SUPERNATURAL Preview: Taste the Power


The Darkness was unleashed and took the form of a woman in the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL. After introducing herself to Dean and thanking him for freeing her, she set out to wreak havoc upon the world. The first order of business seemed to be “infecting” people with her evil and turning them into rampaging murderers. As Sam and Dean took shelter in a hospital, along with an injured deputy they had picked up along the way, they found a new father who had been infected. He handed off his baby for safekeeping and the Winchesters suited up to kill the rest of the infected approaching the hospital. But Sam insisted they find a way to save everyone. That resulted in Sam becoming infected while serving as a distraction as Dean and Jenna headed out to save the baby. And in the end we learned two important things: the baby is the Darkness (she bore a version of the Mark of Cain) and the Darkness (a.k.a. Amara) told Dean that they are bound.

Meanwhile, we learned that Crowley had smoked out of his vessel before Castiel stabbed him (and took up residence in a woman temporarily) and Castiel managed to push down the spell long enough to beg the other angels for help. They ended up answering his call and then locked him up so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

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In the next episode, Dean will be getting Jenna home safely and then returning to Sam, who is dealing with a town that’s infected with a mysterious gas. But Jenna finds herself in a spot of trouble once again and calls Dean for help. He rushes back to save her and then starts to suspect that baby Amara might actually be the Darkness. Meanwhile, Sam is left to deal with a town that’s quickly filling up with monsters and needs to figure out a way to save himself.

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