Blake Lively Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Find Out If She Made The Grade!


Although this TV Addict is the first to admit that we’ve taken more than our fair share of shots at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE over the years, the generally uneven NBC late night institution does excel at one thing: Acting as a barometer for whether or not the particular week’s host (aka. Hollywood’s current “It” Boy or Girl) has what it takes to make it in this crazy business we like to call show. So just how did GOSSIP GIRL’s Blake Lively stack up? Find out for yourself after the jump.

After an all too predictable cold open featuring the Salahi party-crashers, SNL doesn’t do itself any favors by surrounding Blake Lively with a group of freakishly old Muppets and singing a song (A song which in SNL opening-monologue speak is code for we really have no idea what to do with this host!) Subtract 10 points.

Good News: Lively counteracts a weak opening with a dress so hot we’re fairly confident has Dan Humphrey second-guessing his decision to dump Serena. Add 40 points.

Donning “Mom Jeans” in what we can only imagine is an homage to the hilarious Rachel Dratch faux commercial from season’s prior (Moment of silence for Rachel Dratch’s career), Lively gets 15 points for showing that she’s cool with not looking like a super-model for five minutes.

Lively nabs 5 points for playing the scorned soon-to-be-ex-wife of Tiger Woods. Meanwhile, we breath a sigh of relief that Fred Armisen wasn’t cast as Tiger.

In the obligatory GOSSIP GIRL parody, we award Lively 10 points for the Staten Island accent, even if we didn’t find the sketch particularly funny and was surprised that SNL completely missed the boat by neglecting to tie-in the predictable parody to one of the week’s big newsmakers, MTV’s latest reality TV train-wreck known as JERSEY SHORE.

Although not her fault, Lively gets 0 points for playing the daughter to Keenan Thompson in drag. Seriously SNL, first you rerun your “Swine Flu” commercial at the beginning of the show and then essentially replicate a sketch from last season which featured Scarlett Johansson. Is coming up with an hour of original comedy twenty-two weeks a year really that hard…

…Turns out it is, as evidence by this incredibly unfunny sketch that gave TO CATCH A PREDATOR’s Chris Hansen his own talk show. That said, we’ll match Lively’s half a minute of screen time playing Cher with .5 points.

Doing her best ‘Nikki from BIG LOVE’ impersonation, we award Lively 15 points for not only enduring surviving one of the most bizarre sketches in recent SNL memory. But for not laughing/crying/puking while doing so.

Capping off the night, the adorable Lively gets 5 points for thanking GOSSIP GIRL showrunners Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz for giving her the week off to host SNL. Classy.

Career Prognostication: Scoring a solid 80.5 out of a possible 100 points, Lively may not have set Studio 8H on fire, but she did prove that she’s game for anything and may in fact — if given the right opportunity — have what it takes to be the next Cameron Diaz (Think: Something About Mary)

Tune in next week when we find out if Taylor Lautner is more than a six pack.

  • Nick

    Gotta love Blake; she’s a very down-to-earth girl. Whoever wrote that 12:50am “missing potato chip” sketch should get to work on a resume.

  • Nick,
    Agreed! I mean would it be too much to ask for SNL to reward those of us who slogged through the entire show and stayed up until 1AM (yes, I’m old!) with a final sketch that you know, is actually funny.

  • Jamie

    I thought that final “potato chip” sketch was the funniest live thing they’ve done certainly all season, maybe even in the last 10 years (excluding election year sketches — those are like the Olympics for them)…bizarre concept that doesn’t go where you think it will (THIS is NASA?…old Matlock-ian farts, the NASA test is in the fridge), committed performances, performers who don’t crack up at the insanity they are perpetrating, and the glorious yelling! Reminded me of a Kids in the Hall type sketch….have watched 10 times on DVR, and gets funnier each time…Sudeikis’ halting, slow approach before spitting in Forte’s hand is deeply funny…

  • ggny

    +100 to SNL for barely using Kristin Wiig for once

  • kevin

    the only funny sketches were the tiger woods one, to catch a predator and the potato chip one. the ups commercial was pretty funny too. probably the worst episode of the season. they should’ve saved to catch a predator for next week with taylor lautner.

  • TVFan

    Loved Blake, especially that dress. But unfortunately, a host is only as good as the writing and yet again SNL let the host down.

  • Alexis Silver

    The Potato Chip scene was AWESOME! Come on! That made me laugh! TOO GOOD! Who wrote it? It has Forte written all over it!

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    I was actually at the DRESS REHEARSAL for this show!!

    Read all about the experience — what skits were altered or cut from the live show, who warmed up the audience beforehand, etc.

    Just go to my twitter page for my site link and read tonight’s entry: ENTERTAINMENT2U

    Thanks for checking it out!

  • Nick

    I’m really amazed that anyone thought the potato chip sketch was even mildly funny. I have a good sense of humor, but that was excruciating.

    The only thing that could’ve made it worse—and I thought it was gonna happen, too!—was for Forte to have eaten that regurgitated slop in his hand at the end.

    Now THAT would’ve been memorable, for sure.

  • theo

    I actually loved the episode.