Ask the Addict: Spoilers for ONE TREE HILL, THE FINDER, PRIVATE PRACTICE & More!

Pleased don’t judge me but I’m still watching ONE TREE HILL. Any chance you can reward my loyalty with some scoop on Dan Scott’s return? — Brianna
The TV Addict: Judge, who us? Surely you jest! After-all, despite threatening to drop the show on more than one occasion, we’re still watching DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Which is why we’re going to acquiesce to your request for scoop and fill you in on a little secret: Dan Scott may have actually turned over a new leaf, or at least that’s what sources are telling us with regards to early episodes of the season that see Scott transform himself into somewhat of a slightly older and more out of shape version of the Caped Crusader, protecting his family from drug dealers and other slightly-less-than-upstanding Tree Hill citizens.

Any word on how the rejiggered FINDER is shaping up? — Madison
The TV Addict: Have you heard the one about the orphan who walks into a bar? Rest assured, you will! Because it’s not the start of a really bad joke, but rather the title of THE FINDER’s first episode back (“An Orphan Walks into a Bar”). Oh, and on the off chance you’re wondering as to just why an orphan walks into a bar, well, he has a job for the titular finder Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults)… one that, surprise, surprise, involves the hiring of Sherman to investigate just why he’s an orphan.

Is Leslie Knope really going to leave her post in the Pawnee Government to run for office on PARKS AND RECREATION? — Christopher
The TV Addict: While sources close to Ms. Knope have been uncharacteristically tight-lipped with regards to her intentions to declare her candidacy, we do know that — in a brilliant attempt to boost ratings — the PARKS AND RECREATION writers will be taking a page from any one of Primetime’s countless police procedurals. Which is to say, expect early episodes of the season to be “ripped from the headlines” as Leslie not only finds herself embroiled in a birth certificate-related scandal as she prepares herself for the possibility of running for office, a handful of Pawnee’s male staffers will be lectured on what is and is not appropriate text etiquette (Think: Weiner-Gate)

So excited to see Heylia James return at the end of last week’s episode of WEEDS! Does the show have any more surprises up its sleeve? — Rob
The TV Addict: Indeed there are. Suffice it to say, Heylia isn’t the only familiar face you’ll see on upcoming episodes of WEEDS as creator Jenji Kohan brings yet another familiar face back into the fold.

Any chance you can offer up a glimmer of hope for this PARENTHOOD fan, specifically on the Jasmine and Crosby front? — Raquel
The TV Addict: Hope, there’s always hope. We for one are still holding out hope for a VERONICA MARS movie and for the WB’s short-lived albeit brilliant-but-cancelled series JACK & BOBBY to get a DVD release. But enough about our hopes and dreams, on to yours. Will Jasmine and Crosby reconcile? We’re going to go out on a limb and say yes. Of course, this being PARENTHOOD — the show where nothing is ever as simple as it sounds — it’s going to be a long and windy road to happily ever after. Particularly after a communication break down in an early season 3 episode on behalf of Crosby sees Max and Jabbar end up in the Principal’s office. Da… Da… Duh…

Any idea as to who Oceanside Wellness will replace Naomi with on PRIVATE PRACTICE? — Jill
The TV Addict: No, although we do know that interviews for Naomi’s replacement will take place in the second episode of PRIVATE PRACTICE’s fifth season. What’s more, they won’t go well.

Getting slightly frustrated with the lack of answers on FALLING SKIES, any chance the show will remedy this during Sunday’s episode? — Michael
The TV Addict: Short Answer: Yes. In Sunday’s can’t miss episode fans will learn a pivotal detail about why the aliens invaded earth. That’s the good news. Unfortunately the bad news is that the aforementioned intel uncovered by Dr. Glass (Moon Bloodgood) will have some horrifying repercussions for the community and more specifically, those poor harnessed kids. Double… Da… Da… Duh…

  • Anonymous

    If they’re wasting “Dan Scott” with more of the nicey-nicey redemptive crap, please don’t even bother bringing him back.  One Tree Hill needs a major villain, and he’s the all-time best.  Any sentimental closure crapola is just that.  Give us some freakin’ drama, Schwahn. 

  • Anonymous

    The Finder: Thank the gods they got rid of the “British” chick.