SMALLVILLE: Justice League, the New HEROES?

“This isn’t the end of the story Clark, this is just the beginning…” said Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen) to Clark Kent in the final minutes of last night’s much anticipated episode of SMALLVILLE.

So what exactly is this the beginning of? While a JUSTICE LEAGUE spin-off has been rumored for years, the new CW [formerly the WB] has never expressed that much interest in the idea (much to the chagrin of comic book geeks everywhere). After-all, thanks to the success of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS, it’s pretty clear that the CW’s target demographic is young woman.

But wait… enter NBC with HEROES — A group of ordinary people with extraordinary ‘super-powers’. HEROES is an immediate smash, attracting a young audience and tons of critical acclaim. Within a mere few months, NBC has stolen the super-hero crown from the CW by essentially creating their own version of the ‘Justice League.’ (Oh wait, I forgot, Tim Kring’s never picked up a comic book in his life!)

FLASH forward (sorry, fast forward!) to last nights final minutes of SMALLVILLE as Green Arrow spells out Lex Luthor’s evil plan. Project 33.1! A global initiative to find people with abilities! Laboratories! Experiments! Sound awfully familiar doesn’t it? Was anyone else half expecting a mysterious gentlemen with Horn-Rimmed Glasses to walk into Clark Kent’s barn!

So here we go, a prediction from the TV addict if I may be so bold. Fall 2007 — the ultimate battle for super-hero supremacy. HEROES vs. THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, or is it SMALLVILLE: JLA? TEAM QUEEN? JLA? Or simply JUSTICE LEAGUE… the title’s not important. But just remember, you heard it here first! Come September, there’s going to be quite a few more super-heroes on your TV set. Sylar, you’ve been warned.

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  • Common Sense

    Dude (as Aquaman would say), I hope you’re right. Green Arrow definitely brought new life to the show this season, and a revamped “Smallville: JLA” season 7 would open up a lot of plot possibilities. I don’t look for a spinoff, as The CW has lots in development, but why not breathe some greatness into an aging franchise with the JL characters (and hopefully even more than we saw last night)?

  • Sam

    I prefer Heroes. I think a full fledged live action superhero series would be borderline cheesy, especially considering the network it’d most likely air on.

  • [yawn…snort] Huh? Wha? Oh, I’m sorry. I must have fell asleep watching JUSTICE. (No, not the crappy Victor Garber show)

    Last night was so mind-numbing, I could barely stand it. If Smallville ended and became JL, maybe I would consider it, but I really don’t think I could handle two shows of this craptacular magnitude on TV at once. Oh, and that’s WITH Alan Ritchson & Justin Hartley’s eye candy.

    Smallville just needs to end already, or finally get into some actual Superman type stuff. I find myself watching the show just for Lois & Chloe since those are the only 2 characters I actually enjoy anymore.

  • SMALLVILLE in general has been going downhill for a while, but I definitely enjoy any episode that brings along another DC character. Bonus points for Lana not being in the episode — she most definitely sucks out most of the energy from any scene she’s in.

    Personal favourite moment of the show…. whenever the ‘team’ walks together… it’s in slow motion! Very funny stuff.

  • Yeah, Smallville has been pretty crappy since the second half of the last season. I think that a good portion of the 7th Heaven writers have been trying to write Smallville episodes lately.

  • SMALLVILLE is a show i still like because i no longer take it too seriously. i take in the funny and cheesy moments… run with it… and just enjoy the show.

  • Jo

    Only semi-related, but The CW is now streaming full episodes of many of their shows (though not Smallville, yet)… if only I could get them to work.

  • Apostleadrian

    I think that it was a smart move to incorperate the JL (or at the least introduce them)…If they can take smallville to a real dramatic climax and a gradual transition into superman and then a complete fulfilment of the JL it would be an amazing TV series.


  • Here is my prediction…

    Season 7 of Smallville will run side by side with Season 1 of Justice League, with crossover episodes every now and then.

    Season 7:
    – Final Season of Smallville
    – Clark tells lana his secret and she dies for it
    – Chloe dies for knowing clarks secret
    – Lois moves in on Daily Planet
    – Lex destroys everyone near to him and becomes the super villain we all know he will become.
    – Clark moves to metropolis setting up the scene for Superman and for him to join Justice League full time.

  • Lo

    Batman’s still missing in the pidture that is not cool but still great team

  • I want to see clark or (superman) kick lex,s but all over smallville i am so sick of lex thinking he is better than everyone in smallville.It is time for SUPERMAN VERSUS LEX AND GO CLARK ER SUPERMAN

  • and i would like tyler to know he’s right. smallville rocks… and will rock for ever.

  • Ashley

    I totally LOVE Smallville (not only because the characters are total hotties) i think it would be hecka cool if they made the Justice League it would give the show more spice instead of the same old stuff with lex…

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  • woooocrazygirl

    omg, dat oliver queen guy is soooo cute!! n i cant belive im sayin dis 4 a guy in tights…..but wot da hell. smallvilee roks n if there was a spin off show then im gonna watch it!

  • stevo

    iv been watching smallville from the start and in my opinion its the best thing going on tv besides heroes but right to the point if thay introduce the justic leuge into the next season of smallville it will definatly krrp the seriese going for another few months or maybe years

  • The Ed

    I think Smalville is great, I hope they do kill Lana off eventually though, that winy tief annoys the hell out of me, she’d a liitle tramp…………….as for JLA that would be awesome, they could have more characters and villians which would make the series more exciting and give Heroes a run for its money!

  • aidan

    smallville rocks! NIKKIDAKKIDEE!!!

  • Penny

    WHEN IS HE GONNA FLY!!!!!!!! I Love the show. Kinda lost interest over the last couple seasons but still watched sporadically. Last night seemed more in line with what I would watch but WHEN IS HE GONNA FLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • little baby

    lo is right batman should be in there how r u gunna have cyborg in it and he isnt even in the jl a great way for wonder woman to be in it is that superbitch i mean supergirl meets a friend at a club and then she joins.

  • they should finally put in wonder woman but put her as karas friend at first then she would join and batman as lexs friend but then lex backstabs as he usually would and then he would join matian as a person that clark found in his shed or something that would make the whole tam up.

  • weno qero desir q amo con todo mi corazon a claark kent nunca dejo de pensaar en el se lo sjuro
    nunca nadie cmo io lo va a qerer cmo io lo amo

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!