REIGN Preview: Caitlin Stasey Dishes on the Court’s Rebellious Lady-In-Waiting

The last thing the classic lady-in-waiting should be able to do is pursue a life of wanton self-indulgence, yet for Lady Kenna (Caitlin Stasey), one of Mary (Adelaide Kane), Queen of Scot’s ladies-in-waiting, there is just too many temptations to resist. Kenna realizes that life is short and it will only feel shorter once she is tied down by an arranged political marriage. So she will embrace every opportunity to taste of life before that fateful day arrives. In a press interview from the set, star Caitlin Stasey took a few minutes to laughingly reflect on Kenna’s life choices and what kinds of trouble that rebellious streak may lead to for her.

What’s upcoming for your character Kenna that you can share?
CAITLIN: That the relationships established in the pilot episode become more developed. Kenna, at the mercy of her impulses, pursues things that might not be in her best interests. (Laughs) Men, to put it simply. Obviously at that time, a woman’s virtue is everything. So Kenna is straddling a very fine line between her dignity and having a good time.

How would you describe Kenna outside of her impulses?
CAITLIN: I think, unfortunately, that is sort of it. She is a byproduct of her circumstances and I think she is just very selfish. There is obviously a group dynamic, but Kenna’s very much out for her own personal gain. Not by way of political standing or financial, she’s a lady so she comes from a high standing family. She’s just a very hedonistic individual.

What is it like working with Toby (Regbo) and Torrance (Coombs)? Do you think they are ready for the attention they are going to get from this show?
CAITLIN: I adore them! The two of them, I love them so much. They are such good people. But Toby is going to get eaten alive. And I don’t know if you know who Torrance is, he’s dating Miss America. I think he’s fine. He’s settled. He has nothing to worry about and he’s used to it having worked on THE TUDORS. He’s got those husky eyes and yet he’s the biggest dork you’ll ever meet in your entire life. Then Toby, I see the effect he has on other women, and it’s just boggling. I can only imagine. I’ve watched it and he looks like an angel. It’s so funny. It’s because I know him to be so goofy and ridiculous that it doesn’t really penetrate my imagery of him. The there are some days, where I get a glimpse of Torrance off a corner — and again I know Torrance is just this insanely uncool guy and I mean that in the most affectionate of terms, he is such a dork and I love him to death — but I’ll catch him like smoldering in the corner. I’ve told him, “You are alarmingly handsome today and you look really sexy and very unnerving, I don’t like it.” He is such a gorgeous man, but I forget since I spend so much time with him. And he’s like, “Thank you?” It’s such a backhanded compliment because I’ll then say, “I’ll look at you and you’re so gorgeous and then I’ll remember it’s you, and it really upsets me.” (Laughs)

What are we going to see of the supernatural element going forward and will it involve the ladies-in-waiting?
CAITLIN: Once again, it is based very loosely on myth from history. It’s all sort of based around paganism, witchcraft and things like that. It definitely finds its way into the castle in a manner of dangerous manifestations. But we’re still seeing what happens. We recently got scripts that took a real turn for us. The more things progress, the more we’re learning.

What is it like wearing all the elaborate costumes?
CAITLIN: They are phenomenal. They have just done such a staggeringly beautiful job. But it’s fun. At first, you catch a glimpse of yourself and you’re a bit awestruck, and then 10 minutes later you’re like, “god, this uncomfortable and I can’t breathe and everything is itchy.” (Laughs)

Will your characters be learning witchcraft?
CAITLIN: I don’t know. That would be fun. At this point, I can’t say for certain one way or the other. But it definitely affects us in lasting ways.

To see where Kenna’s wild ways take her and how much trouble that may stir up, be sure to tune in for the premiere of REIGN on Thursday, October 17th at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.

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