Tina Fey Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and we’ve got your Good, Bad & Ugly

THE GOOD: In a word, well two: Tina Fey. Whether she’s trotting out her eerily spot-on Sarah Palin impersonation (You just know some poor NBC exec is already developing TODD!), scarfing down a “Duncan Hines’ Brownie Husband” in a hilarious commercial spoof, or playing a lovelorn teacher inappropriately eyeballing her student (Justin Bieber), there is nothing not funny about the best thing to happen to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE since the fast forward button (But more on Fred Armisen’s painfully unfunny cold open later).

THE BAD: Even Tina Fey has her limits as an actress. Which means when it comes to playing the likes of Al Roker, Tiger Woods and President Obama, Fey must take a back seat to the never-not-disappointing Keenan Thompson and Fred Armisen. The latter of which almost single-handedly zapped the excitement heading into last night’s Fey-hosted instalment with an “Obama explains the Census” cold open which was both inexcusably unfunny (Incest jokes, really?) a dated.

THE UGLY: Aside from the fact that recent headlines from The Catholic Church make the Devil look good (Jason Sudeikis FTW!) The fact that Tina Fey can’t host every Saturday. Which means Kristen Wiig, who spent most of last night warming the bench will more than likely be back next Saturday‚Ķ with a vengeance.

  • Nick

    LOVED this episode. Tina never fails, and Justin was a very funny musical guest. Those little smiles he gave her in that classroom sketch were hilarious. And surprisingly, after his first musical number, I began to see what the JB craze is all about.

    Can't wait til May 8 when Tina returns with Betty White.

  • BJ

    She was hilarious last night. And pretty funny in Date Night as well. She's just great.

  • kevin

    i completely disagree about the opening sketch. i thought it was hillarious. actually, i think every sketch was really funny from last night's episode. and i was suprised by how funny justin bieber was. the inappropriate teacher sketch with him and tina was hillarious.

  • joshemerson

    The Roker sketch was completely terrible, and so was the one with the tiny hooker. But the rest of the show was great. I loved the Teacher sketch and of course the Sarah Palin Network. And I thought the opening was fairly funny. Kind of obvious jokes, but it wasn't that bad.

  • msmirandam

    I disagree. I think most of SNL has been good this year. Seth Meyers' Weekend Update is just as smart as when Tina did it.
    Totally loving the crossovers between present and former SNL cast and the Jimmy Fallon show. 6-Bee with LNJF,Amy Poehler/Parks and Rec cast and the Roots rocked. Charades with Jimmy, Tina, Amy and Seth was hysterical.

  • chels725

    I quite enjoyed most of it. I do wish their was more Kristen Wigg though. She's a personal favorite of mine. Can't wait for Fey to return when Betty White comes on. That's gonna be epic.