Ask the Addict: HEROES, GREEK, 90210 & GLEE Spoilers


Hey TV Addict, LOVED your reports from Paley Festival 2009, but why no love for BIG LOVE or FRINGE? — ThePaleyAddict
The TV Addict: Simple answer: Because spending a week in Los Angeles costs BIG bucks! And between my car rental, hotel, and borderline unhealthy Pinkberry obsession, this TV Addict could only afford to live out his TV adventure for eight days. That said, aside from Paley, I was lucky enough to drop by the sets of GLEE, GREEK in addition to spending time with a few of your favorite HEROES, so stay tuned for some great interviews next week. And, on a somewhat related note, if you’re reading this and just so happen to work for a major media outlet that includes any of the following letters “E,” “W,” “T,” “V,” “Z,” “A,” “P,” “T,” “W,” “O,” “P,” “E!” and are looking for an affordable, talented and really good looking west correspond, you know my digits.

I absolutely loved this week’s Evan/Cappie scenes on GREEK. Any word on whether we’ll be seeing more of my favorite Frat Bros. together this season? — RebeccaRocks
The TV Addict: Most definitely, because as it turns out, you’re not the only one who loves the Evan/Cappie dynamic. “I want Cappie and Evan back together,” explained GREEK showrunner Sean Smith on my recent one-on-one while visiting the set of GREEK. “So it was kind of nice to find the opportunity through a secret so…” And sadly, I’ve already shared too much. But rest assured, the Cappie/Evan bromance frienaissance is making a comeback in a major way. Stay tuned…

Any truth to the rumor that THE SIMPSONS are doing a 90210 parody in an upcoming episode. — DohnutFan
The TV Addict: Don’t let the May 3rd episode title of “Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’Oh” fool you. It’s not so much a 90210 parody, as a HANNAH MONTANA one; When Lisa tried to impress her new Waverly Hills classmates by telling them she knows pop star Alaska Nebraska (pictured above and voiced by special guest star Ellen Page)

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched “Don’t Stop Believing” on your site, please give me some news on GLEE. Anything, really, seriously, I’m obsessed with this show and it hasn’t even come out yet. — IWontStopBelieving
The TV Addict: Well, the good news is that my day on the set last week coincided with the episode Kristen Chenowith was guest starring in. With the bad news being that Chenowith was not on set, having already shot her scenes. Luckily, Jane Lynch, who plays the manipulative and hilarious cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester had this to share about Chenowith’s character, “She may play a drunk, has-been [Glee clubber] who is squatting in a McMansion in town, but she’s still got it. The voice, the moves, she really shows the kids how to put on a show.”

I couldn’t help but notice via your twitter that you got to spend an awful lot of time with the cast of HEROES this weekend, got any season finale scoop to share? — SylarsArmyMember45
The TV Addict: You mean aside from the big Sylar kill that Bryan Fuller shared with us mere days ago? How do three simple words courtesy of actress Christine Rose sound, who had this to say when posed that very same question while walking the red carpet at Sunday’s HEROES FOR AUTISM event, “Time will tell!” Make of that what you will.

Any word on who Violet’s baby daddy is on PRIVATE PRACTICE? — TeamDaly
The TV Addict: Absolutely none, and you know who you can blame for that? Showrunner Shonda Rhimes; Who is so tight-lipped when it comes to spoilers that not even her actors feel safe to speak. “I feel like Shonda Rhimes bugs my world and if I say anything… I’m just going to take the fifth and say ‘No,'” proclaimed an evasive Amy Brenneman at Sunday’s very same red carpet event for HEROES FOR AUTISM in Los Angeles. Thankfully, Brenneman did take pity on us reporters by teasing that the identity of Violet’s baby daddy “becomes secondary when something even bigger supersedes the issue in the finale.” Something that we’re guessing has something to do with Katie, the mentally unstable patient who lost her baby a few episodes ago returning to exact revenge on Violet.

I’m so back on the 90210 bandwagon, any guess as to who the rumored death is going to be? — 90210Fan
The TV Addict: Assuming irresponsible speculation is okay, we’re gonna take two shots in the dark (after overhearing a thing or two on our trip to LA) and guess that either Adrianna’s baby doesn’t make it, in order for the show to avoid awkward comparisons to the far more popular SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. Or, Lori Loughlin’s Momma Mills kicks it because (a) it will save the CW money (b) Momma Mills has added virtually nothing to the show, so much so that we don’t even recall her character’s actual name, and (c) it will have the greatest emotional impact on two of the most boring lead characters on TV — Dixon and Annie.

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  • Nick

    Nailed it once again: the entire core family, the Wilsons (remember, they changed it from Mills, for some odd reason), is without a doubt the dullest aspect of 90210. Except for Tabitha…and she’s never around. Loved Lori L. on Summerland; but not here. Can’t stand Rob Estes in his role, either. Honestly, WHO in the world cast this series? They ought to be fired. The one thing that could NOT afford to be screwed up was the casting of characters…and it was a disaster from the word go. Shenae was the first announcement, and it seemed to snowball downhill from there.

  • I do enjoy Rob Estes, the scene witht he Billy Bass cracked me up. But the rest of the Wilsons (except Dixon with Silver) bore me.

  • Ace

    I stopped watching a few weeks ago, but I’m guessing Ethan is the one to go since he isn’t going to be on the show at all next year. Which is pretty lame. If they wanted to ditch one half of that failed duo, it should have been Annie.

  • Irish Joe

    Ia gree with Ace, with Ethan leaving, does it not point in the direction that he will be the one being offed…?
    Or I did hear some rumours a few months back that it would be Ty that was going to die…

  • Ace,
    According to the 90210 showrunner Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair Ethan isn’t the one who is dying.