BITTEN Scoop: Greyston Holt and EP J.B. Sugar Talk the Challenges of Their Sexy Werewolf Series

Greyston Holt bitten

Now that viewers have had a taste of the new Syfy werewolf series BITTEN, everyone seems to be clamoring to find out how the show cast its hunky lead, Greyston Holt and more about his character Clay’s sizzling hot relationship with Elena (Laura Vandervoort). In a press conference call, star Greyston Holt and executive producer J.B. Sugar gave the inside scoop on Greyston’s casting, some of the challenges of making the show’s wolves look as real as possible and how sexy they will go on the show. [Read more…]

BITTEN Preview: Laura Vandervoort and Author Kelley Armstrong Introduce Syfy’s New Werewolf Series


With the rising popularity of supernatural and werewolf tales, it was only natural for Syfy (Space in Canada) to jump at the opportunity to bring the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong to television. The tale of a lone female werewolf living amongst a clan of protective male werewolves who find that there are other clans seeking to challenge their rightful place in the werewolf realm makes for a rich tale that will enthrall viewers. In a recent press conference call, star Laura Vandervoort and author Kelley Armstrong talked about the lure of bringing the Otherworld story to life for television. [Read more…]