The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Taylor Lautner Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

The Good: If last night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE illustrated anything, it’s that Taylor Lautner has a bright future in front of him…

The Bad: … just not in comedy. Between an opening monologue that put the spotlight on Lautner’s already well-known karate chops over his lesser known comedy ones, his not-so-gleeful turn in show choir, and of course the obligatory (not to mention highly unfunny) Twilight sketch, Lautner’s steely intensity and overall lack-of-smile will serve him very well in future roles that involve playing emotionless Terminator-like robots sent from the future to annihlate us, Ninja Assasins and of course Werewolves.

Frankly, executive producer Lorne Michaels should be ashamed. Not only was booking Lautner as host nothing more than an epic pander to attract a younger demographic, Kristen Wiig’s penchant for crazy characters continues to do nothing but have us reaching for the fast-forward button. While musical guest Bon Jovi used his opportunity to return to relevance by playing two songs we’ve never heard of.

The Ugly: If there is any truth to the old adage that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE may have single-handidly shot themselves in the foot by introducing an entirely new generation of fans (Tweens and Twi-hards) to SNL with one of the least entertaining episodes of the season. And having already sat through endured January Jones and Megan Fox’s painful instalments this season, that’s saying a lot.

  • cyankees

    Actually I liked This episode…I would like to mention that I m not a Twilight fan but i actually liked T. L In this episode.. I liked the opening monologue and the quaterback photo shoot. And even if the twlight schetch wasnt that good I think that taylor was pretty good in it…. no great but not bad…

  • showtime

    I don’t think it was Taylor’s fault at all. A lot of the sketches were poorly written and generally unfunny. That PGA one lost its funny real fast. I think Taylor redeemed himself in that Twilight sketch though. I think he had some pressure to be as good as his girlfriend Swifty…LOL!

  • Actually, the “never heard of” songs from Bon Jovi are from their new album called The Circle, released a few weeks ago, normally is what all the musical guests do in their performances.
    I think it was a good show, not great, but I think it was better than some others. The only think that I missed was a Wekkend Update joke with Bon Jovi and Jon Bovi.

  • bws

    I would say that Lautner wasn’t terrible. Really just ok. And he wasn’t utilized a ton so I’m guessing there just wasn’t much confidence in him. Compare that with what they had Joseph Gordon do a couple of weeks ago…

    The only skit I liked was the final “custom doorbell” skit. ‘DING DONG, WOOF! BEARRRRRS.”

  • ldenn

    I think people are being way to harsh on Taylor. Not being a Twilight fan, I really didn’t know much about him before watching other than he doesn’t seem to wear shirts very often and I was pleasantly surprised. Although he was utilized very little (not his fault), I thought he did a good job carrying the show, especially since we all know the writing has been sub-par this season (again, not his fault). I actually think that along with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds he produced one of the best episodes of the season. I mean, are we forgetting January Jones and Megan Fox already people?

  • Athena606

    I actually found him surprisingly funny. and thought he did well with what he was given which i have to admit wasn’t much. And i love BonJovi’s new Superman Tonight

  • Dave

    Megan Fox’s episode had some very funny skits. I think this season has done nothing but go downhill from the first three episodes.

  • Megan

    I think that for a 17 year old who has been playing a serious werewolf for the past bit, he did well. I enjoyed the twihard spoof, because it’s so close to reality. Those young girls are very loyal to their ‘teams’ and pretty intense. Besides he was a good sport to put on the wig and be a teenage girl. It could have been much worse. Cut the kid a break.

  • Josh Emerson

    There were two good things about this episode.

    1. Taylor Lautner is really nice to look at for 90 minutes.
    2. Kenan’s Reba appearing. They need to do another full sketch! They could probably even have the real Reba appear sometime.

  • losermind

    Egh…the best sketch was the yogurt in the mall… but not thanx to Taylor… Kenan rocks!
    Taylor was trying to hard to be funny, and it’s obvious that he is not cut for it (at least not SNL type of funny).
    Did anybody else notice that every character (except for the one where Kristen was crazy) was kind of feminine?… not saying his gay or anything… I just notice a common line there…
    Not the best episode of the season, but far from the worse…coff… January Jones…coff… Blake Lively…coff…

  • Uhm, were you watching the same episode of SNL as everyone else? And did you just accuse a producer of trying to gain another sector of audience by getting a popular with teens movie star? The nerve of him to do that!!! He should have brought back Steve Martin for his 14th time. Yeah, that would have been awesome. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Nick

    My comedy standards are pretty high, and I want the show to be funny. It’s not the guest hosts’ fault, for the most part. Taylor is very professional, prepared and composed for a teen; enjoyable to watch. The Reba call-back WAS inspired. I’m sure Taylor’s fans are satisfied and sleepy, like me.

  • Kristen

    I thought the episode was pretty horrible, not because of Taylor, but because of the writing. Taylor did well with what he had. The highlight for me was the Twilight skit. I also agree with Leodyn that they missed a golden opportunity to do Bon Jovi and Jon Bovi.

  • kia

    I love the Ep… yes it could have been Hilarious instead of Funny… and I’ll Amit I was LMAO on some parts… But I really would had like to run to the bathroom afterwards- from peeing on myself… (( Allset and done… ( I think Taylor Swift did a better job…When she Host…(I love them both)

    Nice Job: Taylor Lautner!!! I love you!!!

  • Lindsey

    I also thought he did a really good job! The Reba thing at the beginning was hilarious and I thought he did a good job playing such diverse roles in all the sketches from an expecting husband to an exchange student to a football player, to a GIRL (haha!), etc. I actually really like the twilight sketch but maybe it’s because I am a little bit of a fan of Twilight. Overall, I thought it was better than a lot of other episodes. I loved the weekend update too, the 15th mistress was so funny. Overall, I can’t complain about this episode because it had me laughing and that’s why I watch it. Every episode has it’s funny parts and letdowns but thats just how it is, everyone has a different sense of humor.

  • taylor is sooooo hot!!!!