THE OFFICE Star Gets BENCHED: Oscar Nuñez Previews His New Gig on His Hilarious New USA Network Comedy


One show that has been receiving a lot of buzz recently is the HAPPY ENDINGS-esque new USA Network comedy BENCHED by comedy geniuses, Michaela Watkins and Damon Jones. The comedy follows Nina; a hotshot lawyer whose life slowly starts falling apart right after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She loses her job as an attorney and finds herself fighting minor cases as a public defender. The show features a lot of fresh faces and some funny favorites. Definitely think this pilot will be a hit and something a lot of people will enjoy the show is funny and quirky and has a lot of heart. Oscar Nuñez plays Carlos on the freshman comedy. I caught up with Nuñez about his time on THE OFFICE, what drew him to BENCHED, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s premiere. [Read more…]

Funny Business: Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham Talk PLAYING HOUSE


I spoke with Jessica St.Clair and Lennon Parham, the incredibly talented stars of the USA Networks breakout hit, PLAYING HOUSE. The show surrounds the lives of Maggie (Parham) and Emma (St.Clair) while they tackle motherhood and best friend hood. (that’s totally a thing) I did a review of this show a couple of weeks ago and my fondness for the show has grown tremendously since then. I can’t stress enough how truly wonderful, adorable, and special this show is. I urge everyone to make a date with your couch this Tuesday night at 10:00and watch an all new episode of PLAYING HOUSE. [Read more…]



I have to admit when I saw the ad for PLAYING HOUSE in my issue of Entertainment Weekly I wasn’t too interested. I thought it looked like it could be a good show but I didn’t think I would love it. I wish I could say that I didn’t laugh throughout the entire Pilot. Or that I didn’t absolutely adore the shows two stars, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. But I can’t say either of those things because truth is, I loved the show. PLAYING HOUSE is so witty and so fresh, the writing on the show is fantastic. Is it too early to say I’m completely hooked? [Read more…]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Very Special Message From PSYCH Stars James and Dule

We Shine the Spotlight on GRACELAND’s Man Undercover Manny Montana

The name alone suggests something out of the Elvis era, but do not let the name fool you.  GRACELAND is the code name for a beach house stocked with undercover agents from the FBI, DEA and U.S. Customs all working to bring a halt to the importation of illegal narcotics in the new USA Network series of the same name.  In an exclusive interview, star Manny Montana talked about how hard his character will strive to keep this unusual task force together and offered a few teasers at the challenges ahead in the momentous first season of GRACELAND.   [Read more…]

PSYCH Shocker: Shawn Spencer’s Secret is Out!

In an unexpected and spine-chilling reveal at the end of last week’s sweet episode “Deez Nups” featuring the wedding nuptials of Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) and his sassy bride Marlowe (Kristy Swanson), Juliet (Maggie Lawson) called Shawn (James Roday) on his alleged psych abilities after she figured out that he was merely making super-keen educated guesses to break cases. It broke many a heart as Shawn merely stood before her and tried to explain how what started as a money-making lark turned into a great career in which all parties benefitted as over 100 criminals have been put behind bars. [Read more…]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About ROYAL PAINS Star Paulo Costanzo

Since being discovered as part of a national talent search for Road Trip to his current gig on the hit USA series ROYAL PAINS, Paulo Costanzo [Pictured above left alongside co-star Mark Feuerstein] has had what many might consider a fairytale career. Of course, as with practically everything in life, the path to success is not nearly as easy as it appears to be, as you’ll see from these five things you probably didn’t know about the actor.

He’s always wanted to be an actor.
After catching the acting bug from his mother, who was a theater school major in University, the need to make a career out of one of the world’s most insecure professions was cemented for Costanzo at the ripe old age of 15. “I was really shy growing up, I always wanted to be heard and finally I got the balls to audition for the high school musical where I got the lead and that was kind of it, I never really looked back after that,” said Constanzo while recently holding court in Toronto’s beautiful Hazelton hotel to promote the return of ROYAL PAINS to Showcase in Canada. “To me, what shy means is being unable to express yourself and be heard even though you want to me and to me that’s how I felt. I had a lot of bullies, I was kind of an outcast, so when I finally found a forum to me to do it safely it was like letting out a caged animal.” [Read more…]

The Inside Line on Orlando Jones’s NECESSARY ROUGHNESS Guest Appearance

On USA Network’s hit series NECESSARY ROUGHNESS following the travails of a sports therapist Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) and the out-of-control celebrities she wrangles.  During a recent press call, Orlando Jones shared what it was like to play a celebrity life-coach for the show’s resident hothead Terrence King (Mehcad Brooks) and whether he hopes to be a recurring character on the show. [Read more…]

It’s Complicated! Mary McCormack and Fred Weller Preview Tonight’s IN PLAIN SIGHT Season Finale

After a tumultuous fourth season where U.S. Marshal Mary McCormack found out that she was pregnant and her ex-husband was the father, the lives of Mary and her partner Marshall Mann have been teetering between the stress of the job, the colorful witnesses under their protection, and their own uncertainties about their personal and professional relationships.  Taking a few minutes to chat with press are co-stars Mary McCormack and Fred Weller, who play the dynamic duo of Mary and Marshall. [Read more…]

Setting his sights on a new challenge, Christopher Gorham Talks COVERT AFFAIRS

Actor Christopher Gorham relishes a challenge.

Or at least that’s the distinct impression one walks away with following some time spent with the actor on a recent visit to the set of COVERT AFFAIRS, USA’s latest summer series in which he plays blind CIA operative Auggie Anderson.

“Auggie is really interesting because he’s the blind tech guy who also used to be special forces,” explained the affable actor while holding court in the Department of Clandestine Services Conference room housed on a cavernous Toronto soundstage. “He’s multi-dimensional, has a great sense of humor, but has some real physical challenges that have to be overcome and confronted in literally in every scene.”

In other words, a welcome change for the actor who has made a cottage industry out of playing a string of best friends and boyfriends since finding his way onto Hollywood’s radar as the titular role in the short-lived UPN series JAKE 2.0.

“Just playing the physicality of being blind is a real challenge and requires an extra level of focus that has really made this kind of all exciting and new again for me.” said a visibly excited Gorham. “I’ve done a lot of shows where I’ve been the lead, the expository guy, the best friend — all these different types of guys — and now it’s all new. So it’s really exciting.”

[Read more…]