The TV Addict Reveals His Halloween Scares I

amy poehler SNL

With Halloween mere days away, this TV Addict thought now would be the perfect opportunity to talk about what scares us in the world of television. So without further ado, we present our Halloween Scare #1: An Amy Poehler Free SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Because following the birth of her first child over the weekend, Baby Boy Archie and her NBC sitcom that is currently under development, the only reason to tune into SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE outside of Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update is officially gone. Not to mention, less Amy Poehler means more time for Fred Armisen, Will Forte and Kenan Thompson to NOT be funny. Which in case you’re wondering, is a very scary prospect indeed.

  • TVFan

    Forget Amy Poehler. What is SNL going to be like after the election? Their spot-on debate sketches, Palin, Obama etc… have been the only reason SNL’s rebounded after a season after season of mediocrity.

  • kayla

    kristen wiig. that’s what’s up.

  • Josh Emerson

    I like Kristen Wiig. I don’t think she’ll be able to carry the show though. And with the end of Tina Fey’s Palin, SNL will basically be unwatchable. Add to that the fact that their impression of who will hopefully be out next president is severely lacking, what’s left?

  • Kayla, Josh Emerson:

    While I appreciate Kristen Wiig’s talent – I find that every character she plays follows the same pattern. Awkward and funny for a minute, than not funny, annoying and tiresome for the remainder of the sketch.

  • theo

    I heard Rachel Dratch will work for food stamps. jk
    So Amy is gone for good, that kinda sucks. Doesnt she have a show in devlopment?

  • All of my Halloween scares have to do with Sarah Palin. She might be getting a show on Fox News with Elizabeth Hasselbeck

  • blueberry

    Once again I am in the minority. I actually think Armisen and Will Forte are great (Prince impression and McGruber). But, I still think SNL is crap even with all the political sketches. I can’t stand Seth Meyers mainly because he’s the head writer and SNL isn’t funny.

    His brother Josh Meyers (MadTV) is more talented.

  • Kirtikumar

    Do not despair you can still see Andy Samberg fake puke on people.
    More time for puke!

    Maybe after election night it’s time to put SNL down until the next election.

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