Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 19, 2009

UGLY BETTY (8PM ABC, CityTV in Canada)
It’s a good news/bad news situation for Betty tonight. On the plus side, she finally gets a makeover from her co-workers. But seeing as the folks who give her that makeover are Mark and Amanda, we can’t help but worry. Speaking of makeovers, Daniel and Wilhelmina decide to give Mode one as well in an effort to boost circulation.

THE OFFICE (9PM NBC, GlobalTV in Canada)
Ugh. A Michael-centric office. here’s hoping the new vice-president who comes on board tonight can balance that out, because this show is in serious danger of having its lead character drag the whole thing down.

Is it just me, or are Christina, Bailey and Mark pretty much the only characters on this show who aren’t annoying? I suppose we could throw George into the mix, too, if only because he’s not on screen enough to actually annoy us. Anyway, tonight, Izzie tries to keep her disease under wraps, Christina finally gets a solo surgery and Mark tries to do a face transplant.

Castiel and Uriel have been kinda nasty to Sam and Dean in the past, but you know how angels are: The minute they need a favor, they come knockin’ on bended wing. Which is what happens when someone begins killing angels with Lucifer’s sword. Of course, the real question is this: Who was stupid enough to give the devil a sword in the first place?

30 ROCK (9:30PM CW, CityTV in Canada)
Liz finds out that pretty people — like her boyfriend — get special treatment. Meanwhile, Jenna’s latest bid for attention from the public could result in the worst hair day ever.

Addison has to repress her feelings for someone who’s not as single as she’d like. Unfortunately, Addison has never really been all that great at repressing anything…

Tess goes to extremes in an attempt to manipulate Clark into using his powers, and Davis learns the key to controling his inner beast. Two words: Yanni music.

Here’s a fact of life Mrs. Garrett never got around to teaching us: Where there’s a pregnancy pact and high schoolers, there’s gonna be a dead body.

Ryan freaks out over having betrayed Greenlee’s memory. Really? Dude, you might have thought of that before slipping into bed with Kendall five seconds after identifying your dead girlfriend’s corpse. Seriously, would someone tell the people at ABC that real people don’t have grief sex?

Betty White plays a “witch lady” who Earl was nasty to as a kid. Unfortunately, she’s not just an oddball… she’s certifiably crazy. Meanwhile, Joy tries to prove she has a good side. Good luck with that, missy!

The two best things about this rerun: The classic watermelon birthing scene, and the presence of Amy Ryan as Holly. We miss you, girlfriend!

HELL’S KITCHEN (9PM FOX, CityTV in Canada)
Apparently, one chef’s mistake threatens to derail the dinner service of both teams. That’s gotta be a heck of a mistake. I’m betting someone’s gonna be called a donkey before this episode is over.

ER (10PM NBC, CTV in Canada)
Everyone seems to have forgotten that it’s Neela’s last day at County. Well, of course they have! Everywhere you look, there’s a special guest star!

  • Linda B.

    Re GA: Add Owen to the list. He and Christina are what’s been keeping me interested in the show lately.

  • Ace

    Meredith doesn’t really annoy me anymore either. There was a while there that she was all “woah is me my mother was horrible and I am a commitment phobe” but she has been better lately. She actually didn’t lie to the cheif about the intern’s shenanigans and she didn’t freak when she found out Derek was going to propose. And really, she hasn’t been getting that much screen time either.

    And Ugly Betty’s “makeover” was a complete letdown. If they really are planning to have a new season, I truely hope they give her one for real. Esp if she intends to stay in fashion.