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Last night’s phenomenal return of Kate Walsh to GREY’S ANATOMY was the best advertisement PRIVATE PRACTICE could have ever hoped for. Not only did Addison light the spark for the inevitable Meredith McDreamy reconciliation, not to mention get the ball rolling on Callie hooking up with Hahn, she reminded viewers of how good PRIVATE PRACTICE could be. Assuming creator Shonda Rhimes looks back at last night’s episode, remembers what a powerful force she has in Kate Walsh and doesn’t squander another season of PRIVATE PRACTICE by turning Addison into an obnoxious and insecure teenager. [Here’s hoping.]


After the remarkable season they’ve given us, this TV Addict is not about to seriously take LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse to task for last night’s underwhelming installment of LOST. But in TV terms, the Jack—centric adventure was clearly the classic “bottle” show. An episode meant to conserve funds for what will most likely be some very expensive episodes leading up to the super-sized season finale. Which I’m completely cool with, as long as fans start seeing dividends. And by dividends, I mean ANSWERS! You know, to little questions like, where the frak did Claire go? What’s the deal with Jack’s dad? And what favor is Kate doing for Sawyer? Yes Mr. Lindeloff and Cuse, it’s about time LOST started paying fans off for the four years we’ve invested into this time-sucking, maddeningly addictive show. [That we love. Really, keep up the great work!]

Betty is a lot of things. Bold, beautiful but boring? Well, unfortunately, that’s exactly what I felt while watching last night’s episode. In fact, you know it’s a bad sign when the fourteen minute Official UGLY BETTY Podcast featuring stars Becki Newton and Michael Urie is more entertaining than the entire episode. So let’s cut to it. Free of charge. How to fix BETTY in three easy steps. 1. More Suarez Family — they’re not only the heart of the show, but Ana Ortiz’s Hilda is one of the most underrated actresses on television. 2. Less scheming Wilhelmina Slater — like the Fey Summers mystery in season one, the whole baby arc is falling flat. It’s time to bring Wilhelmina back to Mode. I miss her Betty barbs. 3. Reunite Marc and Amanda — didn’t call them the new Jack & Karen because they are boring.

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  • As usual, I’m saving Grey’s & Betty on TiVo for later (although I caught about half of Grey’s while having it on live as background noise).

    Last night’s episode of Lost may have been quieter and more character-based, but I still liked it. It’s interesting to see that Jack & Kate got together, although it’s no surprise to see them having trouble so early in, thanks to Jack’s control-freak nature being too much for anyone to endure. Jack’s comment about the kid not being related to Kate erases any doubts that Aaron is in fact *that* Aaron. And, it feels like the show is finally re-visiting the mystery over Jack’s dad’s alive/dead/other status.

    Also, I know people love Sawyer. He’s always annoyed the crap out of me. Sometimes, he still does. But, on average, only 3.5 seasons in, I’m finally warming up to him. Having him befriend Hurley and be Claire’s protector is just what that character needed to be more likable in my eyes. I have a feeling Kate’s errand for Sawyer is innocent and probably related to the woman who loved Sawyer. Of course, Jack would be too jealous to assume that, and of course, Kate would be too secretive to assure him of it (the Losties need major help on their communication skills).

    Thanks to the rare 3-way scheduling conflict, I had to sacrifice the new Scrubs episode in favor of TiVo’ing Survivor. I get the feeling I didn’t miss much last week, but the end of this week’s episode had me *literally* jumping up and down like an idiot in my living room. One of the best tribal councils — ever.

  • Wow, you’re quite harsh on Betty! I loved it all and thought it brought back the bouncy balance from soap opear antics and comedy.

    ditto for Lost, I didn’t mind the breather that helped set up even MORe stuff for the future while confirming stuff from the past.

    But Grey’s totally rocked it. That was an amazing episode and hopefully they can sustain them like that again (like they did in seaon 2).

  • Firstly, Thanks for the comments guys. I was starting to think the ‘system’ was broken!

    Todd W: See your point with LOST, yet still remain underwhelmed with character [zzzzz] driven episode!

    Vance: Sorry, but BETTY was so boring. Someone who wasn’t me (I won’t name names) actually fell asleep during the episode.

  • theTodd

    When Hurley read Charlie’s “note” to Jack… That was the moment that Lost won me back. Don’t get me wrong, last week’s episode was great, and really this whole season, but it’s stuff like that note that really won me back even more than seeing the smoke monster again.

    “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack”


  • While last week’s Lost was definitely better, I still loved this episode. I thought it was great they finally seem to be addressing Christian Shepherd as well, Todd W., and I agree about Sawyer as well (though I always loved him, I think his character development this season has been great). But I also thought the Juliet/Kate interaction while dealing with Jack’s appendectomy was very well done. I’m growing more and more fond of Juliet as the weeks pass.

    Anyone else really upset that creepy dude from the helicopter that is travelling with Claire/Sawyer (I still haven’t gotten his name down) dug up Danielle’s corpse? I was so hoping she was not ACTUALLY dead.

  • Sarah,

    I think Rousseau actually being dead was the biggest surprise of the episode. I guess we’re never going to get her flashback. Not to say I don’t fully expect her to show up in someone else’s flashback!

  • nick

    Im so sick of YOU LOST complainers!I want answers,i want answers…waaaaaa.Do we have to have everything spoon fed to us?
    I understand wanting more.Each time the show ends i want another hour.
    What makes this show great for me is that with every answer comes more questions and last nights ep was no different.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I am not even attempting to watch anything other than LOST on Thursday night’s anymore. I watch it live and TiVo the rest for later.

    Todd, I am one of those folks that absolutely love Sawyer. He was the bright shining star that kept me tuning in when S3 started out with less than stellar episodes. I love his growth as a character. It is small and incremental, but there is obvious and definite growth which I think is going to reap huge dividends next season – he is clearly headed for leadership of the islanders left behind. Hurley’s con last season was the first step in that direction that is now showing up in the final days of this season.

    I am also thrilled that this whole Jack/Kate mess is over. Jack doesn’t love Kate. He wants to own her – hence his temper tantrum last night. In the end, I don’t think he is the one that is getting the girl.

    I’ve seen mixed responses to this episode online and I must say that even though it lacked the big fireworks of the week before, it really was a great episode in itself. It answered a few questions for me and is the set up for what is coming next. I give it 4/5 stars.

    And tvaddict, your thoughts on Addison are dead on though. I want the Addison of Seattle Grace to be on the Private Practice. SR needs to ditch the junior high b.s. and let Addison BE Addison.

  • Mohammad

    I’m sick of your, and everyone else’s whining about Lost.

    Now that they have an end-date set, there is nothing to complain about, we will get the answers at the time they wanna reveal them.

    It’s their show, just take a chill pill let it all play out!

  • Dear Nick and Mohammad,

    I’ll I’m saying is that LOSTerminds Lindeloff and Cuse promised that the first half of the season would all be set-up for the second half which would start giving us answers. And not surprisingly, fans are still waiting. I’m not asking for all of the answers, but would it kill them to give us something?

  • I had to shut Betty off midway through because I was just bored with it.

    I loved Grey’s last night – for the first time in a long time, they had a scene that brought me to tears (Bailey telling Addison why she wasn’t going to breakdown). I feel like it’s back on form, or at least heading there. Also, is it me or have they not completely killed Gizzie? I mean, yeah, they’re technically friends, but they have them acting a little bit still like they have something more than friendship….

    Lost was a good episode of Lost. Not a great episode of Lost, but a good one. It did set us up for what’s to come, which is why I’m not judging it harshly. I enjoy Jack and Kate, I’m probably one of the only like 6 people in the viewership that does, so it sucks that things fell apart so quickly. Also, did anyone else feel like when Jack said “he’s not even related to you” that there was some emphasis on “you” and that he knew Aaron was his nephew?

  • Cris

    I agree on Grey’s! Very old school feel. Hope they keep it up.

    I enjoyed ugly Betty alot! and even my BFF who was home last night and has seen the show for like one time was very entertained and ask me not to flip during the show!

    I loved Lost! I just love the show in general, even if its one about character. They are very much needed. I think Losterminds give us lots of answer, some people just don’t realize it cause at the same time they give us answers, they raise more questions. But to me, that is part of the beauty of this show. I am really along for the ride and i’ll be there till the end enjoying it.

    I don’t felt like Jack wants to own Kate. In fact that’s the very least feeling i get. I think he just has issues and crap to overcome, specially with his whole Sarah debacle and what’s to come too. But in the end, i think he is definitely getting the girl, and she is getting the guy! To me, last nights eppy cemented that. Unless he gets a DUI and gets killed off 😛

  • Greys was SOO good!! I loved Addi being back! they should just cancel Private Practice.

    Lost was good!! But im a bit biased i guess…

    I thought this week’s Ugly Betty was better than last weeks. Although i really can’t stand Wilhemina’s sister. I agree Marc and Amanda need to reunite, because they are Ugly Betty at its best!

  • nctodc

    I think “Ugly Betty” was a vast improvement over last week’s show, but it still hasn’t managed to return to its pre-strike form. Next week looks promising, though–if they can’t recapture the spark with Wilhelmina staking her claim to the Mode empire (w/ Mark in tow, no doubt), then the show may well be doomed.

    Loved Grey’s. Loved. Loved. Loved. Once again, Chandra Wilson proved that she’s the most talented actor in the cast–her exchange with Addison near the episode’s end was riveting. I swear, if someone doesn’t hand that woman an Emmy, I’m going to launch a HUGE protest.

    Not thrilled about the hair color, but I was elated to see Kate Walsh return…not just to Seattle Grace, but to the Addison we all fell in love with in the first place. Of course, this means if Shonda continues to write a weepy, mopey version of Addison when PP returns, I’m going to be really upset.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Hahn and Callie, though, I wish Eric Dane was being better utilized.

  • I caught up on Betty & Grey’s.

    After a slight recovery right before the writers strike, I feel Ugly Betty is slipping yet again. With the buzz that Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be guesting on the show soon (for multiple episodes, I think), I’m once again tempted to dump it permanently.

    How many times can Daniel be stupid and how long can Betty put up with the Henry/Charlie dilemma? Also, by bouncing from her first boyfriend (whose name I can’t remember) to Charlie and now leaning towards Gio, all in overlapping fashion, she’s reminding me of a girl I knew in high school who didn’t know how to be alone or how to break up with someone before moving to the next relationship. I think it might be a nice change of pace — and even send out a more positive message — to see Betty as a single & independent woman for a while.

    As for Grey’s Anatomy, I’m finding I just don’t really care much anymore. I’m not sure I ever cared much for the characters, and I’m gradually caring less. I’m tempted to dump it too.