Tonight’s TV Addictions: April 30, 2009

UGLY BETTY (8PM ABC, City in Canada)
In honor of UGLY BETTY returning to ABC tonight after a far too long five week hiatus, this TV Addict thought, who better to get to tease tonight’s episode than Michael Urie himself; Who was kind, nay, awesome enough to send this direct tweet to theTVaddict, “She’s back! Betty’s all new! Marc gets into Christina’s sex life! What?! How?! Why?! Directed by Richard Heus (dir of Mode After Hours).”

Andy (Chris Pratt) plans a surprise for Ann (Rashida Jones). One which probably doesn’t involve picking up and moving to a small Colorado town called Everwood. But hey, a TV Addict can dream, can’t he?

THE OFFICE (9PM NBC, Global in Canada)
While we’re not really sure what to expect from the denizens of Dunder Mifflin on “Casual Friday,” we’re kinda hoping it involves Dwight Schrute and some sort of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Raptor uniform. So say we all?

Sharon Lawrence continues to corner the market on unstable TV moms (see: PRIVILEGED, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and HIDDEN PALMS) by dropping by Seattle Grace to check up on her daughter Izzie.

30 ROCK (9:30PM NBC, City in Canada)
Do you really need to know anything else outside of the fact that tonight’s episode has Jenna adopting a monkey? If so here are two more reasons why tonight’s 30 ROCK is the very definition of must see TV: Elaine Stritch returns with nasty memories of Jack’s father and Steve Buscemi guest stars.

PRIVATE PRACTICE’s much improved second season concludes with so many questions up in the air (Will Naomi leave Oceanside? Will Violet choose Pete or Sheldon? Will Addison sort our her feelings for Noah?) that we’re already cleaning our floor in anticipation of our jaw dropping down to it.

BONES (8PM ABC, City in Canada)
Even though Frannie does tend to get somewhat extreme, we’re going to go ahead and file this under plots you’ll never see on ABC Family’s GREEK when Booth and Brennan investigate the body of a fraternity member that is found inside the costume of a rival university mascot.

CSI (9PM CBS, 8PM CTV in Canada)
Eerily spooky coincidence or just really bad timing? You be the judge when the CSI team investigates random deaths throughout the city that may-or-may-not be linked to a mysterious outbreak of swine flu.

Castiel visits Dean in a dream. Which is just what those SUPERNATURAL fan fiction writers need… more material!

  • Josh C.

    still no love for Harpers?

  • Or, any love for Smallville? Hello? Tom Welling? lol

  • Josh, Lindsey,

    If you really want to ensure that your favorite show gets included, might I suggest emailing me your very own one-liner. Because (a) these daily addictions don’t write themselves, and (b) contrary to popular belief, coming up with them on a daily basis isn’t nearly as easy as I make it look 🙂

  • Josh C.

    sadly Harpers Island was not on tonight as I unfortunately found out when I sat down at 10pm

  • Linda B.

    Josh C. – Harper’s Island has been moved to Saturday nights. Just wanted to let you and others know so you don’t miss it. Am 1 week behind on it, but will keep watching.

  • Irish Joe

    Poor Harpers for being moved to Saturdays… lets hgop it stays on Saturdays and does not end up dissappearing like Kings did…