Our Favourite OC Quotes

With THE OC coming to a close tomorrow night at 9PM on FOX, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d offer up some of our favourite OC quotes. So here it goes, and if we’ve forgotten anything, feel free to add it in the comments below.

“Welcome to the O.C., bitch. This is how it’s done in Orange County.”
– Luke, after pummeling Ryan.

“God! Dad, those eyebrows are out of control!”
– Seth, eyeballing his dad’s work ID card.

“Open your mind here, Dad. This isn’t me we’re talking about. With Ryan here, we have a chance to have a real athlete in the family. Somebody to achieve all that your Jewishness has prevented me from accomplishing. Hey, I always wanted to play soccer.”
– Seth, helping Sandy find an after-school activity for Ryan.

“Allow me to elaborate. See, for my father here, a poor, struggling Jew growing up in the Bronx, well, Christmas meant Chinese food and a movie. And for my mom over here, Waspy McWasp, well, it meant a tree, it meant stockings and all the trimmings.”
– Seth, explaining the genesis of Chrismukkah.

“Mrs. Cooper, you are a total MILF!”
– Luke, laying the sweet talk on Julie pretty heavy. (119 “The Heartbreak” 2/18/04)

“It was the eighties. I was young. Had no money. And… it was the eighties.”
– Julie, explaining to Sandy why she starred in an adult video.

“But before I tell you, you gotta promise that you’re not gonna go old-school Ryan Atwood on me?”
– Seth, making Ryan promise before telling him what really happened between Marissa and Trey.

“Prom night? I stayed home and sketched Ewoks.”
– George Lucas, in response to Seth asking whether he went to his prom.

“The Siegfrieds donated a pool and a field house last year and their son only smoked pot. Our daughter shot someone. We have to at least give them a hundred grand.”
– Julie, responding to Jimmy’s offer to give Harbor two, maybe three thousand dollars.

“She’s the Karl Rove of our school.”
– Summer, referring to the manipulative Taylor Townsend.

“Listen up, Tommy Lee. You’re just the latest in a series of experiments my daughter likes to make when acting out. So enjoy it because right here, right now is as good as it gets for you. Soon, Marissa is going to wake up and realize she is so much better than you and your life.”
– Julie, patiently breaking life down for Volchok.

“We’re having a very Britney Christmas, Mother.”
– Kaitlin, describing her family by using 2006’s favorite shorthand for white trash.

“We call ourselves The Newpsieweds. Can you even handle how cute that is?”
– Holly, succinctly summing up why most people hate Newport Beach.

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  • Red

    Thanks theTVaddict. The O.C. fans appreciate this alot, even though you may not have alot of comments here. The forums are a-buzzing at the time with all the media surrounding the finale. Nice quotes. I will miss you, The O.C. Thanks again, and good selections.

  • lulusmiley

    “Ew.” – Summer’s favorite expression
    “You’re still smoking the weed, aren’t you?” – Caleb (in The Girlfriend, talking to Sandy)

  • i wanted more life quotes like this.
    there are people in my life who give me comfort when the going gets tough,
    as it invariably does. I can count on them for a shoulder to cry on. They will lift me up when i fall, they will hold me in their arms as i cry and say
    everything is going to be okay. Im so thankful for those people they are
    -the OC

    but u had more just random ones

  • WCsoccr23

    “They give their hearts to each other unconditionally. That’s what true love really is. It’s not this fairytale life that never knows pain, but its two souls facing it together and diminishing it with unconditional love.”