Oddest Plot Twist: Just when we finally warmed up to the idea of Ted and Zoey, the gang from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER went ahead and confirmed that Jennifer Morrison is officially out of the running for mother-to-be. And while we’re completely on board with the decision — having never been been a fan of Josh Radnor and Jennifer Morrison’s often stilted and forced chemistry — one can’t help but wonder as to why the writers would go ahead and create a situation in which fans will care even less about the relationship going forward.

Most Predictable Reversal: The minute ABC announced Rebecca Herbst was being let go from GENERAL HOSPITAL, most in the biz began taking bets on when the network would reverse its boneheaded decision. This week, they did!
Least Surprising News: The Emmys will now combine the mini-series and TV-movie categories due to so few contenders in the mini-series department.

Most Chilling Moment of the Week: In a week filled with jaw-dropping revelations (Seriously, just wait until you get a load of tonight’s doozy on FRINGE) Max Braverman’s realization that he as Asperger’s (“I have Asperger’s? What is Asperger’s?”) on PARENTHOOD after unexpectedly walking in on a screaming match between Adam and Crosby was easily the week’s most chilling.

Best Assessment: Summing up self-proclaimed former special agent Phillip, SURVIVOR’s Rob said of the increasingly loony guy, “Let it be a lesson to you: Government jobs? Stressful!”

MVG of the Week: This week’s most valuable guest star goes to 30 ROCK’s Chloe Moretz, who after cementing her butt-kicking abilities in Kick-Ass and Let Me In showed off her comic chops by holding her own against Alec Baldwin in a very funny 30 ROCK that saw Jack Donaghey zeroing in on the 13-year old granddaughter (Moretz) of Kabletown’s President in an attempt to take over the company.

Proof That You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Thanks to some cool (and budget-friendly) technical tricks, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL unveiled snazzy new opening credits that rival anything on primetime. Or at least that’s what we’d be saying had primetime all but done away with opening credits. Sigh. 
Most Heartfelt Acceptance Speech: After being named Outstanding Lead Actor during the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards, Anthony Anderson of the web soap ANACOSTIA left every single member of the audience — including soap vets like Kim Zimmer (Echo, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Reva, GUIDING LIGHT) — wanting to be his new best friend.
Funniest 22 Minutes of the Week: Cementing our theory that the best episodes of COMMUNITY are ones that don’t rely on flashy gimmicks or guest stars was Thursday’s episode which pitted students against each other in Greendale’s hastily thrown together elections. Arguments were made, pops were popped and almost 24 hours later we still find ourselves laughing over the fact in the end, only 11 students voted for… South Park?! Trust us, just go watch the episode.

Awesomest Ad Campaign: Whoever came up with the Miracle Whip campaign — “[It] tastes like disappointment. Like spreadable disappointment.” ­— deserves a big, fat raise.
“Well Duh!” of the Week: Goes to Dr. Drew, who in an interview with Entertainment Weekly put his decades long medical career on the line by going out on a limb and proclaiming that Charlie Sheen was in danger of a relapse. Shocking right?

Worst Influence On Teens: Forget SKINS. Parents should really be worried about the message JERSEY SHORE puts out there by focusing on the dysfunctional, violence-tinged relationship of Ronnie and Sammi.

  • The actor who plays Max is very gifted. When he was going off about his mother turning the t.v. off earlier in the episode I was speechless there too. Very talented.