GLEE! GOSSIP GIRL! GOOD WIFE! Our TV Addict Week in Rewind

Most Unintentionally Educational Series: Whether the show is shamelessly throwing out tips on how to pass a mandatory office drug test, or illustrating how one might go about saving a little money by scoring free household supplies, SHAMELESS deserves serious points for not just entertaining us on a week-in-and-week-out basis, but teaching us a few things as well.

Most Disrespectful Interview: In his much-touted pre-Super Bowl chat, Bill O’Reilly treated President Barack Obama as if he were a sparring partner rather than the leader of the free world. Imagine how many heads would have imploded at Fox News if, say, Rachel Maddow asked Sarah Palin what it felt like to be hated… yet O’Reilly somehow found that to be an appropriate question.

Best Superbowl Ad: How could you not love Max Page — who until recently played adorable moppet Reed on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — as Darth Vader’s mini-me?

Best Excuse for a Repeat Viewing: Goes to the gang from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER who, much to surprise, were actually decked out in colors correlating to Marshall’s game of Clue, which in case you missed had Ted in purple (Professor Plum), Zoey in white (Mrs. White), Barney in green (Mr. Green), and Katy Perry’s Honey in red (Miss Scarlet).

Most Obvious Manipulation: Either THE BACHELOR’s producers are pushing Brad to keep whackadoo Michelle on the show or the guy is a glutton for punishment who thinks spending his life with a bossy, psychotic, jealous harpy sounds like a good time.

Worst Coming Out Party: Despite the both heartfelt (Said Silver, “I love you even more now that I know who you really are”) and hilarious (Said Naomi, “Oh My Gay!”) way in which 90210 handled the culmination of Teddy’s coming out story on Monday, we can’t help by feel bad for how things ended up after he realized that his first full-time boyfriend was a part-time blackmailer.

Latest Reason To Pay Attention To Gossip: Wasted in her role as ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Layla, Tika Sumpter has turned up the heat as the first real threat to GOSSIP GIRL’s Blair where Chuck’s heart is concerned.

Most Romantic Moment of the Week that Didn’t Involve a Kiss: If a picture is worth a 1000 words, Castle offering to host a fundraiser in honor of Beckett’s dearly departed mother is worth says a helluva lot more than a that over-hyped kiss-that-wasn’t a kiss from last week’s episode. We’re just sayin.

The “Don’t Go Changing To Try And Please Us” Award Goes To…: Former THE HILLS star Lauren Conrad, who was told by MTV that her new show was “too high brow” for MTV. If only it had featured more peeing in public or catfights, right Snooki?

Biggest Question Mark of the Week: Just which member of the proverbial powers that be decided to air what has widely been regarded as one of GLEE’s strongest episodes to date on the Tuesday after the Super Bowl?

Product Placement We Can Get Behind: Tuesday’s fantastic instalment of THE GOOD WIFE not only served as a nice reminder when it comes to the importance of donating blood, but a clever shout-out to Judge Abernathy’s previous gig (Denis O’Hare was last seen as the Vampire King of Mississippi in TRUE BLOOD)

The “We’ve Never Respected You More” Award Goes To…: Bravo’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming Andy Cohen, in response to rumors that Heidi and Spencer Pratt might be joining THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS, tweeted the best ever two-word response: “Hell no.”

Most Ironic Declaration: David Hasselhoff — of DANCING WITH THE STARS and, briefly, THE HASSELHOFFS — said that reality shows have “ruined television,” adding that they exploit youth. Which, apparently, is totally okay as long as it’s your show and your daughters.

Most Welcome Return: Regardless of the mixed reaction we had to the return of MR. SUNSHINE, nothing puts a smile on our face like the return of Matthew Perry and Allison Janney to our living room on a weekly basis.

Best Hire: Sure, ousted MSNBC star Keith Olbermann is rumored to be a major pain in the butt. However, his new Current-TV show — set to launch this spring — will give the ill-defined network (perhaps best known for the wildly funny INFOMANIA and VIRAL VIDEO FILM SCHOOL) a major boost profile wise. (But for our money, Brett Erlich — host of the aforementioned shows — is still our fave Current personality!)

Best Endorsement Ever: In ads for, they say, “Sometimes, we wait for God to make the next move when God is saying… the next move is yours.” Holy crap! God wants you to use this dating site! Wonder how much we’d have to give The Big Guy for a shout-out? 

  • I had completely missed the Clue shoutout on HIMYM; but now engaging in the repeat viewing you suggested, Robin and Lilly might be splitting the role of Ms. Peackcock – in (almost) each scene they’re in at least one of them is sporting blue. (Robin on the phone, Lilly at the intervention, both while eating hotdogs (Robin’s apron & Lilly’s shirt).

  • Nick

    Yeah, a heartbreak for Teddy, but have you SEEN his new love interest, Freddie Smith? We’ll all be asking, “Ian who?”