by his real name, actor Charlie McDermott, who was only too happy to take some time to talk about his character’s transition to College. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

From Emmy Snubs to the Awesomeness that is Eden Sher: We Preview THE MIDDLE Season 3 with Star Patricia Heaton

Although you might not think it based on the overwhelming advertising campaign for THE X FACTOR, Simon Cowell isn’t the only big name returning to television tonight. In an effort to lend a little star power to ABC’s hilarious, albeit somewhat overshadowed family laugher that is THE MIDDLE, Ray Romano is also getting back in the habit again. And here to tease tonight’s EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND reunion is none other than series star herself, Patricia Heaton, who dishes on everything from Emmy snubs to the awesomeness that is Eden Sher. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

First Look: Chord Overstreet Gets Stuck in THE MIDDLE of Frankie and Mike Heck

In the upcoming ratings battle between the launch of Fox’s massively-overhyped-mega-behemoth that is THE X FACTOR and the scrappy, hilarious and highly underrated comedy that is THE MIDDLE, it’s nice to know that the ABC laugher isn’t going to go down without a fight. For following star Patricia Heaton’s much-anticipated reunion with her EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND co-star Ray Romano on the September 21st season premiere will be none other than former GLEE star Chord “Trouty Mouth” Overstreet. And here, with your first look at Ralph Wickerson, Brick’s idealistic fourth grade teacher who may-or-may-not be forced to go mano-a-mano with Frankie and Mike Heck on THE MIDDLE’s September 28th episode entitled “Hecking Order” is

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with THE MIDDLE Star Charlie McDermott


Have you noticed an appreciable difference in the number of people that come up to you on the street this season with THE MIDDLE performing so well for ABC on Wednesday night?
Charlie McDermott: Honestly — because we’ve been working a lot harder this year and I haven’t really been walking down the street too much — I don’t know! But just from the ratings and talking to members of the media it seems kind of apparent that we’ve had an increased amount success.

Last week’s plot that saw the Heck family host a foreign exchange student was reportedly inspired by star Patricia Heaton’s real-life. Have the writers ever borrowed a story from your real life, and if given the chance, what would you like to see in terms of your character’s future?
The writers haven’t really asked me for any story ideas yet, and part of that is when you have Patty [Patricia Heaton], who is a ten year sitcom veteran [EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND] and a mother of four, who would you ask? If I were the writers she’s probably who I’d go to, not two teenagers, Atticus and Neal who is still just hanging out. That said, what I like about Axl is that he’s starting to get more responsibility and he’s been getting to work. The episode at the Quarry was fun and a far cry from when we shot the pilot where Atticus, Eden, Mike, and Patty all had their own plot-lines, while Axl would sort of just come in and deliver a punch-line.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About THE MIDDLE Star Eden Sher

eden_sher the middle

Her life as a hollywood celebrity is no as exciting as you might think.
Despite what the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton might have you believe, the life of a young Hollywood starlet isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Turns out, when star Eden Sher is not busy shooting THE MIDDLE, she isn’t celebrating the sophomore success of the hit ABC comedy with weekend jaunts to Las Vegas or late nights out at the Viper Room. So just what is Sher doing in her downtime thanks to her newfound fame? Easy, “Sleep!” revealed Sher on a recent one-on-one interview. “On the weekend I just sleep most of the time because we’re working so hard on the show during the week.”

She is not as big a cross-country fan as the character she plays on TV.
Talk to any actor who has been asked to learn a skill (such as martial arts or guitar) for a role and you’ll invariably discover that they’ve fallen in love with their new found talent. Any actor that is except Eden Sher, who can’t quite muster Sue’s enthusiasm for cross-country. “I can of course relate to her in every episode because I play her, but I’m definitely not as ‘Sue-ish’,” explained Sher. “I never was on my school’s cross-country team and I actually have no intention of every doing it! Learning about it from Sue, well, it’s hard work and a very weird sport.”

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A Conversation with THE MIDDLE Star Patricia Heaton

While her new ABC series might not quite garner the critical acclaim of MODERN FAMILY, or controversial buzz that comes with naming a Courteney Cox vehicle COUGAR TOWN, actress Patricia Heaton loves being stuck in THE MIDDLE of ABC’s resurgent comedy Wednesday. So much so that Heaton, who plays Frankie Heck the loving, overworked and hilarious wife and mother of three, took some time away from her much needed hiatus to talk to about what brought her back to TV, the similarities between herself and her small screen alter ego, and which of her favorite fictional children is her favorite.

After the disappointing way in which FOX handled your last series BACK TO YOU, was there any apprehension about jumping back into another network series?
Patricia Heaton: No. I saw what the problems were with BACK TO YOU. I feel like I have a pretty good business sense about what we do. I think I’ve long put away emotional attachment to this business, or my personal attachment to things — thank God — that’s sort of not where I get my self-esteem anymore! So I can kind of step back and say, that didn’t work, and here’s why. Kelsey’s [Grammer] great, obviously Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd are great because they’ve got MODERN FAMILY on which is so flippin’ hilarious. And Ty Burrell, Fred Willard, all those BACK TO YOU people are doing great, which is always encouraging to see because sometimes when something doesn’t work, they don’t work for a number of reasons. It doesn’t mean you don’t have good ideas or there’s anything wrong with you. It’s timing, it’s the right people, it’s all that kind of stuff, because they came back with this amazing show.

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Ask the Addict: Spoilers on CASTLE, GOSSIP GIRL, BONES, PRIVATE PRACTICE & More!

Any scoop on what 90210 has planned for their season finale? — Amber
The TV Addict: Although probably not done intentionally, 90210’s May 18 season finale will go out with a nod to original series star Emily Valentine when things really start to heat up on Liam’s boat after a certain somebody who-shall-not-be-named discovers that Annie and Liam are a little too dedicated to practicing “safe boating” (Think: Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!)

Who is getting married on the BONES season finale? — Michael
The TV Addict: Considering the May 20 season finale will include an unexpected visit from Angela’s father, we’re going to go out on the first of many limbs today and guess that Angela and Hodgins will be the ones walking down the aisle. Thoughts?

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Although we’re hesitant to speak ill of the dead, we’d be lying if we came out this morning and flat-out gushed about last night’s UGLY BETTY series finale. Sure, the episode had its highlights, with notable shout-outs going to the way in which Betty and Daniel’s future in London was left up to interpretation and as always, anything that comes out of of the mouth of Willy (“I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve got big balls, Betty Suarez.”) That said, we couldn’t help but feel that in the end, the finale, to borrow a line from Amanda, came off like a bit of a hot mess. Be it a result of the recent string of phenomenal episodes capped off by last week’s beautiful wedding, or the obvious lack of time Silvio Horta and Co. were given by ABC to wrap up half-a-dozen story lines mid-season, Betty’s bon voyage — in an effort to give each and every character their own happily-ever-after — ended up far more convoluted and rushed than one would have liked. So much so that our fingers will remain crossed that the creative team will be given the opportunity to rectify the situation when it comes to the inevitable big screen reunion. Or as Amanda might once again put it: Rumor started here, bitches!

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First Look: Betty White Lands in THE MIDDLE

Question: What do Betty White and libraries have in common. Answer: You don’t mess with either of them! A lesson Brick is about to discover on the May 19th season finale of THE MIDDLE (8:30PM ABC) when parents Frankie and Mike are shocked to discover that Brick may be held back from going to third grade because the school librarian, Mrs. Nethercott (Betty White) has it out for him due to 31 unreturned books. More first look photos of which can be seen after the jump.

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