Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Second ‘Ships! (feat. ARROW, LOST, VERONICA MARS & More!)

By: Kelly Thompson

Most shows establish who fans are suppose to root for fairly early on in their run but what I think is the most interesting thing that can happen is a pairing that viewers (and sometimes even the writers) don’t see coming. Shifting relationships can be great plot devices (the CW has basically based their whole network on this theory) and I find myself surprised when a character shifts their romantic intentions and gets together with someone other than the initial “ship.” A horrible example of this would be when the Friends writers tried to make Rachel and Joey work (and shockingly, it didn’t even work a little bit). Below are my Top 5 “Second” Couples.

Mui< *Note: I want to be clear that this list won’t span back decades because I’ve only lived for over 2 decades but I’d love to hear more ideas so sound off below! [Read more…]

PaleyFest 2014 Reveals Talent for 31st Annual Star-Studded Event


Press Release: The Paley Center for Media today announced the full lineup of special guest panelists scheduled to appear for the 31st annual ultimate TV fan festival, PALEYFEST: The William S. Paley Television Festival, which will take place March 13-28, 2014 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland (Click here for tickets). The annual two week event will host more than 200 of the hottest stars and creative talents in media and will feature two reunion events: a 10th anniversary Lost reunion on March 16 and a Veronica Mars series reunion (the day prior to the March 14 nationwide release of the series-inspired movie), as well as honor standout series including Orange Is the New Black, How I Met Your Mother Farewell, Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation, Sleepy Hollow, Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries &The Originals, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Masters of Sex, The Mindy Project, Community, Veep, and American Horror Story: Coven. [Read more…]

The Official VERONICA MARS Movie Poster Has Landed!


Shirtless Dick! Sultry Logan! Spy-tastic Veronica! [Pause for a moment while we catch our breath!] Direct from our email inbox [Did you seriously think we wouldn’t have ponied up some cold hard cash to help kickstart our movie dreams into a reality?!] comes the official unveiling of the theatrical poster for the VERONICA MARS movie.

Learn How You Can Catch Up On VERONICA MARS Prior to the March 2014 Movie Release

Wondering how you might possibly jump on the VERONICA MARS bandwagon prior to the movie’s March 14th debut? Well, wonder no more… because Amazon has just announced that they’ve signed a deal with Warner Bros. domestic Television Distribution to be the exclusive streaming home for all three seasons of the brilliant-but-canceled television series. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Did the CW Just Green Light a VERONICA MARS Spin-off?


Of course not! But curiously enough, what the perennial fifth place network did do was hand out a script order to a series that sounds eerily familiar to the non-existent fourth season of VERONICA MARS that could have been. According to Deadline Hollywood, GOSSIP GIRL creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have signed on to produce an untitled drama based on the idea by [and starring] Michelle Trachtenberg about a young criminology student with a gift for profiling and a dark past. According to us, now would be your cue to hit the comments below to express your outrage.

Tina Majorino: When Child Stars Go Good


It’s the most important question facing young actors in Hollywood today. How does one avoid becoming a child star cliché?

Well, if you’re actress Tina Majorino, who spent the majority of her youth growing up on screen in a string of high profile films including Corinna, Corrinna, Waterworld and Alice in Wonderland. You avoid a starring role in the E! Network “Child Stars Gone Bad!” Special by taking a break from the business at the tender age of 13. A decision that Majorino credits as the best one of her life.

“Having worked since I was a baby, I was tired and just wanted to be kid,” explained the talented young actress who between 1999 and 2004 retired from acting to return to school, dance and spend time with friends and family. “I wanted that time to get to know myself and make sure that acting was what I really wanted to do. I didn’t want to half ass it and wanted to make sure I was completely committed to my art.”

A risky career move that now seems to be paying big dividends. Now all grown up (25!) Majorino, who this TV Addict had the chance to chat with at the recent Television Critics Press Tour in Pasadena couldn’t be more well-adjusted and credits her ‘wonderful family and friends’ for ensuring she remained what we like to think of as ‘the anti-Lohan.’

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with PRIVATE PRACTICE Star Chris Lowell


On Thursday, ABC will air back-to-back episodes of PRIVATE PRACTICE, the second of which will bring to the forefront Dell, when a terrible explosion at his house lands daughter Betsey and wife Heather in the hospital. And here to talk a little bit about the episode, where Dell has been all season long, and of course VERONICA MARS is Chris Lowell.

Dell has really been pushed to the background this season. Can you talk a little bit about why that happened, and if this Thursday’s episode will mark somewhat of a resurgence for your character?
When Shonda [Rhimes] and I talked about doing less episodes this season [Lowell will reportedly be in 13 of the season’s 22 episodes] the idea behind it was instead of putting Dell in every episode — where a lot of the times he wasn’t doing anything particularly significant to the episode, show, or plot — give Dell less episodes, but make his roles in them more significant. Thursday is a huge episode, I certainly prefer coming to work and having really meaty stuff to do everyday. And from what I understand you’ll be seeing Dell around more and more.

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