We Preview Tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE 2-Hour Event with Taye Diggs


If there is a silver-lining to the fact that tonight’s Thursday night schedule is devoid of GREY’S ANATOMY, it’s that fans of that other Shonda Rhimes medical drama — you know, the one where all the drama happens on-screen — will have the pleasure of enjoying back-to-back helpings. And here to help preview tonight’s two-hour PRIVATE PRACTICE even is none other then actor who portrays Sam — Taye Diggs ± with his take on the connection between Sam and Addison, Sam and Naomi and most unexpectedly of all, Sam and Jay Harrison (Trust us, it all make sense when you’re done!)

I suppose I should start with the one question on every PRIVATE PRACTICE fan’s mind: What’s up with Sam and Addison?!
Taye Diggs: The fact that we’re really good friends and that we’ve made this pact with each other to not sleep with anyone and just spend some time alone has really kind of brought us closer together which I know the writers are having a lot of fun with. Especially since we’re the only two truly single doctors in the Practice that aren’t already caught up in some other business. That said, I don’t know just how far we’re going to go with it.

Would you like to see the writers take the relationship to the next level?
I think it would make great drama considering Addison, Naomi and Sam are so closely knit. Plus Naomi certainly would fly off the handle!

From what I understand, tonight’s episode has Sam and Naomi ‘dealing with a family crisis.’ Does a pregnancy scare for your teenaged daughter bring Sam and Naomi closer together?
It will certainly bring us closer physically, but as parents, I play the stereotypical make where I feel that Naomi is simply jumping to conclusions whereas Naomi, as a mother is a little bit more concerned.

Is there any hope for Sam and Naomi?
I think the writers have done a really great job of portraying an accurate view of a relationship and while I would never say never, it sure is fun to play single Sam.

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With PRIVATE PRACTICE having a proclivity for putting kids in peril, how has being a new father [Note: Wife Idina Menzel recently gave birth to the couple’s first child Walker) influenced your acting?
Because I’m in it, see the fake blood on set and know it’s fake, it hasn’t been a problem for me. But now that I’m a father, I’m much more aware of how other parents feel and can better appreciate the fact that many parents have told me how hard it is to watch certain episodes because they’re comparing whatever is happening on screen to their own lives and own children.

How has it been juggling fatherhood with the grind of shooting a weekly television drama?
It can be tough, but PRIVATE PRACTICE is a sizeable ensemble. On an average week I’ll work a couple of days for a couple of hours and then I’m home to spend time with the wife and the kid. So it’s actually kind of a dream job.

And I can’t let you go without mentioning your upcoming guest appearance on one of my favorite new comedies. How did you end up on BETTER OFF TED?
Jay Harrison, who plays Ted is one of my very best friends from college [Syracuse University]. So after he did some guest work on PRIVATE PRACTICE, we just thought it would be cool if I got to do some work on his show as well.

Was getting a break from the drama of Oceanside Wellness refreshing?
It was. I love comedy and it was great working with one of my best friends.

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  • Love this talented guy. The fact that he’s going to be on Better Off Ted makes it even better. Can’t wait for the show to come back, but what’s with the weird timeslot? Is it because of Hank’s cancellation?

  • BizarroP

    I would love a 2-hour event with taye diggs

  • TVFan

    But in all seriousness, have been LOVING PP this season. Can’t wait for tonight.

  • What about the quote about Idina and Lea playing mother and daughter on Glee? That would be SO awesome! She could sing “Mama Who Bore Me” from Spring Awakening! 😀

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  • Amelie

    Agreed! Idina would be the ideal casting choice for Rachel’s mom

  • Ok all off of the PP thing: Idina as Rachel”s mom would be THE BEST. They kind of even look alike. And since Rachel has two gay dads they could totally work her in for just a guest spot or extended run.

    Okay back to PP. I LOVED this episode. Especially Sam and Naomi dealing with their daughter. It was great and some of the most hilarious but realistic scenes I’ve ever seen.