Exclusive Interview: Connor Price Goes to War in X COMPANY

Connor price

Imagine you’re a teenage boy. Life is confusing enough as it is. It doesn’t help that your parents still assign you to a curfew. The world is this giant, revolving planet. But you have no idea where you belong in it and what your role is. All you know is that you’ve got a knack for playing with technology — a deadly one at that.

Hold up! Let’s raise the pressure to its maximum limit. You’re now in the midst of the deadliest war in human history; a military man recruits you to be a spy; and you find yourself using your secret science experiments but on a more grand international scale. I know what you’re thinking: What did I get myself into? This is exactly the overwhelming scenario that Connor Price’s Harry James finds himself facing on CBC’s new series X COMPANY. [Read more…]

Move Over Agent Carter: ORPHAN BLACK’s Evelyne Brochu Talks About Leading a Team of Spies on CBC’s X COMPANY


When I say “‘40s female secret agents in pop culture,” the first names that will likely come to your mind are Peggy Carter and Bridget von Hammersmark. But with CBC’s new World War II-set spy series, X COMPANY, the name Aurora Luft may become equally as synonymous in this league of characters inspired by the true stories of women who boldly defied traditional gender norms of their time.

Played by ORPHAN BLACK star Evelyne Brochu, Luft is a half German-Jewish, half French-Canadian journalist who is recruited to join the Allies’ top-secret espionage organization based at Camp X, a real-life training camp — located between Whitby and Oshawa on the shores of Lake Ontario — that trained British, American and Canadian spies. [Read more…]

X COMPANY Interview: I Spy a Return to Television for Dustin Milligan

dustin milligan camp x

90210 fans can look forward to seeing the return of Dustin Milligan this winter in the role of Tom Cummings on CBC’s new spy series X COMPANY.

Milligan, who also stars as Ted Mullens on CBC’s other freshman series SCHITT’S CREEK, has not had a regular role on the small screen since his departure from the Beverly Hills-set drama back in 2009. But if fans are expecting more teen angst and love triangles, then they’re not going to get that from this series by FLASHPOINT co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. [Read more…]