TV NOW: How Important is the “Water-Coolerness” Factor for Today’s Television?

With the rapidly changing face of television (in the way it is consumed and the way it is made available), it is hard to define just what is “television” today.  Viewers are watching shows both on traditional television sets and online, via smartphones, tablets and other devices.  Viewers are also refusing to be locked into the traditional model of primetime timeslots and are choosing instead to use DVRs, On Demand, and using online options to watch shows any time they want.  So with the medium of television becoming more fluid and esoteric, it also begs the question: how important is the “water cooler” factor anymore?  Do viewers feel compelled to watch TV shows at scheduled times in order to be a part of the global conversation, or are they okay with the hot topic of the day passing them by? [Read more…]

TV Today: Why We Love Anti-Heroes

If you are a TV aficionado, then you have probably been hearing the term “anti-hero” a lot in the past decade.  In fact, Showtime has made a fortune off of its “anti-hero” platform showcasing its series DEXTER, WEEDS, HOMELAND, NURSE JACKIE, CALIFORNICATION, as well as its upcoming new series RAY DONOVAN.  These are perfect examples of shows that feature the joys and triumphs of “anti-heroes.”
But recently the “anti-hero” craze seems to have reached such a saturation point that no one can exactly define what an “anti-hero” is and how it differs from just being a villain or a hero.  [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Cold Hard Truths About Television Pilot Season

With the immediacy of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook making it so easy to broadcast news throughout the digital realm within seconds, the annual television pilot season has become akin to a virtual game of fantasy-football.  Each TV pilot is eagerly touted as the next big TV show and, with the casting of each new hot celebrity name attached, the teams are being critiqued and weighed without consideration whether the final product will be actually worthy of earning one of the few coveted slots on the primetime broadcast grid.  And, sometimes, a pilot that is worthy has the misfortune of finding itself plum out of luck simply because there are no available time slots for the network that paid for it. So here’s the five cold hard truths about television pilots: [Read more…]