VERONICA MARS: Back and Better Than Ever

Neptune’s hardest working detective returned from extended vacation last night and this TV Addict could not have been happier with the results. When we last left Veronica she was alone, a little bitter and not nearly as happy as one would imagine having just solved the Dean O’Dell murder mystery. Who knew all she needed was some time off?

Last night’s opening scene marked the returned of a rested and seemingly happy
Veronica. Does anyone else prefer Veronica and Logan ‘friend edition’ over the run-its-course Veronica and Logan ‘angst-ridden-suspicious-zero-fun’ relationship edition? I’ll take witty banter over Veronica secretly stalking Logan to see if he’s cheating on her any day.

That said, what also made last night’s episode so successful was the return of Veronica’s friends. Remember Mac? Wallace? Dick? Anyone? Veronica used to have friends… (hence the theme song, we used to be friends…) until they pretty much disappeared throughout most of this season.

Last night the gang was back and love’em or loathe’em — Piz, Parker, Dick, Mac and Wallace all played an integral role in adding to the enjoyment of the episode. Mac and Max — a match made in Geek heaven. Piz and Veronica — I’m going to hold off judgement and see where this is going (talk about the diplomatic way out!). Dick — oh what can I say about Dick? Not only was his MySpace dating scheme hilarious, Dick more importantly continues to be a fantastic foil for Veronica. Add Dick to Veronica (how dirty is this sounding?) and you’re guaranteed some classic Mars one-liners like this one, “Things I’d rather do than attend this party solo: Seven minutes in heaven with Scott Peterson; Ride the space elevator with Dick.”

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper MARS wrap-up without mentioning Keith Mars and his new role as the head honcho, or Sheriff as he prefers to be called. I absolutely loved Keith’s story. Not only was it great to see actor Enrico Colantoni do something substantial (aside from just being Veronica’s Dad), I think firing half of the department will definitely make for some great new story-lines assuming MARS gets picked up for a fourth season. I imagine there are now a bunch of really unhappy ex-sheriff’s with a lot of time on their hand to plan their revenge!

In the end, Rob Thomas delivered on his promise to re-invigorate the show. Not only was last night’s MARS a return to form, it proved that college Veronica with stand alone mysteries can not just work, but work well. Needless to say, come the CW upfronts on May 17, Dawn Ostroff’s decision just got an awful lot harder.

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  • Charlie

    Loved the episode and seeing the whole cast again. Welcome back Veronica!

  • Chuck

    agreed! great review!

  • Wow, I hated this episode. HATED. (I did love the “Scott Peterson” line, though.)

  • T. Paul

    Quick question: Do you know the Upfronts schedule? You mentioned the CW’s day was the 17th. I was hoping it would be on the Tuesday of Upfront week so we could know Gilmore Girls’s fate before watching the finale. 🙁

  • Tim Wilkins

    I liked it, but I just knew Veronica was gonna turn Piz down thus making him “stalk” her til she had to kill him off in the finale. lol Love the one liners and Keith finally having a storyline. And the friends did add to it. Tim W. aka College Virgin

  • WestCoastPat

    The episode was awful. I actually turned it off about 2/3s of the way through. Completely unwatchable. Another week like this and it goes off the DVR.

  • Sam

    Who’s that other guy in the opening credits we barely get to see? What’s his name again? Gee….

  • Liz

    Yeah, this episode was pretty awful. The whole race relations/Iraq war storyline was so preachy, I couldn’t stand it. Usually I enjoy the “gray area” plots VM has to offer, but this one was just too much, like truly a “poor man’s Crash” as quoted by TWOP.

    Plus, I really could give a rat’s ass about Veronica’s love life. I used to be a die hard LoVer but now I couldn’t care less if she still has feelings for him OR Piz. Jeezus Veronica, grow up and stop being such an immature brat.

    I can’t belive I used to be such a devoted fan of the show, and now i’m watching almost out of obligation.

  • good work. i enjoyed it. made me totally whoop around my flat.

  • Nicole

    I think I might be ok with Piz.. even though he’s kind of a lame-o. VMars deserves someone nice. Logan can sulk all he wants.